Piers Morgan: Putin is a cowardly, cowardly, ruthless, callous and narcissistic bully


Will AI stop him?

That’s the question that consumes my mind since Russian dictator Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine.

Piers Morgan has called for tougher action against Vladimir Putin


Piers Morgan has called for tougher action against Vladimir Putin
Putin orders Russian troops to enter Ukraine this week


Putin orders Russian troops to enter Ukraine this weekCredit: AFP

And I don’t see any answer.

Oh, I hear a lot of talk.

Boris Johnson, desperate to restore his shattered reputation as partisan scandals still raged, is delivering the full Churchillian rhetoric and demanding: “In terms of politics, politics , economically – and ultimately, militarily – this heinous and barbaric venture of Vladimir Putin must end in failure.”

Nice words, Prime Minister – but how, exactly, do you intend to make him fail?

Your current financial strategy of squeezing a handful of Kremlin-backed oligarchs, some of whom have cash slyly into your own Conservative Party pockets, won’t keep Putin awake for a while. what seconds.

French President Emmanuel Macron, humiliated by his senseless and deluded diplomatic efforts, is feeling betrayed by Putin’s duplicity in their conversations (a former KGB officer said) Well, I’m shocked!) and ordered Russia to “immediately cease its military activities”.

Why did you do that? Putin is doing what he wants to do and has been planning to do for years.

Germany’s new deputy chancellor, Robert Habeck, was furious and blunt and warned Russia would have “serious economic and political consequences”.

Exactly how?

His country is so dependent on Russian energy that it can’t do anything meaningful for fear that Putin will literally turn off the lights.

In fact, I doubt that all of these collective warnings from European politicians will have as much impact as the absurd contributions from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have announced their relationship with each other. their unrelated concerns, from the comfort of their California mansion, about “this international violation and humanitarian law.”

An explosion is seen in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv


An explosion is seen in the Ukrainian capital KyivCredit: Alamy

In other words, he’ll laugh out loud.

Because Vladimir Putin doesn’t let a monkey know what any of them think.

Putin is a bully; a mean, despicable, mean, cruel, heartless, humorless, narcissistic bully.

And he was always a bully.

The Russian dictator’s school grade book, unearthed a few years ago, revealed that at the age of 11, he had “thrown the chalkboard eraser at the kids” before school started.

I remember a bullying incident at one of my own schools that terrorized everyone, myself included, for many years until my brother, now a colonel in the British Army, addressed the situation with punching him in the face.

In that moment, the bully shrank into a pitiful, pathetic shadow of his once arrogant, all-conquering self, and his invincible aura vanished irrevocably.

Putin is a bully; a mean, despicable, mean, cruel, heartless, humorless, narcissistic bully. “

Piers Morgan

As Mike Tyson so perfectly put it: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

But who will punch Putin in the face?

Ordinarily we can rely on the United States of America to do it, like they punched Adolf Hitler and the Japanese so hard in the face to help us win the Second World War.

However, President Biden is showing a lot of will to confront Putin like a timid tadpole facing a great white shark.

This is hardly surprising given his cowardly overnight desertion by the Afghan people last summer, which continues to cause suffering and despair in a country that has been thrown back. by the Taliban wolves, and this sent Putin the unmistakable message that America had no stomach to fight.

It is clear that the sad thing is that Biden, who is getting older and more decrepit, has no clue what to do about the situation.

During a miserably weak White House press conference on Thursday, he even smirked and giggled as reporters bombarded him with questions, as if there was something amusing about it all. chief.

With all due respect, Mr. President, what the hell are you laughing at?

President Biden stumbles during press conference


President Biden stumbles during press conferenceCredit: AP

This crisis is by no means extremely serious or worrisome, with it carrying the very real potential to turn into something very dire if it encourages China to follow Russia’s lead. and take over Taiwan.

As Biden stumbled and mumbled, I saw a leader of the free world confused and without any real desire to communicate with Putin in any kind of language he would understand or notice. idea.

And unless America steps up to punch Putin, who will?


None of this is unpredictable.

From this moment Russia occupied Crimea in 2014and the world did nothing about it, Putin was encouraged to pursue his long-cherished dream of restoring the Soviet Union to its former size and power.

He is a gangster, a murderer, a cruel, cruel man whose human life carries no dignity or importance to them.

And if he is allowed to invade and conquer Ukraine, he will continue to invade other countries that he believes should be back under the control of his autocracy.

The world has energized this monster with disheartening complacent inaction and a desire to continue to enrich him through global dependence on Russia’s vast energy resources.

Now, when those self-serving, supine chickens return home to sleep, we think we can defeat his imperial lord-like ambition with weary warnings and freeze bank accounts.

Spoiler alert: We can’t.

When the Nazis invaded our freedoms, Churchill had many options in front of us to defend us against this existential threat to our very existence, none of which was easy or good. or guaranteed success.

But it was his thinking, as well as the allied forces, that won the war.
“One should never turn away from a threatening danger and try to run away from it,” he said. “If you do that, you double the danger. But if you meet it in time and don’t flinch, you halve the danger. Never run away from anything. Never. !”

Russian air strikes on Ukraine


Russian air strikes on UkraineCredit: pixel8000

Right now, we are fleeing the urgent danger posed by the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin is the new Hitler, a power maniac, with no extraordinary liberal intentions in reshaping Europe’s borders by invading sovereign democracies with impunity.

And like Hitler, he spewed malicious doomsday threats to drive away any resistance.

“Whoever tries to hinder us,” he warned earlier this week, “let alone create threats to our country and people, must know that Russia’s response will be immediate.” and lead to consequences you’ve never seen in history.”

Really, tough guy?


Russia’s economy is now smaller than that of the state of Texas.
Its army is large, but nowhere is it equal to the United States, the nation with the largest armed forces in the history of planet Earth.

Putin is leaning on his conviction, which is sadly fully supported by the fact so far, that it is not up to Biden to stop him.

But if the US does not act decisively against this Terrible atrocities are taking place in Ukrainethen the danger would grow exponentially from a powerful Russia and its Chinese allies enabling it, and the world would become a significantly less safe place, not just for the United States. but for all of us.

It’s been 70 years since a dictatorship tried to do what Russia is doing now, and Hitler would have gotten away with it if Churchill hadn’t stood up to him with great courage and strength, and if the Americans don’t flex their bulk. military muscle when it really matters.

We are at that point again, and there is only one way to stop it.

In February 2020, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted: “Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He didn’t want me to be our candidate. If you’re wondering why – it’s because I’m the only person in the field who’s ever stood by him. ”

He was referring to a 2011 meeting at which Biden claimed he told Putin he had no soul.

Of course, he was right, Putin has no soul, as his despicable actions this week have demonstrated.

But the truth is that he was delighted that Biden was president, believing him to be a weak, poorly dressed, talkative, soft-spoken straw man.

Time to speak, President Biden.

It’s time for you to live up to them and confront the soulless tyrant who now mocks your empty threats.

It’s time to grow into a pair, punch Putin in the face – and knock him down. Piers Morgan: Putin is a cowardly, cowardly, ruthless, callous and narcissistic bully


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