Our nightmarish neighbor let his dog pee on our patio – we decided to get revenge

A couple’s nightmare neighbor has let his dog pee on his patio – they’ve now decided to get revenge.

They shared their daring payback plan on TikTok and wanted to unleash it on their neighbors.

A couple said it was with their neighbors


One couple said it was “play on” with their neighbors.Photo credit: tiktok/@kfh1595
The cheeky Tiktoker shared how he wanted revenge


The cheeky Tiktoker shared how he wanted revengePhoto credit: tiktok/@kfh1595

The clip shared on Reddit by Arizona couple Kyle and Kayla showed just how careless their neighbor had become.

“People above us stomp all night and day so we don’t get much sleep,” read the post, which was accompanied by a short video.

It continues: “We recently noticed that you let your dog pee from your patio onto ours. Continue to play.”

In it, the sated neighbor carries a bottle of what looks like skunk oil and gets ready to smear it all over his neighbor’s front door.

“If your neighbors wake you up every night with a loud noise and let their dog pee on your patio… so you buy skunk oil and have fun,” the video caption reads.

The couple was called a hero!” by a user.

It comes as another TikToker recorded his “miserable” neighbors locking him out, shining lights in his house and allegedly writing on his car.

The “little” war is playing out across a series of videos posted by TikTok user ChewbyDewby.

He claimed the argument started with “a little back-and-forth with her father and brother.”

He added: “But even before that, they just didn’t like me. I would say good morning and they would ignore it.”

A video titled “My neighbors have nothing better to do than be fussy” shows the gates to their shared parking lot being open as it pulls out at 11:01 p.m.

They close five minutes later. He says: “Our neighbors are haters. They knew I left, a few minutes later and the gate is closed.”

A second video is titled “Miserable Neighbors Shining Lights on My Window.”

What looks like a flashlight shines into the apartment.

A third video, about “Hating a ** Neighbors,” features a powerful uplighter positioned outside the other property to shine right outside their front door.

He says, “Don’t you have any children to worry about? Poor kids, I get more attention than they do. #neighborfromhell.”

Another video shows the word “b***h” scrawled in the dust on the back window of his car.

He says his neighbors found his previous TikToks and “reported me.” He adds: “I need a comeback guys”.

A crude caricature of a penis is nearby, but he doesn’t say if he thinks his neighbors did the same.

A later video shows his “answer”, which he wrote himself on his own car.

He wrote: “Send your papa to knock on my door. Creepy!”

And he adds: “Get cameras. Stay tuned!”

The bold step is bound to annoy his neighbor


The bold step is bound to annoy his neighborPhoto credit: tiktok/@kfh1595
The man appears to be smearing the skunk oil on his neighbor's doormat


The man appears to be smearing the skunk oil on his neighbor’s doormatPhoto credit: tiktok/@kfh1595

https://www.the-sun.com/news/5771225/nightmare-neighbour-dog-wee-on-patio-take-revenge/ Our nightmarish neighbor let his dog pee on our patio – we decided to get revenge


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