Paedo groomers like the perverted Rotherham gang should be behind bars until death or deportation

IF it comes down to dealing with the sneakiest, most morally corrupt predators, we are a very cowardly country indeed.

Earlier this week, a long-awaited report from the Police Inspectorate of Child Care in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, was released.

Rochdale ringleader Shabir Ahmed had landed a job as the Council's social rights officer


Rochdale ringleader Shabir Ahmed had landed a job as the Council’s social rights officerCredit: PA:Press Association

The eight-year, £6million investigation into the city’s grooming gangs scandal detailed how more than 1,400 girls were systematically abandoned by police for years.

For more than a decade and a half, the force had “failed to protect vulnerable children” from the sexual deviance of predatory gangs of men, mostly of Pakistani descent. But it didn’t stop there.

Adding to the list of exposés this week was a separate review commissioned by Oldham Council in an abuse ring in the city of Greater Manchester.

That report revealed that Shabir Ahmed, the ringleader of a notorious grooming gang in nearby Rochdale, had been released to work as a welfare officer on the council.

And that despite allegations of sexual abuse for several years. The police could not tell his employers.

The monster raped and sold girls as young as 13 across the North until he was eventually beaten for his crimes.

The chilling chronicle of the abuse young working-class girls were subjected to at the hands of men so morally depraved needs little to be imagined.

But we MUST think about it.

If anything, the culture of cowardice and secrecy that has long surrounded discussion of Asian grooming gang scandals is an affront to justice.

And it means these men haven’t received the level of outrage they rightly deserve.

How many people know that many of these paedo gang members are back on our streets?

Where is the outrage that they continue to avoid taking full responsibility for their crimes – and that our justice system allows it?

fanatics of human rights

It’s disgusting enough that young, vulnerable girls have been doused in alcohol and drugs and passed around like rag dolls among pedophiles.

It is outrageous that these girls, some as young as 12, have been intimidated, beaten and even gang raped for playing sports and sometimes making money.

And that the police turned a blind eye to the child victims and their parents.

Officials viewed older Asian men with young girls as just a “fad” that would pass, and many were too cowardly to call South Asian abusers for fear of stoking racial tensions.

But just when you think these men’s fiendish exploitation of young girls isn’t staggering enough, it gets worse.

Because when you’re dealing with a legal system like ours, so full of laugh-stick sentences and bloody activist lawyers, things can only get worse.

To add insult to injury, it was also revealed this week that grooming gang members who have been released from prison continue to take advantage of our soft justice systems to prevent deportation.

Adil Khan has claimed deportation would violate his human rights


Adil Khan has claimed deportation would violate his human rightsCredit: PA:Press Association

A convict from Rochdale’s prolific paedo group, Adil Khan, who served four years after conceiving a 13-year-old girl, has invoked “human rights” to avoid deportation to Pakistan.

It is not the first time that he and his ilk as sex offenders have taken legal action against their deportation.

At a hearing this week, the 51-year-old pervert claimed being deported for his right to a “family life” was wrong.

He said he needed to stay in Britain to be a “role model” for his son and teach him right and wrong.

Khan wouldn’t know “right” if it ran at him in broad daylight and kicked him into the nether regions.

Shame on our justice system for this immoral, underhanded behavior.

Shame on the militant human rights fanatics who consistently put the well-being of the criminals ahead of the well-being of the victims.

Khan and his pedophile friends should have been thrown straight into a taxi to the airport and the first flight back to their home countries once their prison doors were unlocked.

In fact, the only two options for foreign child rapists, traffickers and carers should be death behind bars or deportation upon release.

Not the meager single-digit terms that are all too often handed out.

Until we rain the full force of the law on the heads of these rapacious gangs of men in our cities, I have no doubt this won’t be the last column I write about a grooming scandal.

Our politicians should stop being so spineless and send these barbarians a long overdue zero tolerance message. If you come to this country and traffic, abuse and rape our children you will either die behind bars or be on the first deportation flight out of the UK once your sentence is up.

From Evil to Verse

OCR, one of the GCSE examining bodies, has removed famous works by white male poets John Keats, Philip Larkin and others to “represent different voices”.

The board says “of the 15 poets whose works have been added, 14 are poets of color” adding “our new poets also include disabled and LGBTQ+ voices”.

Woke review boards remove works by white male poet Philip Larkin


Woke review boards remove works by white male poet Philip LarkinPhoto credit: Getty

What does the way someone swings sexually or how dark their skin is have to do with the quality of their poetry?

Just because I’m a black woman doesn’t mean I resonate more with black women’s poetry.

“I thought this poem was absolute rubbish, but now I know it was written by someone of the same race and gender as me. I think it’s a work of genius,” no one ever said.

What reductive, moralizing nonsense.

I’m all for showing kids people of different cultures and races, but for heaven’s sake I wish they would at least do it in a way that wasn’t so condescending and so transparent.

Kate a work of art

The royal portrait is a wonderful portrayal of Kate and William


The royal portrait is a wonderful portrayal of Kate and WilliamPhoto credit: Splash

THE first official portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to be displayed at Cambridge University has been unveiled.

But the painting, by award-winning artist Jamie Coreth, has received mixed reviews. It has been accused of not doing justice to Kate.

One of the most notable critics was author AN Wilson, who said the work made Kate a “strangely boring” and “lifeless” version of her.

Of course it’s inanimate, it’s a bloody painting. What did he expect?

And that from a man who only seems to have two facial expressions altogether.

OK, so the portrait doesn’t exactly capture the Duchess in all her glory, but it’s still a wonderful depiction of a modern-day king-to-be and his beautiful wife.

Dead creepy

WE commemorate loved ones we lost badly and if Amazon’s latest idea isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

The tech giant plans to let people turn the voices of their deceased loved ones into digital assistants on its Alexa devices.

So when you ask Alexa if it’s going to rain that day or what the headlines are, a creepy AI version of your long-dead grandmother’s voice will help.

That sounds like a recipe for trauma to me.

I stick to looking at old photo albums.

Greetings male guys

HISTORIAN Joanna Grochowicz, who has written about famous explorers, said that society “shrews from masculinity” and that she is troubled by the move toward “gender neutrality.”

Thank goodness there are still women out there with sane views on gender – I was starting to lose hope.

Joanna Grochowicz says society'shrews from masculinity'


Joanna Grochowicz says society ‘shuns masculinity’Credit: Facebook

She is right. It’s not cool to like manly men anymore. In fact, it’s frowned upon by feminist fanatics who think anything men do is “toxic masculinity” and needs to be removed from society immediately.

But it’s just a scientific reality that men have certain traits that women don’t, and vice versa.

Yes, men are stronger, beepier, boisterous, assertive, risk-prone, less emotional.

Yes, they prefer to look tall and strong, not petite and delicate. That’s not “toxic masculinity,” that’s millions of years of evolution.

Feminists don’t seem to complain about gender roles when it comes to laying rocks, digging coal, and waging wars, do they? funny that.

How about we just stop beating up men for behaving the way nature intended and stop pretending that women are perfect and men are evil.

Also, we kind of need them for the survival of our species. Paedo groomers like the perverted Rotherham gang should be behind bars until death or deportation


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