Our Power in Math is the only good Pokemon movie

Welcome back Pokemon movie review, a weekly recap of the entire Pokemon cinematic universe. This week, we’re revisiting Our Power, the second film in the rebooted classic and the first not to be directed by Kunihiko Yuyama. It’s the only Pokemon movie with a ‘Fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s easy to see why. Our Power breaks the Pokemon movie mold by introducing a cast that assembles and juggles five compelling storylines with exceptional pacing and satisfying rewards. While the movie’s story about humans and Pokemon learning to work together has been told many times before, this is almost certainly the best implementation of the theme we’ve ever seen. Our Powers is a quintessential Pokemon movie and is without a doubt the best written film to date.

Sometimes after meeting Ho-Oh in I choose you, Ash and Pikachu of the alternate universe find themselves in Fula City during the annual Wind Festival – a celebration of the city’s origin mythology. Though it was once a wasteland, the legendary Pokemon blessed Fula City with strong winds after witnessing the strong bond between humans and Pokemon. The city harnesses the wind to produce energy and develops into a bustling metropolis. They now celebrate their annual celebration by calling Lugia to the city using a relic called the Eternal Flame.

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On the first day of the festival, Ash meets five residents of Fula City, who are all struggling with different mental blocks. Risa is a champion long-distance runner, but after injuring her leg, she didn’t think she could run again. Callahan is an elderly man who has a habit of lying to impress everyone, especially his niece, who believes he is a master Pokemon trainer. Toren is a brilliant scientist whose work is troubled by lack of confidence. Harriet is an elderly woman who lost her comrade Pokemon in a tragic accident many years ago and accidentally lost the ability to love Pokemon. In the end, the mayor’s daughter Margo is a little girl with a big secret: The most wanted Pokemon in the city is her best friend.

our power zeraora

Years ago, the people of Fula City were obsessed with capturing mythical Pokemon Zeraora live in the nearby woods. They tore down trees and burned brushes to try to drive Zeraora out, but eventually they lost control and caused a large forest fire. Zeraora saved as many Pokemon as he could, but the people from Fula City ran away and did nothing to help. This made Zeraora hate all humans, so to protect it, the mayor told the city that Zeraora died in the fire and left a curse that forbade people to ever enter the forest again. The lie lasted for 50 years until the daughter of the new mayor discovered Zeraora when it saved her from being crushed by a rock. Zeraora was injured in the process, so Margo decided to secretly nurse it back to health without telling anyone that Zeraora was still alive.

Our Powers explores the dilemmas of each of these five characters as their choices cause their stories to intersect and inadvertently have devastating consequences for Fula City. Toren helps Callahan win a Pokemon catching contest in exchange for Callahan presenting his research to him at a conference, but during the winner’s interview, Callahan lies and says there is a Rare Pokemon in the jungle so people think he’s a Pokemon expert. Margo was worried that people would start searching for Pokemon in the forest and find Zeraora, so she stole the Eternal Flame to shut down the festival and prevent Lugia from being summoned.

Meanwhile at the Seminar, Callahan doesn’t show up on time after Risa catches him lying, so Toren is forced to present himself. Harriet, who accidentally used a sample of Sweet Scent and is now being followed everywhere by Pokemon, waits backstage to be saved while Toren delivers his gruesome presentation. She finds Team Rocket there and tries to scare them away, but they steal a sample of Toren’s Experimental Effect Spores. Ash and Pikachu give chase but Team Rocket manages to escape, although they lose the Effect Spore in the process. The prototype broke, causing explosions that set the forest on fire again.

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Now up to five people have started the fire (and Ash) and stopped it, but they can’t do it until they’ve overcome their trauma and mental block with the strength that comes from those who worked with them. Pokemon – our strength. . Ash tells people over and over again throughout the movie that you can do anything with a Pokemon by your side, and each character discovers for themselves what that means to them.

Toren returns to his lab to invent an antidote to Effect Spore, which is poisoning the Pokemon in the jungle, but lacks the confidence to do so until his teammate Chancy helps him look right. direction. Harriet, who spends the entire movie trying to run away from Pokemon, works alongside them to restart the generator at the power station where her Snubull died so they can use a giant fan to disperse the antidote in the forest. Callahan finally became a true Pokemon trainer when he caught a Sudowoodo – a Pokemon that pretends not to be something it wasn’t – and worked with it to deliver that antidote. fan system. Risa is the only one fast enough to return the Eternal Flame back to the tower where it belongs but she doesn’t believe she can run again until she is encouraged by her Eevee, who also injured her leg. Its persistence convinced Risi to try, and she reached the tower and summoned Lugia so it could summon rain to put out the fire. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Zeraora saw Ash’s willingness to sacrifice himself to save the Pokemon and eventually forgave Fula City. While Risa, Harriet, Toren, and Callahan learn to trust Pokemon, Zeraora learns to trust people. After saving the forest and curing the Spore Effect, the mayor revoked the lie of the Zeraora Curse and declared that from now on everyone would live beside Zeraora.

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The Power of Us is the story of a city struggling with its wrongs and dealing with its shameful past. The Zeraora curse may have been created by the former mayor, but it has come true. Lugia blesses the city of Fula as it has witnessed the strong bond between humans and Pokemon. As the five protagonists demonstrate, that bond was broken after the initial fire. The second fire, then, is fateful: a test on the people and Pokemon of Fula City to prove that they are still worthy of Lugia’s favor. By working together to save the forest and the Pokemon that live there, the city of Fula was finally able to heal.

Normally, I end this column with my stray thoughts, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how skillfully our Power is built. The summary format of these reviews can make it seem simple and maybe even a little clunky, but this is a far more complicated movie than any previous Pokemon movie. It introduces a dozen new characters that are more developed than any of Ash’s previous companions and manage to overlap and intersect all of their individual storylines in clever and effective ways. It can explore age-old themes in the Pokemon universe, but it takes a narrative approach we’ve never seen before and it handles it beautifully. If I had to recommend a Pokemon movie for non-fans to watch, it would be this one.

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Next week, we’ll take some time away from the animated series to re-evaluate Detective Pikachu. Then there’s the remake of Mewtwo Strikes Back — Evolution, then our final movie – now – Secrets of the Jungle.

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