Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous You will find yourself up against hordes of demons, evil cultists, and countless other opposing terrors seeking to hinder your progress. Fortunately, you’re not alone. The game has a large number of companions that you can recruit and take with you.

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These companions have classes, builds, skills, personalities, and sometimes even romances to pursue. They all have quests to fulfill, their own input into the main story, and other perks. Therefore, it is certainly beneficial to know which companions offer more than others.

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The Wrathful Pathfinder of the Righteous Camellia

She’s useful, isn’t she? Well, kinda. Camellia can perfectly serve as a companion but pales in comparison to some of the more useful allies you can pick up on your Golarion adventures. She is a Spirit Hunter, a class that can be a bit difficult to grasp at first but makes a great tank when built correctly.

According to the plot, Camellia faces being the subject of much of the mess that most people will see coming. They’re pretty badass and at the same time make her an easily hated character.


Righteous Greybor's Wrath Seeker

While Greybor is certainly a great companion to have on the battlefield, he’s a bit of a pain in the ass being one of the newest companions you’ll be recruiting and comes with a quest. The nasty service puts you against a tough dragon.

Greybor is a bounty hunter with alarmingly low prices and sky-high success rates. While you can first meet him at the Estrod Tower in Kenabres, it’s also possible that your first encounter with him shows him attacking a Balor completely ineffectively. His plot setting classification: so-so.


The Wrathful Pathfinder of the Righteous Regime

Regill is a Gnome with a penchant for being the worst person you could ever hope to be around. And this is a game where the evil demons are the main villains. He redeems himself a bit by being a battle terror – the Gnomish hooked hammers you can find in-game make him a formidable force.

That said, he is still a Hellknight and the Hellknights are the ones to blame. While he’s delightfully written as a “whatever means necessary” pragmatist, he’s also a bit too evil to take seriously. Taking him along will make for an interesting journey but again, easy to get bored.


Pathfinder Woljif Wrath of Righteousness

Woljif is great. He is Tiefling Eldritch Scoundrel and has a neat plot, clean design, and cheerful personality. Add to that the fact that he is quite adaptable in battle thanks to his good melee potential and his access to mysterious spells, and you have a fully usable unit.

The problem is, he’s not really that great at anything. There are physically better fighters and better spellers on the list, and it doesn’t take much effort to equal or even surpass Woljif’s stealth attack ability. In the end, he actually leaves the party for an important part of the game and this can easily leave a bad taste in your mouth.


The Wrathful Pathfinder of Righteous Wenduag

Wenduag is a Mongrel Fighter chosen early in the game and she has the potential to be one of the strongest allies in the game. She has a very high Dexterity and isn’t afraid to use it, whether she’s wielding a giant bow or throwing an ax in the air.

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But without retooling her role in battle, that’s basically all she’ll be able to do. Her magic stats are terrible, she’ll fail more than the saves Will she’ll get through, and catching her early in the game means you won’t get Lann, people are the more advanced option. Also, she’s a bit creepy and her life attitude is pretty bad.


Pathfinder Wrath of the righteous lover

Sosiel is hard to build on mistakes simply because he is a cleric. In Pathfinder, the Clergy has always been useful due to his access to spells that increase party strength, heal the whole party, and various ways to weaken enemies.

As far as Sosiel’s character goes, he’s a very agreeable man with quite interesting personal quests. His passion for art is admirable and his love life is quite an interesting thing to pursue. He’s made some ill-advised feats of choice that you can’t fix without mods but he’s not unrepairable (unlike his brother).


Righteous Nenio's Wrath Seeker

As a Mage, Nenio has access to some of the most powerful and useful abilities in the game. Especially an expert in Illusions, she has the ability to perform great feats that can end difficult fights in just one round. Phantasmal Killer, anyone?

While her personality may cause some to dislike her, many others will find it an interesting interpretation of the True Neutral fit – Nenio cares about one thing above all other things: her research. Inspiring her with this research will lead to some fascinating quests that can really test your puzzle skills and earn great rewards.


The Wrathful Pathfinder of the Righteous Seelah

As a Paladin, Seelah fits right into the world of Wrath of the Righteous. She’s the first companion you’ll encounter in the game, and she can easily become a long-term ally thanks to her useful Paladin ability and stamina. She can even get a divine mount at level five, in a game where mounts are really useful.

She’s also just a breath of fresh air in a genre where paladins are often turned into claustrophobic bureaucrats obsessed with the written law. On the other hand, Seelah has an interesting murky past and a laid-back attitude to most things in life. However, she really cares where it matters, and will even leave the group permanently if the protagonist becomes a Lich.


Pathfinder Wrath of the Ri Right Ember

“Cinnamon Roll” and Elven Witch resident Ember joins fairly early in the game after you save her from a group of fearsome crusaders who want to sacrifice her in an attempt to fend off an army of demons. . Ember is a great addition to the list, being an extremely optimistic and positive person who inspires the best of everyone she meets.

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In teamfights, Ember is very useful. She has her Witch Hexes – some of which can instantly put enemies to sleep, making them extremely vulnerable to a melee attacker’s coup. Her spells are also nothing to be sniffed at, and she is capable of performing great feats with her auto-acquired fire spells.


The Wrathful Pathfinder of Arushalae Righteousness

Arushalae has been an extremely enjoyable companion simply because being a succubus doesn’t try to kill you. Her plot involves her trying to redeem her evil past and become a follower of Desna, the goddess of dreams and the stars.

However, she did not lose her fighting ability. She is a slayer with a bow and gives Lann a run for his money in terms of damage output and versatility. Overall, she really succeeds in being an interesting character with a compelling personality and effective on the battlefield.


Pathfinder The Wrath of Righteous Lann

Lann is a Mongrel encountered early in the game and in most levels is mutually exclusive with Wenduag – and Lann is an easy choice. He’s Zen Archer, a bow-wielding Monk with absolutely amazing damage.

His high intellect, agreeable personality, and sweet romance with the female leads make him a really great second-in-command for multiplayer. You won’t regret taking him with you on your adventures, especially if you let him join the Clergy class for a bit of combat flexibility.


Righteous Daeran's Wrath Seeker

Daeran is a very engaging character and is easily the best healer on the entire list of companions, which makes him an extremely valuable ally to carry you into dangerous areas. – a very large number of them. He is an improv player with very good spell selection, giving him great flexibility in battle even while suffering from the downsides of the Oracle curse.

Considering his personality and background, Daeran is extremely attractive. He has a wit and charm that other companions cannot match and he has one of the best executed romances in recent CRPG history. Completing his personal quests doesn’t feel like a chore as he’s a fascinating character with a complicated, troubled history.

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