Pro Kabaddi 2021-22: Tamil Thalaivas vs Haryana Steelers

Tamil Thalaivas will face Haryana Steelers in an important match for both teams. Thalaivas are in a slightly better position than the Steelers, as they are fourth in the scoreboard, while they are sixth. Both teams want to go up the rankings, and winning this clash will help them do that.

Both teams have good players and defenders in their ranks. While Thalaivas will rely on Ajinkya Pawar and Athul MS for points, the Steelers will have the services of Vikash Kandola and Meetu. Surender Nada reinforced the Steelers’ defense, while Surjeet Singh did it for Thalaivas.

On that note, here’s a look at three key player battles from this clash that could be key to the game’s outcome:

Vikash Kandola (Steelers) vs Surjeet Singh (Thalaivas)

Vikash Kandola is the trump card of the Steelers. His experience and expertise make him a threat to the opposition. His main challenger will be in-form defender Surjeet Singh from Thalaivas. Surjeet’s good performance played a key role in keeping his team alive in the competition.

Kandola can present a tough challenge for Surjeet. However, the latter has dealt well with the likes of Pawan Sehrawat and Siddharth Desai have had this season. However, Kandola will likely be better than Surjeet in this clash.

Ajinkya Pawar (Thalaivas) vs Surender Nada (Steelers)

Ajinkya Pawar is the biggest surprise pack of the season. He came on from the bench and destroyed the opposition defence. Whether he starts in this game or is held again after that, he should play an important role for Thalaivas.

Against him, Surender Nada of the Steelers will look tall and above-the-top. A seasoned defender, Nada has been a rock in the Steelers’ defence. He will also need to guide the other defenders on the team and prevent Pawar from making an impact.

Athul MS (Thalaivas) vs Mohit (Steelers)

Athul MS forms his team’s raid axis along with Bhavani Rajput. If he doesn’t succeed in scoring, Thalaivas will have a hard time putting pressure on his opponents. This is why a defender like Mohit will have to pay special attention to tackle Athul or at least keep him from scoring.

Mohit will have Nada’s support. That means he can take a little more risk and try some risky runs, which would make for a good competition.

Edited by Bhargav

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