Pokimane fights back the attraction of female streamers holding viewers to them

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys impressed viewers for capturing the attractiveness of a female streamer compared to her and creating a big buzz about it compared to men on the entertainment channel.

Despite being one of the most popular streamers in the industry, the Moroccan-Canadian girl is no stranger to hate attacks. However, she has been an advocate for women in gaming and occasionally responds to derogatory comments.

A section of the community recently bombed her with sexist comments because Pokimane received a two-day DMCA ban as opposed to Camouflage Toast, refers to a long month banned for a similar incident.

@DisguisedToast Yeah… unlike pokimane, you know it’s 100% against the rules, so deserves a longer ban

@DisguisedToast I don’t understand how you can get away with it for weeks then you’ve only been slapped with a one-month ban? poki is only 2 days and Viacom is known to be ruthless

@DisguisedToast With the money you earned from streaming before you got punished, be glad it’s only been a month for real. Poki is a slap on the wrist at 48 o’clock Finally 1 month to send a message Next could be months Everyone better stop trying to push the system.

Here’s how she responded to comments in one of her recent streams:

“Why do people like to hold someone so attractive against them. People will be like your viewers just love the way they look and they want to see you. For starters, that’s rude and gross. No one asked.”

Pokimane further explained his point by recalling how some male entertainers with female fan scores find them attractive. But if being attractive doesn’t discredit their work, why should it happen to female streamers, she disparaged.

Pokimane hit back at comments suggesting people only watch her stream because she’s hot

As mentioned, Pokimane has responded to sexist comments on several occasions. She lashed out at viewers suggesting they only watch her streams because she’s attractive.

While Poki believes it’s completely natural to find someone attractive, she says how female streamers are viewed through a very narrow frame of reference, which often leads to emotional comments. offense.

“Why is that being used as a means to discredit the work of female streamers? That’s what I don’t understand. They never assume you’re a sh*t actor because your audience thinks you’re cute. ”

Pokimane has had enough of such situations where she has to protect herself and her stuff just because she’s attractive.

@pokimanelol When all I do is defend this damn thing men will comment on how I am ✨unlikable✨

@pokimanelol People get angry when women stand up for themselves or when others stand up for us. A lot of streamers are scared to face that negativity and stay silent instead. Unfortunately female CC needs to always accept that this treatment will happen to us.

There are cases in 2021 when some communities accuse her of promoting her Valorant account because she is a female gamer.

However, Pokimane ended those comments with a trump card mind clutch a few weeks later. Pokimane fights back the attraction of female streamers holding viewers to them


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