‘Our Kind of People’ Recap: Season 1 Finals – Renewal or Cancel?

It’s almost like an episode of Bachelorette when not one but two men proposed to Angela on Tuesday’s Season 1 finale Our kind of people.

We’ll find her chosen one in a bit, but first, let’s unpack all the quirks that happened along the way. From the very beginning, Taylor broke up with Nikki to be with Lauren, causing Nikki to act extremely emotional and insane. What’s even crazier is that Taylor didn’t say why they needed to break up before Nikki weathered the storm and wondered if she’d ever fall in love again.

Making matters worse, she tells her parents that Taylor was the first person she fell in love with. We hope that she means romance because otherwise it doesn’t look like she loves her mom and dad. Nate calms Nikki, and Angela assures her she’ll fall in love again, and then everyone laughs and throws spaghetti into a food fight. OH! Nikki certainly recovered quickly from her broken heart.

A few days later, Quincy accidentally reveals Lauren is the reason Taylor and Nikki broke up, Nikki curses all Franklin and Duponts and leaves again. Sigh. Nikki still kept her feelings intact. But she is honest. Her mother Angela was also everywhere. One minute, she’s smiling and reminiscing with Nate at dinner, and the next, she’s running into Tyrique’s arms after Nate proposes.

Our kind, Angela and NatePart of the problem was that Tyrique interrupted her offer to give Angela a file on Teddy that made it look like he might have shot his brother. Angela did a little digging and tried to get Leah to help her, but Leah was still riding for their dad, Teddy, so she left in a fit of rage. And then, when Tyrique proposed with roses, candlelight, and a bigger and brighter engagement ring, she also turned him down, only to say yes the next night.

Back to Leah, who feels bad for angering Angela and how Lauren’s messy romantic entanglement has hurt Nikki, so she decides to help Angela take down Teddy. Leah, Angela, Raymond, Tyrique, Aunt Piggy, and all the kids corner Teddy in his office after showing him Darius’ gun that was used to kill Teddy’s brother, and he sets off. cry and confess. He didn’t kill his brother, his late wife Rose did because she tried to shoot him for running away with Eve, and his brother stepped in front of the bullets.

Everyone is intrigued by Teddy’s admission, but Angela still has questions. She wanted to know if Teddy was the one who set her mother up, and he denied it. That’s when Angela realizes Olivia has framed Eve for drug possession and confronts her. A sassy Olivia confirms Angela’s suspicions without knowing Angela is recording everything on her phone. The non-tech-savvy Olivia tried to destroy the phone, but Angela said the confession was in the cloud and used intelligence to force Olivia to let her into the Gracities.

Our kind, Raymond and LeahEverything seems to be going Angela’s way. Olivia plans to invest in her hair care business, she and Leah are close again, and she’s recently engaged. But Our kind of people It’s a TV series after all, and not long after Leah tells Raymond the good news about their business and Angela’s desire to help skyrocket, someone walks into Teddy’s office. and shot Leah over the back of a chair because they thought she was him. Who would do such a thing, and would Leah live? Probably if there’s Part 2, we’ll all find out.

What do you think of the Season 1 finale, and is your return for a possible second season? Score the finale in our poll, and give your thoughts in the comments section.

https://tvline.com/2022/01/25/our-kind-of-people-recap-season-1-finale-renewed-cancelled-fox/ ‘Our Kind of People’ Recap: Season 1 Finals – Renewal or Cancel?

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