Our Favourite Ways To Decorate The Walls Of A House

Decorating your home can be super exciting, but once you’ve placed your furniture, the accessories can be quite tricky to place. You may find that even after deciding where the little finishing touches go, that something just feels bare about the room. This is most likely because you’ve focused so much on adding things to the floors, that you’ve completely forgotten about the walls. So, keep reading and discover our favourite ways to decorate the walls of a house!

Stand Out Radiators

Radiators are actually a fantastic way to spruce up a plain wall. You could use something bright and colourful to make a statement or you could go for something tall and sleek like a vertical radiator. These radiators make the ceilings feel a lot higher too, so they can be great at adding height to a small room. No matter what style your room décor is, you can find a radiator to suit it. If you have a more vintage vibe going on, you could go for a traditional cast iron looking radiator or if you’re more modern, you could try something metallic. There’s no right or wrong type of radiator, so have fun with them! You can really add some dimension to the room by placing unique radiators onto the walls of your house. So, why not upgrade your heating systems and show off some personal style.

Mirrors, Mirrors On The Wall

Another brilliant way to decorate your walls is through the use of mirrors. You might already have a small one placed somewhere but try adding some more! Creating a mirror wall can be a unique way to bring light into your home too, and they will really make the room feel bigger. Try using a mixture of different sizes and shapes to craft something beautiful! Mirrors don’t have to just be functional either. They can add a real sense of style to an otherwise plainly decorated room and they’re really easy to come by. Try heading to your local second hand stores and see if you can find any interesting looking mirrors to add to your collection.

Funky Art Pieces

If you really want to show off some personal style, then add some funky art prints to your wall. You could go as far as creating a gallery wall where you cover an entire wall in all sorts of art prints. This can look super professional and doesn’t take much effort to do either. It can really help to add more dimension to the room and stop the walls from feeling so flat. Try to use frames of all different sizes and colours too, and you’ll make the overall look feel much more eclectic.

Hanging Fabrics

As well as art pieces, you can hang fabric on the walls to add some texture and boldness to the design. Things like tapestries and macramé can look stunning when place throughout the room. You can use a mixture of pieces too. So, you could have mirrors, art, and macramé to craft a gorgeously designed wall. Fabrics can also be found in so many different styles that the possibilities are completely endless and there’s no way you won’t be able to find something that you like.

Floating Shelves

If you’ve got lots of little knick-knacks that’s need a place to stay, then why not invest in some floating shelves. These can look amazing and extremely stylish when compared to a regular shelving unit. They take up a lot less space too, giving you much more room for the furniture that needs it. Floating shelves are available in all sorts of finishes too, so you can find the perfect colour to match your existing palette with ease.

Accent Walls

If you want something super simple that really catches your attention, try incorporating an accent wall. These can be achieved by painting one wall a different colour to the rest or by covering one wall in an interesting wallpaper. When painting, you can use a complimenting colour, or you could go for something completely contrasting to really make it stand out. The same goes for wallpaper. You could hang a pastel floral design to match your neutral walls, or you could go for something bold like thick stripes or a geometric pattern. The choice is entirely yours!


You could bring the outdoors in by adding some greenery to your walls with plants. There are lots of planters that can be fixed to walls or placed on shelves to really give the walls a unique texture and colour palette. If you’re not all that good with keeping plants alive, then you could go for fake ones instead. This way, you’ll never have to worry about watering them or ensuring that they get enough sunlight. They might just need a little dusting every now and again.

Get Organised

If you want to make your walls stylish and functional, you could use them to hang your calendars or white/chalk boards to help you stay organised. Having a space where you can write all of your notes and to-do lists can be super helpful and elevate the overall design. Chalkboards look rustic and work well in rooms that have lots of natural elements and whiteboard look a lot more modern, suiting rooms that have an up to date design. So, why not use your wall space as a tool to help you go about your daily life and make them look interesting at the same time!

Walls are often an overlooked aspect of a design, but they really shouldn’t be. Decorating your wall space can totally elevate the room and create a whole new look in seconds. Even something as simple as adding a few plants or hanging some intriguing art pieces can make a huge difference. Try combining multiple pieces too when decorating your walls and you’ll find that you can create something truly unique and stylish. So, why leave your walls bare when you could transform them into an amazing design aspect of your room. Try taking these tips on board and you’ll soon have a stunning house from top to bottom.

Huynh Nguyen

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