Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: The Glitches So Far


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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl hasn’t even been out for a week, but that hasn’t stopped people from discovering all the bugs and glitches. While the games are pretty slick in general, there are still some interesting bugs that have been incorporated into those cartridges.

Let’s start over from the beginning. Everyone knows the first few hours of a Pokemon the game is a tagline – it’s all Regular style instructions and moves. Good, this glitch allows you to skip the game’s intros. You can locate opponents and talk to them so you can get over a ledge and get to Sandgem Town before you have a starter.

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Motion has been released from the four directions of Diamond & Pearl, and now you can walk in any direction you want. This has led to some interesting glitches in the Snowpoint gym. if you slowly stepped out of one of the snow bricks, you might get stuck at the bottom of the gym, meaning you’ll need to reset to get out. You can also skip the whole gym and trainer puzzle by simply walking up a slope next to Candice’s stairs.


Having trouble surfing allows players to Surf on Land, resulting in them being able to reach out-of-bounds areas and encounter funds such as Giratina and Shaymin earlier than planned. You have to crush ‘A’ by a body of water when the match against the coach is about to begin. The game saves Surf input and puts you in a Bibarrel once the battle is over.

This incident was repeated many times. You can change the altitude you are surfing – allows you to access different areas – by opening the marbles menu, previewing the capsule and exiting again.

A not-so-fun or useful glitch was also found. When hunting with PokéRadar, shiny grass may appear at the NPC’s feet, making you unable to proceed and thus losing you. So hunt for lawns without NPCs if possible.

Perhaps the funniest glitch is the one that causes the trainer to attack the Pokemon. If move animations have been disabled, moves like Dig and Fly that cause the Pokemon to disappear during the turn will make it appear as if the trainer were attacking. Trainers are programmed to animate when their Pokemon attacks, so this crossover makes it look as if an Infernape is being kicked in the head by a human.

If you want to see more of these glitches check out Eclipse_tt’s String their. They are adding new ones as they are discovered.

It was also discovered that The computer on Poketch is completely broken. Not exactly a glitch, but it’s pretty funny nonetheless. It seems to absolutely hate fractions – so did most of us as children. There are also a relatively easy clone glitch to do – test it before it gets patched.

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