Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Best Side Quest

Pokemon Fans all over the world have been waiting for an open world game for years, pulling you into an experience as close to the show as possible. In Legends: Arceus, there are fewer fixed paths, along with more side content than ever before, giving you more choices about how your journey will unfold.

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There are over 90 possible side quests throughout the map, and there’s no obligation to complete any of them. Part of the fun of having an open world is discovering some of the weird side characters along the way, taking you into the world and getting some cool rewards when you’re done. However, such a series of tasks causes several tasks to be performed. That’s why this list will show you some of the most fun and productive side quests in the game Pokemon Legend: Arceus.

Aim for the big leagues!

Throw the balloon at the balloon

Before you have a chance to start this quest, you’ll have to talk to Azeru outside Team Galaxy Headquarters, completing his predicament as one of the main quests. You will find a man named Taggart standing over the inner bridge Jubilife Village who will give you a challenge, score more than 10,000 points in the target practice area and he will reward you.

Aiming Pokeballs at balloons is the name of the game, and yellow balloons will give more points. When you reach a score higher than 10,000, you will receive a series of prizes depending on how well you score. There are 15 Great Balls and a nugget to get. Great Balls form the basis of any experienced trainer’s arsenal, making up the bulk of what you’ll use in battle – so playing a great little game for 15 of these will always worth it.

Double the tail, double the fun

Trade Finneon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The only prerequisite for this quest is to have Pokemon can swim, which will put you on a top hunt for your prize. You can only start swimming in the second half of the game, unlocking the ability to ride Basculegion. This will start your underwater adventure. Then talk to Netta of the security team, she will tell you about a Pokemon with two tail fins that she wants to see again.

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This Pokemon is no different Finneon, and they’re easy enough to catch once you reach the Coastlands and drift for a while – you don’t even have to fight them before throwing a Pokeball! After you have Finneon, bring it back to Netta and she will reward you Star piece. Star pieces can be sold for very high prices. Furthermore, completing quests allows you to skip the tedious crafting process and get straight money.

Measure your ability

Attract a Bidoof in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Unless you’ve delved into the mechanics of Pokemon, you probably aren’t focusing too much on friendship levels, the key element of this quest. Take this opportunity, you will have to talk to Belamya man wearing glasses and a vest standing by the meadow in Jubilife Village. To prove his theory that you resemble his grandmother, he wants you to show him a Pokemon with a beautiful friendship.

To forge friendships with your Pokemon, let them run around you and use them in battles. However, be careful with knocking out any of them as that will affect your progress. Once you show Belamy a Pokemon that likes you, he’ll give it to you a rare candy which you can use to level up and you will also unlock Friendship tester. The friendship tester will tell you where you are with each of your Pokemon in terms of friendship, that is a great tool when choosing teammates to focus on.

A little help from Blissey

Capture Alpha Blissey in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Supply Corps has a lot of drama in and out of the main plot, with many characters in need of help. This time, you will help Pippa in Galaxy HQtake on a Abomasnow that separates her from Blissey with whom she has such a deep connection. This quest will only be available once you’ve captured Blissey via the main road.

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To fight Abomasnow, the best chance of victory is to deliver a Fire-Type heavy attack that can ignite through a combination of both its Grass-Type and its Ice. This will make the enemy work fast. In return, you will receive a shiny stone, one of the most expensive stones to buy and a pain to get another. You will also get your hands on two Maximum Revivalensure that you will never get into a difficult situation without a backup.

Follow Aipom!

Aipom caught in the wild in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Deep in the Cobalt Coastlands you will find a confused man, Hikowho had his bag stolen by a pair of troubles Aipom – It’s up to you to get it back. The quest isn’t too difficult if you’re past level 30: You’ll need to chase the pair after a few checkpoints and engage in a two-on-one battle.

Aipom is not too difficult: some good Pokemon can be taken down by their attacking style of attack. The Battle-Type Pokemon will take down both culprits with ease, get the stolen goods back, and speed up the rewards. Hiko will provide you five bangs, an item that will eliminate the weak Pokemon in the wild, leaving you only to catch and battle the best. Hiko will also give a Expired. Candy M. to the brave Pokemon fighting two thieves.

Treasure of the Diamond Family

Dialga relaxing in the background in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Enter post-game territory here: You have to beat the entire main story and wait for the credits to appear before this quest hits your radar. Adaman will wait for you at the Crimson Mirelands by the lake, which gives you the chance to face him in battle. Although it was not an easy task, taking down his party Achievement is worth the effort.

To face Umbreon, Vaporeon, and Leafeon in a single battle, you’ll need to get a full-fledged team late in the game. Defeating the clan leader will reward you with three Comet fragment for some serious cash, followed by Adamant Crystal to transform the Dialga into its original form.

Legend of the Sea

Complete side quests with Arceus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

First you will have to go to Galaxy HQ and look on the board: Professor Laventon will immediately begin the press conference for this assignment. This will probably be the most demanding mission in the game, requiring you to have Mantyke, Buizeland a Overqwil before continuing. You can find each requested Pokemon in Cobalt Coast, Fields of Obsidianand develop a Quilfishcorresponding.

Once you have collected each Pokemon, you need to go to the Cobalt Coastlands and wait until evening. Then, start swimming over the horny rocks that jut out into the sea. With all three Pokemon in your party, a new cave called Seastone Hollow will unlock. This cave contains a Manaphy with three Phiones. You only have one shot to catch Manaphy, while others will respawn if you accidentally go overboard. Yes comet three pieces for you as well as when you return to Professor Laventon after completing the quest.

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