Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: A Guide to Making Money

Money makes the world spin, and the world of Pokemon is no different. You will need a lot of cash at some point in time Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls, whether it’s to stock up on potions and revive the Elite 4, or to buy a ridiculous amount of post-game combat items.

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Unfortunately, making a lot of money quickly can be tough, especially when you’re exhausted from all of the regular coach games. Rerunning the Elite 4 is always an option, but it’s slow and can be a challenge if you’re not qualified for it. However, there is a great way to easily make money. Here is how it is done.

How to make money fast with brilliant diamond and shining pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl BDSP Amulet Coin Location

To start making money, you will need Vs. Searcher. You will get this as part of the story when Dawn/Lucas asks you to pick a hand. Another thing you might want to get is the Amulet Coin, which you can get in a tent in Amity Square. This item doubles the money earned from a battle if it is held by a Pokemon you use in battle.

After you have what you need, Make your way to Street 212. Pass the policemen until you see an old couple. If you haven’t fought them yet, you can fight them in singles or doubles – it doesn’t really matter, so pick whatever you like. Once you’ve beaten them, use Vs. Searcher. Like Pokeradar, With. The Seeker requires steps to charge – 100 steps to be exact. Run or cycle in a circle until it is charged and use it right next to the old couple. One (or both) of them will be ready to fight back.


Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl BDSP Old Man Rematch Vs. Farm money search

You can repeat this as many times as needed, just fight and counter them. These two were chosen because they give a lot of money – you get 8,065 Pokedollars with Amulet Coin for beating one of them against Elite 4. The old man has a level 19 Chatot, and the old woman has a Roselia of the same level, so you should have no trouble dealing with them.

Once you’re in the game, things change a bit. The Pokemon the old couple used remains the same, but their level increases to 40. If you’ve beaten the Pokemon League, the level of these Pokemon still won’t pose any threat. But as the levels go up, so does the money. You will now be rewarded with a whopping 16,320 Pokedollars for each win, allowing you to earn extremely quickly by constantly fighting Vs. Searcher.

This is more than enough money, but Things can be further enhanced with the Pay Day Meowth, which earns you tons of cash to use in battle. You can also use a group of Pokemon with Pickup, gives you the chance to get rare items to use or sell with each win. You can even get Bottle Caps from Pick up.

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