Nobody wants a dead end job, but at least it’s a start

As an apprentice savvy, I can confidently say that two of the best words in the English language are: “You are hired.”

And not yet. . . There are currently 1.2 million vacancies in the country.

It's important to get people off Common Credit and back to work


It’s important to get people off Common Credit and back to workCredit: Alamy

This figure is 59% higher than before the pandemic. So what’s happening?

Obviously not everyone agrees with me.

Undoubtedly, it is true that there are EU workers who have left and now cannot return easily.

But there are other reasons for those vacancies as well. Many women have quit their jobs during the pandemic because they are too busy to work and study from home.

Others found that part-time work gave them the opportunity to turn their hobby into a business – in record numbers, nearly 450,000 newcomers “started” in the first wave, while others others retire early.

But apparently some people think that living on a pension is better than seeing what they consider a boring, low-paying job.

And some young people have turned down roles because they want to succeed overnight rather than put in compound roles.

So the Way To Work campaign – a new Government initiative announced last week that will focus on getting work-ready people from Universal Credit and into work can only be one good thing.

Targeting primarily people in the Universal Credit “intensive job search team,” Way To Work will help people get back to work faster and fill vacancies faster.

No one will be surprised to hear that I strongly believe in the importance and dignity of work.

It’s worth remembering that so many people started out in jobs that we now have so many vacancies for – and have gone on to climb the ladder, improve themselves and even become millionaires.

But determination and perseverance – while important – are not all that is needed to succeed.

Employers also play an important role. To encourage young people to come to work, it is important to give them a voice.

Not having a voice, or not being heard, makes anyone feel powerless and ineffective.

Being able to share ideas that have already been worked on builds confidence and makes everyone feel part of the team.

Being able to question and challenge things is also important.

The implementation of their ideas really gives young people a start to a sense of ownership, which is needed to inspire hard work.

They also understand that they are important to the business and therefore the business is important to them as well.

No one wants to feel stuck in a deadlocked job. Giving young people tasks that will challenge them, as well as providing solid training, means they can improve and add value to the business.

It’s really important to make sure that workers’ achievements are recognized – as long as they learn from the experience of things not done so well (rather than being punished for it).

And a clear career path is also really important and a huge motivator.
It’s also important that people know what is expected of them, so they know what their goals are and whether they’re working on them.

Another important factor for anyone looking to get ahead is having a mentor. Having someone who is always looking out for you, offering you good advice and encouragement is hugely powerful for self-esteem and confidence.

Of course, not everyone looking for a job is young. Part of this new initiative is that hundreds of thousands of Common Credit claimants will be made to find a wider range of jobs more quickly.

Currently, claimants can find work in their “preferred field” for three months.
This will now be reduced to four weeks after their initial request.

I can see why taking a job in another industry if you’re a chef would be an ideal thing.

But waking up and going to work is a great accomplishment. And I strongly believe it’s never about the first job you get – it’s about the job it leads to.

Self-employment builds self-esteem, keeps you busy and your mind active.

And very often one thing leads to another.

Viktor Rolf & Herman

It will be surprising if the anti-humpback fashion trend catches up


It will be surprising if the anti-humpback fashion trend catches upCredit: Getty

I’m not a fashion expert, and I’m not a trendsetter either.

But even I can tell that the models on the catwalk in backless dresses last week at the Viktor & Rolf fashion show at Paris Fashion Week will never be a trend.

The completely bizarre high padded shoulders on the jackets and dresses the models wore framed their faces and made them look more like Herman Munster than supermodels.

It’s funny, I’m surprised the models don’t smile.

Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to get good quality vintage clothes that are tailored and comfortable and flattering?

Baby must wait

I am not surprised to learn that most women in England and Wales are childless before the age of 30, according to official figures this week.

A report by the Office for National Statistics found that 50.1% of women born in 1990 were childless by their 30th birthday, the first time more childless women than mothers under the age of 30 since the lake. started in 1920.

But what is the problem here? Gone are the days – thank goodness – were the days when a woman’s sole role was to have children.

At 30, there’s still plenty of time to have kids, and if women want to enjoy life a little bit without strings attached, have a career and be financially stable before having kids, why shouldn’t they? do?

Also, where are the statistics on the number of childless men?

Madge is the best bar nun

Madonna's carefree attitude at 63 is inspiring


Madonna’s carefree attitude at 63 is inspiringCredit: Instagram

Looking at the signature bold photos Madonna posted on Instagram last week, you just know that some would say that at 63 it’s time for her to grow up.

But why does she have to! So what if they are photo edited?

She clearly looks amazing, and best of all is the fact that she has always been her own woman.

If Madonna is comfortable enough to show off her body, then he should


If Madonna is comfortable enough to show off her body, then he shouldCredit: Instagram

Women can wear what they want and do what they want without being embarrassed by anyone for any reason, especially age.

Just because you’re 60 or 70 doesn’t mean you have to dress like the elderly nuns in Call The Midwife.

The driver is the real hero

The case of heroic driving has-one-go is shocking.

A “vigilant” driver said he knocked down and killed a knifeman because he saw him attacking a woman and wanted to protect her.

A vigilant driver who tried to save when attacked by Yasmin and should be treated like a hero


A vigilant driver who tried to save when attacked by Yasmin and should be treated like a heroCredit: Rex

Yasmin ‘Wafah’ Chkaifi, 43, was stabbed to death by her ex Leon McCaskre, 41, after dropping her child off at school in Maida Vale, West London.

McCaskre died when the driver – whose name was only Abraham – drove his Renault Clio into him.

Now, Abraham remains a murder suspect, even though his sole motive is to try to save Miss Chkaifi’s life.

More than 30,000 people signed the petition calling on him not to face criminal charges.

Relatives and friends of Miss Chkaifi have also called for the police investigation to be dropped – and for Abraham to be honored for his bravery.

My guess is right, the Met Police are stressing that they must consider all “available evidence” before taking any action.

Their statement said: “We are investigating the deaths of two people in this incident. Two bereaved families are searching for answers.

“It is therefore essential that the investigation be conducted in an objective and professional manner.”

That makes complete sense. But, assuming there is no connection between the dead and Abraham, surely he should be treated with compassion and as a witness rather than a murderer?

The judge is scared


Credit: Rex

BRITAIN’S Got Talent judge David Walliams “was given the talk by the show’s hosts” after making crude jokes and behaving mischievously.

He did pole dancing on stage at his audition before swooping in front of Simon Cowell.

Need someone to tell him to calm down.

It could have been funny – now it’s just scary and borderline harassment! Nobody wants a dead end job, but at least it’s a start


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