Pam & Tommy’s Lily James Talks Playing Pamela Anderson – Interview

Hulu coming soon Pam & Tommy The series may be filled with debauchery scenes, but it’s also filled with the love and sweetness of two wildly popular characters who fall in love quickly. However, despite the real story behind the headlines – that there was an unthinkable crime and real invasion of privacy – the main public focus was on Pamela Anderson’s leaked sex tape. and Tommy Lee, quickly becoming one of our most talked about scandals. whole life.

“It’s easy to get caught up in these big, flashy headlines or a story created by a male-dominated world and media,” Downton Abbey alum Lily James, who plays Anderson, told TVLine. “We forget what the story really is, or the real people inside it.”

In an eight-episode limited series (which premieres this Wednesday, February 2 with first three episodes, followed by weekly seasons), Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s biopic sheds light on the truth. about what happened, uncover a Hollywood story that most likely injured American Crime Story. Rogen plays Rand Gauthier, the man responsible for stealing the safe from the mansion of a famous couple and selling copies of the aforementioned tape on a brand new platform called “Internet”. (Hey, it was the 90s!) From there, things quickly spiraled out of control, as Pam and Tommy’s lives turned upside down and the brutal scene spiraled out of control for Rand.

James spoke to TVLine about her preparation for the role, working with Sebastian Stan (who plays Lee), and the show’s focus on double standards, crime, and the consequences of it all.

TVLINE | Besides the fact that Pamela Anderson is an icon of the ’90s, what about this project made you want to be a part of it?
LILY JAMES | Everything. I think she’s just an icon, Dots, and so on. To uncover the untold story of what really happened and reframe it as seen through our lenses is now an incredible challenge. No one really knows what happened – that this was a crime against a newlywed couple, and giant violate their privacy. We wanted to explore it to know the truth about what happened, and also to look at its consequences – not just immediately at the time, but also how it incited an entire culture of people. famous and the Internet that we have now. And what a surprise I was able to play Pamela Anderson in my career.

TVLINE | Your Pam is in the right place. How prepared are you to convince her voice and manners?
Well thank you! I worked really hard. It was a total body, all mind, everything transformation where I really had to focus on my physicality. I’ve been training hard with a great coach, and trying to be as athletic and fit as I can be. Then I worked with [dialect coach] Liz Himelstein on my voice. I watched Pamela’s interviews non-stop and tried to emulate her behavior and stereotypes to portray her as realistically as possible. Obviously there’s too much material to start with. There are her books, her movies, Baywatch [Laughs]… I’ve delved into research.

TVLINE | Real talk, though: How much Baywatch did you pass?
Great number of! [Laughs] I love watching Stacktoo, and HIGH-CLASS Stack a little later, so that’s just for my enjoyment. But I fell in love HIGH-CLASSproduced and starred by her. It’s great and I find it really useful. I feel like there aren’t many videos about Pamela, about her interviews and stuff, that I haven’t seen.

Pam and Tommy HuluTVLINE | Everyone knows the general titles, but how does this series portray Pam?
The show looks at what happened and the consequences of people in real life. Unfortunately, at the time, it coincided with the birth of the Internet. This is a completely unprecedented situation. The internet is a part of my life, but letting them witness this all of a sudden, with no control, and nothing to support or protect her. She’s been let down by the system so many levels, and I think everyone remembers that. It’s easy to get caught up in big, flashy headlines or a story created by a male-dominated world and media, and we forget what the story really is or who it really is. inside it.

TVLINE | The chemistry between you and Sebastian Stan is electricity. How was your first meeting with him, and what was the experience like working together?
It was great! I only met Sebastian once or twice. We had two afternoons with [director] Craig Gillespie. We talked about the script and made sure we got through everything with a comb – that everything was fine and there for the right reasons, and we were all on the same page. Page. Sebastian and I felt like custodians of our characters, and really wanted to be right with them and respect them. They are real people and that is always in our minds.

Then we shot the whole thing, and he was Tommy Lee from start to finish! It is very wild. I think he’s one of the great actors. He is very impulsive and alive and always surprises. It was a challenge in the right way, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. He was very supportive, and we really relied on each other. Stan worked with Craig on I, Tonya, so they already have such a great relationship. I was able to build on that energy and trust they shared, and so it felt like we had been working together longer than we really were.

TVLINE | The consequences of publishing the sex tape were very different for Pamela than for Tommy, and there was a lot of sexism and double standards involved. I’m not sure if people realized that back then.
A lot of it seems to be an ongoing trend as we look back at stories and reexamine them, holding ourselves accountable for our reactions and behaviors. That is quite difficult. I think the show asks for that of the audience, and that’s what I was drawn to when I read the script. It’s looking at the situation and the facts of it, and realizing those double standards and the sexism that exist there have far greater consequences for her – and the response is more harsh as well. We ignored that for a long time. It’s not true. I think this show will be capable of inciting that kind of conversation. It feels right, for sure.

Pam & Tommy Lily JamesTVLINE | Is there anything in this series that you think will surprise viewers?
I really don’t think people know that this tape was literally stolen. It is a crime against a married couple. I think the reality is that’s not the case, the fact that this can’t be stopped… I think there’s a lot of surprising things in it. The screenwriters did a great job of solving that problem.

TVLINE | Do you have a favorite moment or scene from your time making Pamela?
There is actually a pair. I love doing the whole Jay Leno series; Lake Bell directed that episode, and we had a great time. And Barb Wire things… I was going, “And… And… And…!” [Laughs]. But my favorite is with Sebastian. We shot this scene at the end of Episode 2, a totally fictional scene where you see them at home hanging out and watching TV, and they’re dancing around. King and Iand it was a surprise.

There’s something sweet about their relationship. It’s common when you fall in love for the first time, and we’ve tried to tap into that intense feeling of connection and love. I would imagine, especially when the world’s attention was on their necks, to have those intensely private moments before they were heartbreakingly robbed would strengthen that connection even more. Like they are against the world. That’s where we went with it, and it was a great scene to shoot.

https://tvline.com/2022/01/31/pam-and-tommy-lily-james-interview-pamela-anderson-hulu/ Pam & Tommy’s Lily James Talks Playing Pamela Anderson – Interview

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