Pokemon Legends Arceus is the breath of the wild it hurts

Compare with Breath of the Wild has become a filth on the gaming landscape in recent years. Zelda’s latest adventure is a masterpiece, taking open-world conventions established by the likes of Ubisoft and turning it into something new, a game that isn’t afraid to let players explore for themselves. break everything.

So many experiences have replicated this agent level, whether it is Immortals Fenyx Rising or The Genshin effect. Breath of the Wild strips the map of arduous target markers and transforms the open world into a playground built in a way that’s just right for exploration, and while Ubisoft can’t resist a slew of hits map mark, BOTW’s influence on recent games is very much ventilated. You can go in any conceivable direction and come across something magical, creating the illusion that your hand is never held even the slightest, and that’s what makes it so magical. BOTW has great influence.

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I don’t see harm when games seek to apply this formula, especially if they only select certain elements while ensuring their own signature remains intact. Some lazy imitations are bound to come up, but Breath of the Wild represents a fundamental step forward in game design that will naturally inform everything that happens in its footsteps. We’ve seen this with Super Mario 64, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Final Fantasy 7, and so many other classics that changed everything we know.

Legend of Arceus

Breath of the Wild is the next step in this evolution, and seeing so many amazing properties inspired by it is not to be missed. We’ll soon hit a bad wall of diminishing returns, but it’s too early to think about that. Just as Dark Souls spawned a generation overflowing with Soulslikes, we are now staring at the barrel of countless games with the desire to evoke the same majesty that Breath of the Wild exudes with ease. . Pokemon Legend: Arceus is one of those games, and it looks like rad.

I’ve written about preparing for my game before inevitable disappointment, but now I’m firmly back on the hype ship. I’m still skeptical that Game Freak won’t push the formula into new territory as much as I’d like, but a new trailer introduces a bunch of great mechanics and a level of ambition that I didn’t really expect. From the opening moments, soft, almost melancholic piano notes accompanied by sprawling fields make it clear where Game Freak is drawing its cards from. This is Pokemon Zelda, and I am, very ready for it.

Legend of Arceus

While the trailer is yet to be released in English, we can still get a lot out of the six minutes of Japanese footage that shares the exploration, the game’s battle system, and the role play. exactly that we will play in Legends: Arceus. Humanity has yet to form an unbreakable bond with Pokemon, so you’ll be sent on an expedition to capture and track down new, extremely dangerous creatures. Our protagonist is seen jumping out of danger before throwing Poke Balls, or even sneaking across the grass to avoid detection.

Some ‘winds are friendly, while others are inherently hostile as this two-legged child suddenly invades their territory. It makes sense and can strengthen our relationship with Pokemon in ways no other game has ever done before. The pocket monster battle, training and farming system isn’t even set up yet, and I hope the full game builds on this level of exploration and makes our curiosity all the more worthwhile. .

Pokemon being an unknown variable in this age is exciting, even more so if the narrator is willing to place importance on your place as a passionate young person eager to change. change the world, even if it just means catching random animals and making them fight each other. Of course, the lack of a traditional open world also makes me paranoid that the game will be filled with Monster Hunter-esque quests as opposed to the Hero’s Journey that has defined other games in the series. Game Freak will need to be balanced.

Legend of Arceus

Your job is to create the region’s first Pokedex, so I hope the community will respond to these creators in a curious and natural way. For decades, they’ve been a known constant in this universe, so suddenly being asked to discover Pokemon for the first time is an intriguing prospect. The fact that we can customize our hero and roam the vast world with our own devices is a beautiful cherry at the top, even more so with all the resources The inspiration was clearly taken from an iconic adventure. Let’s make each new discovery meaningful to us.

There will be no gym leaders, PokeMarts, or kept items – and the removal of these hoaxes will force Legends: Arceus to be a fundamentally different experience from any we have. seen in the series before. Well, that’s the impression I get, and I really hope I’m right and this newfound hype isn’t all for something. Only a couple of weeks until we found out.

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