News from Frank James – Brooklyn shooting suspect identified by police after chilling YouTube post and threats found online

SEVERAL people were injured after gunfire erupted at a Brooklyn subway station Tuesday morning, and the suspected gunman remains at large, putting New Yorkers on high alert.

Frank R James62, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniahas been identified as a suspect in the investigation, having previously been named as a person of interest.

said NYPD spokesman Lt. Thomas Antonetti CNN The investigation now allows James to be named a suspect.

NYPD detective chief James Essig previously said during a news conference, “We are making efforts to locate him to establish his connection to the subway shootings, if any.”

It has been confirmed that 29 people were injured Shooting at the 36th Street subway station in the sunset park, Brooklyn. Five were in critical condition.

The alleged suspect is a man, about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 180 pounds, who was wearing a gas mask and an orange construction vest, three senior law enforcement officials said ABC.

The shooting happened on a train at the 36th Street subway station during the morning rush hour, and NYPD officials are continuing to investigate after the suspected assailant fled the scene.

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  • James named as a suspect

    Frank James has now been named as a suspect in the investigation and not just a person of interest.

    said NYPD spokesman Lt. Thomas Antonetti CNN The investigation now allows him to be designated as a suspect.

  • Frank James’ Terrifying Bullet and Body Bag Posts, continued

    In one Video addressed to new York mayor eric adams, James appeared to warn lawmakers he was “doomed to fail”.

    In another video, in which James appeared to be driving a large truck, he claimed to have post-traumatic stress disorder.

    He said he was “in a crisis” and using illegal drugs.

    James also said he spent time in the city’s psychiatric treatment centers and claimed that violence was afoot there.

  • Inside Frank James’ terrifying bullet and body bag posts

    Frank James, who has been named as a person of interest in the Brooklyn subway shootings, shared chilled videos and posts before the attack.

    Online, James said he went through the city’s psychiatric system and experienced emotional abuse that would make someone “get a gun and shoot.”

    James’ The YouTube channel, which now has over 3,000 subscribers, has several lengthy videos in which he talks about race, politics and gun violence.

    Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell called his posts – which prompted officers to tighten security for New York City Mayor Eric Adams – “concerning”.

  • Amtrak improves security

    Corresponding CBS NewsPatrols around trains and terminals, including Penn Station and Moynihan Train Hall, will be increased.

    In a statement, Amtrak said, “Amtrak is saddened to hear of the incident in Brooklyn this morning and our hearts go out to MTA customers and employees and their families.

    “Amtrak has increased its police presence at our trains and stations, including New York Penn Station and Moynihan Train Hall, and the Amtrak Police Department will continue to work with our law enforcement and emergency management partners at the local, state, federal and private levels on theirs to help the investigation.”

  • Update on shooting victims

    Few of the 23 injured were taken to Brooklyn’s Maimonides Medical Center. The governor also paid a visit to the victims.

    Corresponding CBS News, three patients were hospitalized for smoke inhalation treatment and have since been discharged. There are two more gunshot victims.

    dr John P. Marshall, chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine, said, “One of [the victims] has been in surgery and is out and stable and the other one we are monitoring very closely but they will be with us for a few more days.

    “Both victims were able to speak. I think it was a very confusing situation.”

  • Why was Brooklyn Station attacked?

    City officials said they had no idea why the subway bomber hit that particular Brooklyn train during the morning rush hour on March 11.

  • Will there be metal detectors in subway stations?

    On April 11, Eric Adams said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the MTA adding “something like metal detectors” to keep people with firearms off the trains.

    When asked by CBS New York’s Maurice DuBois if detectors like those seen in stadiums and commercial buildings could be used on the train, Adams replied, “You’re right.”

  • Increased Mayor Adams security detail

    After police uncovered “concerning” social media messages believed to have been posted by the person interested on the Brooklyn subway Tuesday, the NYPD is increase in security for Mayor Eric Adams.

    Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said: “There are some posts that may be related to our person of interest where he mentions homelessness, he mentions New York and he mentions Mayor Adams and as a result of this abundance of caution, we ‘re going to step up his security detail.”

  • What did Eric Adams say about the shooting?

    Adams said he will “continue to do everything in my power to dam the rivers that feed the sea of ​​violence.”

    He also said, “This isn’t just a New York City problem — this anger, this violence, these guns, this relentless shooting is an American problem. It will take all levels of government to solve it.”

  • Rise in subway violence

    Since the pandemic, New York City has seen a significant spike in violent crime, including a series of seemingly random subway attacks.

    There have been a number of cases where people have been pushed off platforms and onto the tracks.

    Mayor Eric Adams has pledged to increase police patrols and expand mental health awareness programs to improve subway safety.

  • What is the suspect’s physical description?

    According to eyewitnesses, the shooter was a muscular man in an orange vest, gray sweatshirt, green helmet and surgical mask.

  • Calls for new security measures in subways

    A workers’ group comprising dozens of transportation unions has reiterated its call for more safety measures, The Washington Post reports.

    Department of Transport President Greg Regan said: “It is unacceptable that commuters fear for their safety when using public transport and that transport workers fear for their safety while on the job.”

  • Nets coach talks about shooting

    Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash called Tuesday’s subway shooting “tragic” and “pointless.”

    Nash has repeatedly denounced gun violence in America.

    The incident happened about five blocks from the HSS Training Center, where the team trains.

  • Where did the shooter get on the subway?

    According to the Washington Post, the gunman entered the subway at the Kings Highway station in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

    The shooting took place eight stops after Gravesend.

  • What weapons were found at the crime scene?

    In addition to the pistol, extended magazines, a hatchet, gasoline-like liquid, consumer-grade firecrackers, and a hobby fuse were found at the scene of the shooting.

  • What weapon was used in the shooting?

    The shooter used a Glock 17 – G17 – 9mm pistol which was fired 33 times.

    Ten people were shot.

  • The gunner opened fire before the train stopped

    Authorities said the N train, crammed with passengers, had not yet arrived at the 36th Street stop when the attack began at 8:30 a.m., according to the Washington Post.

  • What did Governor Kathy Hochul say?

    On the morning of the shooting, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said: “Ordinary New Yorkers woke up this morning expecting a relatively normal day. They left their homes, they went to school, they went about their jobs.

    “That sense of calm and normality has been disrupted, brutally disrupted, by someone so cold-hearted and depraved [he] didn’t care about the people who attacked them as they just went about their daily lives.”

  • Suspension of trains and schools closed

    After the shooting, the station’s service was suspended and New Yorkers were warned to stay away from Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

    Schools in the area have also been locked down and some businesses have been evacuated.

  • The police offer a reward for information about James

    New York City authorities are offering a total bounty of $50,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the person involved in the April 11 subway station shooting.

    The MTA and Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union each contributed $12,500 in prize money, while the New York City Police Foundation added $25,000 to the total reward pool, bringing the total reward pool to $50,000.

  • Who is Frank James?

    James was recognized as a person of interest in the shooting that occurred on a Brooklyn subway train Tuesday morning.

    The New York City Police Department News took to Twitter to invite civilians to get in touch if they see him.

    “Anyone with information on their location should contact @NYPDTips at 1-800-577-TIPS,” the statement said.

    It is currently unknown what role James played in the event.

  • The police seized the gun and bag

    According to law enforcement sources, the gun and the gunman’s bag were discovered, which contained several unused smoke canisters and pyrotechnics.

  • Is there a motive for the shooting?

    As of Tuesday evening, no motive had been identified.

  • Mayor Adams: “Shootings are an American problem”

    In the press conference, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said: “Today was a difficult day for New York.

    “We witnessed an act of violence and evil in the heart of Brooklyn. We saw a quiet Tuesday morning turn the N train into a war zone.

    “This anger, this violence, this guns, this relentless shooting is an American problem. It will take all levels of government to resolve them.”

  • Spectators meets shooters

    A subway passenger, Frank Gjeloshi, related this New York Post that he faced the shooter of the N train.

    “I looked at him and I was like, he was talking to himself for a while, so I looked at him and I was like, this guy must be on drugs,” Gjeloshi said outside the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park on Tuesday afternoon.

    “When [the train] was about to hit 36th Street, we stopped for 5 minutes. He takes a gas mask from one of his small bags[s].”

    “He opened one of his gas tanks and said, ‘Oops, my bad.’ He pulls out an axe, he drops it, he takes out a gun, he starts shooting.” News from Frank James – Brooklyn shooting suspect identified by police after chilling YouTube post and threats found online


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