Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to get Spiritomb

One of the most time consuming activities in Pokemon Legend: Arceus is a specific requirement that opens up pretty early in the game. It will take you all over Hisui, collecting 107 Purple Energy Wishes for a little girl who rewards you.

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Those in the know will have doubts about the number 107, and they will be proven correct when this claim becomes the key to finding Spiritomb, a Pokemon related to a very similar number. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take when completing this request and more.

Strange appearances in the dark

Request Pokemon Legends Arceus Wisp Get Started

Eerie Apparitions in the Dark is the name of the request that requires you to collect Wisps. You can start it At night in the village of Jubilife when a small Wisp appeared near the river. Talk to it, and it will become a little girl named Vessa who assigns you the collection of Wisps, indicates a Wisps to get you started.

When that’s over, you have free access to all of Hisui, collecting Wisps. Drop in from time to time, though, as Vessa will reward you based on how many Wishes you’ve collected.

Wishes have been sent to Prize
5 wishes Oval stone
10 wishes Rare candy
20 wishes Seeds of mastery
30 wishes Sunset stone
40 wishes Expired. FRESH candy
50 wishes Link wire
60 wishes 5 pebbles
70 wishes Fabric Reaper
80 wishes 3 seeds of mastery
90 wishes 2 Expiration date. Candy XL
100 wishes 3 stones

Some of these rewards are very valuable:

  • The Oval Stones, Sunset Stones, Chain Links and Reaper Cloth are all used to evolve certain Pokemon.

  • Seeds of Mastery can be used to instantly master a move when given to Zisu at the Training Grounds.
  • Grit Rocks get used to increase Pokemon’s Effort Level in a selected stat.

All locations of Wisp

Pokemon Legends Arceus Wisp Snowpoint Temple

We’ve prepared helpful guides that show you the locations of every Wisp in the game, including all six. The instructions will show you where Wisps is on the map along with what the area looks like in the game.

Quest Reward

Pokemon Legends Arceus Odd Keystone

Once you have found all 107 Wishes and delivered them to Vessa, you will be informed that there’s another Wisp, a total of 108 – Spiritomb’s number. Once you have received all the bonuses listed above you will be redirected to Odd Keystone, can be found in Crimson Mirelands.

Get there by following the quest marker and Vessa will thank you. You will get three spiced radish twice and the request will be fulfilled…but soon you will feel a powerful presence appear in front of you.

How to catch Spiritomb

Pokemon Legends Arceus Spiritomb Fight

Chances are you’ll be sighted by Spiritomb before you even see it, but that’s okay – fighting it in a Pokemon battle is probably the best way to catch it. It is a level 60 Ghost/Dark-type Pokemon in large numbers and a unique weakness to Fairy-type moves.

Using super effective moves against it is inevitable as they are very likely to knock a Pokemon out in one hit before you can catch it. Instead, try using weak moves and healing your teammates when necessary, keeping Spiritomb’s health as low as possible. Paralysis or Drowsiness will also make your PokeBalls more likely to catch ghostsso consider packing a known Pokemon, such as Thunder Wave.

Luckily, you don’t need to catch a lot of Spiritombs to complete its Pokedex entry. You just have to see it use certain moves enough times to get it to level ten!

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