Outriders: Wellspring Exploration Guide

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Outriders: New Horizons added four new expeditions to the game, most of which borrowed puzzle sets and unused enemies from the campaign. Out of all four expeditions, The Wellspring is by far the hardest of the bunch. It’s not a great expedition for farming, but if you want to test the survivability of your construction, this is the place to do it.

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Wellspring features the game’s toughest miniboss, endless swarms of Monsters, and small arenas with little to no cover. Completing this task will be difficult, but we have some tips to make it easier. This is the complete guide to Outrider’s Wellspring Expeditions.

Wellspring’s Enemies

Outriders The Wellspring Expedition

  • Challenge Tier Requirements: twelfth
  • Drop Pod Cost: 2,700

This could very well be the Hardest Expeditions in Outriders, only suitable for Eye of the storm. You will face the onslaught of Ferals and Warzone Monsters In this mission, both contain some of the toughest enemies in the game. Bring resistance equipment before doing this, as this Expedition miniboss can easily fire twice at weaker structures on the Higher Challenge Tier. You will also drown under a large number of enemies in the second half. Crowd control is highly recommended.


Outriders New Horizon Pax Expedition

Wellspring getting started is pretty easy. You will enter the outskirts of a Pax town guarded by Ferals. Your standard mix of forage enemies and Lord are present here. Kill the Lords whenever they appear, as they can power up teammates or debuff your character. The Three Warlords will appear in a group near the exit if you finish this part too quickly. Keep it in mind.

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Once you’ve dealt with the Lords and other Ferals, move on. The second arena is a bit more difficult than the last, throwing quite a few melee units into the fray alongside your typical heavy units and the Elves. Remember to melee with any Elite that are priming a skill, as this will often break it. Move melee units as needed, kill Elites quickly, then destroy the rest. You may want to take a break here before continuing; This sequel is brutal.

Shaman Warlord Miniboss Encounter

Outriders The Wellspring Shaman Warlord

That’s right, the extremely powerful mage from the campaign is back, this time with a slightly altered skill set. Shaman Warlord has three health segments. Lowering each segment spawns a new Feral swarm, though it doesn’t seem to change the Shaman’s abilities or attacks in any way. This type of enemy is extremely dangerous at close range. Do your best to engage the Shaman from afar. For close-range constructions, you will need to use hit and run tactics to stay alive.

Note: Stunting a Shaman’s ability with a melee attack is inconsistent. Keep distance.

Almost every Shaman attack is extremely dangerous if you don’t have any Resistance. It can summon a flurry of lightning, fire a string of lightning or an orb after a short channel, and slam the ground when you get too close. This Shaman doesn’t seem to have the ability to spawn Rift, but that doesn’t make this fight much easier. Since each attack deals huge Anomalous damage, it’s best to avoid them altogether. If you can not, high resistance rating is mandatory.

In addition to the Shaman, you will also face a small army of Feral enemies, some of which are Warlords. These enemies can make this fight much more difficult if they have a chance to apply Sanctuary. Once you start to see Elves appear, focus on killing the Lords while manipulating the Mages around. Deal chip damage to Shaman whenever possible but don’t be greedy. If the Shaman gets a few attacks, it will end. Once you’ve killed the Shaman and all of its minions, you can advance further into Pax’s settlement.

Underground passage

Outriders The Wellspring Brood Mother

If you’ve made it to this point, you should have no trouble deleting this section. You will be ambushed by a Brood Mother, two Crawlers and a pack of Cobalt Spinners. Cobalt Spinners are explosive spiders that have a shell. They don’t deal much damage by themselves, but they can tear you apart if a group explodes on you.

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Two Crawlers will try to freeze you in this section. They are stationed near the back of the corridor, so we recommend rushing towards them first before dealing with the spider and the Brood Mother. Killing all enemies will reveal the path to the final arena. Again, take a quick breather.


Outriders The Wellspring Expedition Boss

You will be led into a rather small cave, similar to the last arena in The Stargrave Expedition. This room is filled with Alpha Perforos and other forage animals. Alphas aren’t usually a big threat, but there are so many species that breed in this section that they should be considered a priority. If a group of them attack you, you will find it quite difficult to get out of the stupor. Clearing the Monster swarm spawns a Brood Mother and another swarm of Perforos. These enemies won’t cause you much trouble if you keep moving.

A cutscene will reveal a Crimsonskin Crawler, the final boss of this Expedition. It’s actually a Crawler with more HP and more damage — no new abilities. You are about to be surrounded by Alphas. Move immediately. So many Alphas will charge you to the point where a runaway, end-of-run stun can easily occur. If you somehow get rid of Alphas, boss Crawler will try to freeze you. Try to fight behind the Drop Pod to block Crawler’s line of sight.

When you damage the boss, a swarm of Monsters will spawn. This includes Crawlers and Stryx. Stryx is very frustrating to be confronted in a small room like this, made even worse by the Crawler’s freezing abilities. Keep moving, taking out Stryx when you reposition. Use the center ground as a means of avoiding Crawler freezing attacks. If you can gather enemies together before using an AoE attack, you should be able to kill these enemies quickly. Kill the Crawlers as soon as Stryx dies, then destroy the remaining enemies. Clearing the cave will end the expedition and unlock the Drop Pod.

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