Pokémon Legends: Arceus Shiny Ponyta Guide

Look, some of us aren’t built to shiny hunt. We are impatient and just love to throw Poké Balls and recklessly ignore them. I wish I could afford to mull over shiny Pokémon: I’d love to have a bunch of rare colors by my side, a symbol of my dedication and love for the Pokémon franchise.

But alas, I am not patient enough. I love to run around the world and I am often scared of Pokémon, which is not good for hunting. But, that’s good for me and people like me. Pokémon Legend: Arceus basically gives the player a shiny Ponyta for free – no real sharpening required. With just some effort, we can have a Ponyta with a glowing blue mane in our Pokémon lineup. It may not give the same satisfaction as grinding for hours on a rare color, but it worked for me.

How to get a shiny Ponyta

Here’s how to get your own shiny Ponyta: A few hours into the game, a side quest (called an in-game request) will appear on the Professor’s community board. It was labeled as the 19th claim: “A strange Ponyta.” When you have found Yota, the requester, in Jubilife Village, he will tell you about a strange Ponyta in Horsehoe Plain. The weird thing about it? Its mane is fire blue instead of the usual red. Head out to Horseshoe Plains and find Ponyta; you’ll want to spy on it so it doesn’t run.

Catch the shiny Ponyta if you can – but it’s not the end of the world if it’s on the run. You can go back to the village and back to the Horseshoe Plain, and it will return. Once you’ve caught a Pokémon and returned it to Yota, he’ll let you keep Ponyta and give you five Razz Berries, which restores a Pokémon’s HP or makes wild Pokémon a little easier to catch. What a generous guy!

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