‘Peacemaker’ synopsis: Episode 3 – Secret of the Butterfly Revealed

People of Peace in Volume 3 finally got some answers about Project Butterfly, and along the way revealed to us (and his ARGUS handler) what he really is will not in the name of peace.

HBO Max branch of James Gunn Suicide Squad released the first three volumes on January 13 and first (details here) established how Peacemaker, aka Chris Smith, after recovering from injuries sustained in Project Starfish, did not dodge the remainder of his prison sentence but instead again-requested by ARGUS to target “Butterflies.” Episode 1 introduced ARGUS team members Murn, Harcourt, Economos, and Adebayo, as well as Chris’ father, Auggie, and ended with Peacemaker realizing he was connected to a Superman-like Butterfly – who which he used his “sonic boom” helmet to mess up the eradication.

Episode 2 mostly revolves around Peacemaker’s sometimes clumsy escape in that scene without the Evergreen director linking him to the gruesome murder, and Economos in haste to forge any evidence to point out. … Chris’s father, who upon being sent to prison was met with reverence by his (white) cellmates, who bowed to “Hail, the White Dragon!” Meanwhile, Peacemaker, after a triangle with Vigilante and a woman he had taken hostage earlier, realizes that the strange doohickey he took from butterfly Annie’s apartment on actually turned into a spaceship. ONE small spaceship.

Peacemaker Episode 3Episode 3 begins shortly after, with Peacemaker marveling at the idea that they might be dealing with homunculi, while Murn regroups the group to pursue their next Butterfly target, US Senator Goff . Along the way, Adebayo asks everyone about the senator’s wife and two children – who may also need to be taken out, if suspected also Butterflies – as well as his protection, led by a little junk food junkie named Judomaster. (Adebayo also unknowingly shared an erotic photo from his wife Keeya, with whom she is currently trying “the long haul,” in the name of safety.)

After setting foot on the periphery of the senator’s house, Peacemaker got Harcourt to finally open up/attach to him a little. But when the Goff family got home, it was showtime. On the surface this family seems famous enough, but once inside, it’s clear, watching them through the window, that something is very wrong – including something long, purple reaching out of their mouths to swallow a honey-like substance. .

Upon confirming that the parents and children were both Butterflies, the Peacemaker was unable to fire the kill shots on his own, so Vigilante – who stabbed the stake, which we were then forced to cling to – pushed his BFF to one side. next to her and casually holding her mother and two children. However, Dad left and soon, Judomaster defeated Peacemaker, Vigilante, and Harcourt, eventually KOing each of them. Meanwhile, Adebayo finds he needs to shoot down an ordinary bodyguard, but can’t, so Harcourt kills.

People of Peace

Harcourt, Murn, and Adebayo break into the senator’s house to find Peacemaker (and Vigilante), who they realize is being held in an underground chamber. In that cave, Judomaster trades taunts with the Peacemaker, until the senator arrives to get information by electrocuting Vigilante and then proceeds to (attempt to) shoot off the killer’s little toe. wearing a mask. Fortunately, Murn & Co. (Finally!) Made it a mission to blow up the amber-like barrier blocking the entrance to the cave, though the explosion almost happened to Murn himself. Peacemaker used a distracting dynamite to gain the upper hand and shot the senator in the head with a shotgun, after which he and Vigilante testified to the butterfly-like aliens that had nested inside. in Goff’s head.

The Judomaster, meanwhile, was sent off by the senator, but Economos used the team truck to T-bone the little guy’s outing car. Judomaster was seen trying to crawl away from the scene, but Economos stopped him, although it took several tire iron blows to KO him.

What did you think about People of Peace’s opening of three episodes? And will you follow up?

https://tvline.com/2022/01/15/peacemaker-recap-episode-3-senator-butterfly-reveal/ ‘Peacemaker’ synopsis: Episode 3 – Secret of the Butterfly Revealed

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