‘Ozark’ Season 4, Season 1 Summary: Wyatt and Darlene get married in episode 7

The following autopsies contain key revelations about Episodes 1-7 of Ozarkfourth and final season – continue at your own risk.

Well, that hurts. Ozark beat its fair share of key characters over the course of its four seasons, but no cut has arguably been as painful as watching sweet, poor Wyatt get brain-blasted by Navarro’s grandson. -from-hell Javi in ​​Season 4 Season 1 of the last episode. In addition to the ending moment of episode 7, Javi also murdered Wyatt’s bride Darlene (albeit far from moral).

The tragedy put Wyatt’s cousin Ruth on the path ahead of the final seven episodes of Season 4 (which is expected to bow later this year). It also sent us looking for answers, so we called host Chris Mundy and spoke softly to him about the decision to remove one of the Ozarkare some kind creatures. We also asked him about Wendy’s rapid decline to insanity, Maya’s 11th hour curve, and more. (Meanwhile, you can read Mundy’s take on that The first car crash of the season is here.)

TV | You killed Wyatt. Why should you go and do such a thing?
It was Therefore hard. It’s something that has evolved. That was not the original plan. There are not many sweet or pure souls in our show. [Laughs] And he is one. Also, I just love [his portrayer] Charlie Tahan. Obviously you separate the actor from the role, but [my instinct] is want guard Wyatt. So [killing him off] to be Actually hard.

TV | Is there a lot of debate between you and other writers and producers about whether to go ahead with it?
There has been a lot of debate. But we knew we were writing coming to an end, so for us it was like, “You know what? blankwhat? Even though it was a really difficult decision, we had to do something to push Ruth to come [her] roughest. “It’s the only thing that can keep you naked. So we had to. If it was Season 2, we wouldn’t have made it. I wouldn’t want to be without Wyatt for so long. But knowing we’ve gotten to the end – and what it might do to the momentum for the final seven episodes – I know it’s the right decision.

TV | One of the notable ones was the performance it elicited in Julia Garner. Her work in the fight against Marty and Wendy is phenomenal. Also, the fact that she calls Wendy “c – t” is the most gratifying moment of the show so far for me.
[Laughs] That whole performance was very entertaining in terms of its intensity. Julia, like, 100 pounds drenched. But she has 300 pound strength in that scene. It was crazy. She is great.

TV | Did she build up to that Intensity like you did in various ways?
She started at that intensity. And really [director] Robin [Wright] pull her back a bit, just to have the level. But Julia said, “Nothing will affect Ruth in a way that [Wyatt’s death] just finished. That was the thing that would cause Ruth the most emotions when. And I have to understand that in my body and fit it.” And she did.

TVLINE I totally believe she will kill Marty and Wendy if they get in her way…

Ozark Ruth Part 4TV | The last silent shot of her screaming in the car is a great break.
That was Jason’s idea. He just said: “Try it once without sound.” And we said, “Oh, damn it.” That’s the cool thing about the editing room: You can shoot something that’s already really good and [make it] different and better. ”

TV | Wendy still think she’s doing all this for her family?
We’re playing with Wendy’s sanity quite a bit, especially in [final] seven [episodes]. How is she really attached to reality? Is she lying to herself? Or does she really believe it? I think it’s a bit of both. I think she really do believe she wants to do good. Yet at the same time, she did so badly that she had to double and triple to even believe that tiny nucleus [of truth].

TV | Ben’s death seems to have accelerated her downward spiral.
We want his death to have no effect on not only Wendy, but Jonah and Ruth as well. What is really important to us is to keep [spirit] – and pressure on Wendy – to be alive. Wendy’s [POV], if they don’t exit on the other side [of this nightmare]and do good the way she is Thinking she can do good, then she kills her brother because nothing. So the extreme pressure on her could drive her crazy in some way.

TV | She also seems to be on a helluva ego-enhanced power trip. Also: She just wants win.
I think that’s correct. I think she will tell herself that she wants to win for the right reasons. Coming to the Ozarks created a fusion of her North Carolina and Chicago politics; It’s like this perfect marriage where suddenly she’s all she could be. And after that [when you add to that] the sheer adrenaline of the insane situation they were in, and her proximity to power [via] Navarro]it created a fire in her that she couldn’t get rid of. She said it to Ben last season: “When you run after your life, everything else feels incredibly boring. And then Navarro realized this in her in episode 7 of this season. And she’s getting to that concept. She doesn’t know if she can live in any kind of stillness.

TV | You know you’re in trouble when the world’s most dangerous drug lord knows you better than anyone.
[Laughs] That’s right. She was like, “He sees me more than my husband.”

TV | Did the character always intend to go into this darkness?
It really grows. That’s what’s really interesting about TV… You can react to what you see as you watch, season by season, season by season, episode by episode. We wanted to tap into her political side in Season 2, because that’s her past. But then we started to put her childhood [baggage] into the mix, and it just happens organically. And Laura is very nice. You look at what she can do and look effortless and you just keep feeding it. Same thing with Jason and Julia.

Maya OzarkTV | Maya turns the tables on her boss at the FBI and arrests Omar – that wouldn’t be good for her career, would it?
She has completely spoiled her bosses. She basically committed suicide in her career to stay true [to herself]; she just can’t break her code of ethics. She couldn’t compromise. But they can’t come out [against her] public because, what, she Not to arrest the world’s biggest drug lord? So she’s a non-grata personality type [at work], but openly is kind of hero.

TV | Will we see the consequences of this play for her in the final seven episodes?
We don’t go heavy on it, but yes, absolutely. This is not the last time you see Mya.

TV | Obviously, you can’t say too much about what will happen in the final seven episodes. But can you tell me if the Season 4B premiere starts right where we left off?
We picked up the phone immediately. We will deceive everyone if we jump over the emotional place we are in [at the end of the episode].

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