Path of Exile: Guide on How to Choose Class for Beginners

It is very important to choose the right class in Path of Exile, as in any RPG game. If you pick a class you like but end up learning the wrong skills for it, you’ll have to start over.

Those who do not want to upgrade a class from scratch often use the services of game-boosting companies. With their help players can buy poe currency, upgrade their character, and complete tasks. This is a secure service as the order is handled by a team of professional gamers. If players have questions regarding an order or a game, they can ask them around the clock to the support service.

If you still decide to upgrade a particular class on your own, then check out our class guide. All classes in Path of Exile have access to identical active and passive abilities. To put it another way, you may “create” your own character. However, certain classes find it simpler to learn some talents than others. Of course, if you really want to, you may transform a templar into an archer. However, you will be at a disadvantage.


High precision, quick attack speed, and powerful critical strikes – all these are the characteristics of the Ranger. She is an excellent fighter with weapons like swords, daggers, and arrows that provide piercing damage. She is also capable of using shields and axes, but not maces or staves.

Her strike will undoubtedly hit its target after increasing agility and other passives, saving you mana.

The Ranger in PoE will be helpless without accessibility to heavy protection, energy shields, or health enhancements. Yes, she can avoid the majority of strikes, but when her luck runs out, the pressure of the opposition will kill her.


He strikes with all of his might, striking broad, forceful punches. In close quarters, he favors the use of axes, maces, and swords. Although he is capable of using other weapons as well, I do not suggest placing a bow in his hands.

Strength enhances melee damage, allowing him to rapidly dispatch an adversary. You will be able to endure a hail of strikes from a dozen opponents thanks to health-boosting passives and the health boost from strength.

Early access to passives that lessen and lengthen the effects of stuns and disorientations will be given to Marauder.

It is not necessary to give this muscular warrior magic or a bow because he excels at close combat. He moves quite slowly and attacks very slowly, which might be problematic when facing more nimble opponents. This class is one of the most discussed on the official PoE forum.


Although the witch depends on magic, she is also capable of using daggers and staves. She is capable of using a mace or her claws, but I wouldn’t advise developing her in that way.

You may transform into a destructive machine very fast if you have immediate access to passives that boost the length, size, and effectiveness of spells. The witch won’t struggle with mana because of her high level of intellect. Additionally, you can speed up energy regeneration.

She may be transformed into a necromancer, which will allow her to boost the strength, durability, and health of her army.

The witch lacks the expertise necessary to use powerful weapons in Path of Exile.


With two swords or axes, he plays admirably. He could also utilize maces and arrows, although sticks and claws are not his strong suits.

In PoE, it is a hybrid class. If he is guided along the intellectual route, he will perform extremely poorly in battle. Strength will swiftly dispatch your enemies, while agility will enable you to deflect the majority of hostile strikes.

He seldom ever has access to spells or more mana. Therefore, consider its waste more carefully.


He can employ scepters, staves, and blunt weapons, juggling magic and force. He could use swords and sticks if you choose them. But don’t make him use a bow or a blade.

If you guide Templar along the road of agility, he will perform horribly in battle. His strikes are ineffective and move very slowly. Of course, while battling against several foes, this is less obvious, but in a single skirmish, it is extremely apparent. However, due to their access to strong spells, templar may dispatch large numbers of foes with ease.


Shadow uses daggers and claws with a hit-and-run strategy and aims for critical hits. Don’t try to give him other kinds of weapons. Shadow could also employ traps. If you guide Shadow along the road of power, he will be a terrible fighter.

Remember to take poisons and back blows into consideration. Although their basic attack doesn’t cause much harm, a critical hit can occasionally dazzle you.

Shadow’s frontal assaults are not particularly effective. You’d better get out of the path once his energy shield is destroyed since the adversaries will kill you in no time.


Choose the class you like best. If a mysterious Witch or furious Maradeur impressed you, choose them and become one of 23 million players in PoE. Even while passive abilities will need a significant investment of points, by the time you reach level 30, you will have forgotten about the early disadvantage.

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