Nobody is Perfect, But Strong Persons Overcome

The Importance of Just Being There

Think about your own parents. Did they do everything right? No, they definitely did not. However, did they do some things right? And would you rather have any other parents in the world?

That’s a loaded question; everyone has different experiences, and some people have parents who were much worse than others. But everyone agrees it’s better to have parents, than not to.

One of the most important things you can do as a new mom is simply be there. You’re going to make mistakes, get over it. You’re also going to do things better than any other mom; don’t let that go to your head.

What you’re going to have to do more than anything else is overcome hard situations. There’s a lot to cover on this topic, we don’t have a lot of space. Here we’ll focus on breastfeeding, and issues you might encounter that can make this natural process a challenge.

1. Your Breasts Might Not Express Milk

According to The Mayo Clinic, there are a number of different things that can result in breastmilk production issues. A few common factors include premature birth, maternal obesity, high blood pressure resulting from pregnancy, and insulin-dependent diabetes that isn’t properly controlled. Also, you might be too skinny or have a bad diet.

You can’t fix a premature birth, and if you’ve got a genetic condition, there’s nothing you’ll be able to do about that. However, diet, insulin, and maternal obesity are things you can at least partially control. Read on at the link for ways to correct low milk production in such scenarios.

2. Sometimes it’s the Breastfeeding Position

You might be having trouble nursing your child owing to the position you use. Maybe it’s uncomfortable for you, maybe it’s uncomfortable for the baby. Either way, latching issues may develop. To avoid this, ask your doctor what’s best, and find yourself a lactation specialist on whom you can rely. The following link explores some of the best breastfeeding positions.

3. Nipples Get Sore, Making Breastfeeding Hard

Babies don’t know or care how your nipples feel during nursing. They’re just hungry. So you’re probably going to have sore nipples for a while.

Petroleum jelly can help, a cold compress can help, dabbing them with a little breastmilk can help, and here’s a link to other solutions. If the pain gets too bad, you can pump your milk to keep your child fed and wait for your body to recover.

Better Breastfeeding

Develop a mindset as a new parent that understands challenges will come, and they can be overcome. Breastfeeding is one of the first challenges you’ll have to overcome as a new mom.

Expect issues with the position you use to feed the child, milk production, and sore nipples. If you’re able to make it through breastfeeding without these issues, excellent! Just don’t forget to prepare for the next challenge that’s coming.

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