Nintendo has removed Super Metroid from Metroid Prime

At one point, you could play Super Metroid on Metroid Prime, but then Nintendo stepped in.

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Metroid fans have been treated pretty well in 2021 through the launch of Awe. While it is not Metroid Prime 4 first announced in 2017, it’s at least a new Metroid game and a pretty awesome one. Dread is truly a Metroid game that fans have been waiting for longer than Prime 4. Technically first revealed in 2006 and rumored to be coming DS, the developers had to wait more than a decade for Switch, a system can handle their vision.

Prime 4, hopefully a sequel, and the Kiwi Talkz podcast delves into the history of the first in element in the meantime. That in-depth section includes an interview with David Kirsch, aka Zoid, who worked on the first Prime. When tasked with Prime while working for Retro, Zoid thought it might be a good idea to play Super Metroid for the first time.

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Zoid loved Super Metroid so much that he played it twice in three days. He then included a playable version of it in Prime. However, friends who have played Metroid Prime on GameCube would know that even if Zoid had hit that mark during development, Super Metroid wasn’t shipped with the final version of the game.

That is because Nintendo come in. Zoid used a SNES emulator to add Super Metroid to Metroid Prime, which Nintendo may interpret as amiss. That led to its removal, but Nintendo compromised. Since it created an official NES emulator for the GameCube, Metroid was originally included in Prime instead of Super Metroid. Not quite as good, but still pretty cool, especially for the timing.

Now you don’t have to rely on an imaginative developer to bring Super Metroid into a newer Metroid game, just as you don’t need to erase your SNES to play it. This is one of many games from Nintendo’s past that have been added to development NSO library. If you’ve never played it, do yourself a favor and check it out. In fact, go back and play all the old Metroid games to help fill the gap between now and whenever Prime 4 comes out. It will probably still be for a while.

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