New York’s homeless community ‘appalled’ as ‘serial killer’ targets street sleepers after subway crackdown

A serial killer that’s been PAUSED targeting homeless men is having a chilling effect on New York City’s most vulnerable people.

Homeless advocate Derrick DeMaria said sleepers were “terrified” after a deranged gunman targeted five people living on the streets of Manhattan and Washington DC.

Derrick DeMaria, a New York City homeless advocate, said the suspected'serial killer' targeting the homeless has left some of the Big Apple's most vulnerable people fear


Derrick DeMaria, a New York City homeless advocate, said the suspected ‘serial killer’ targeting the homeless has left some of the Big Apple’s most vulnerable people fearCredit: James Keivom for The US Sun
Paul Mills (left), DeMaria's attorney, and DeMaria worked to speak out for the homeless


Paul Mills (left), DeMaria’s attorney, and DeMaria worked to speak out for the homeless
Suspect is believed to have carried out multiple attacks in NYC and Washington DC


Suspect is believed to have carried out multiple attacks in NYC and Washington DC

He passed Big AppleTompkins Park with The Sun on Monday – an area he knows intimately – and can’t find anyone he knows.

“It was really weird,” he told The Sun in an exclusive interview at the East Village public park.

“I don’t know where people are. Usually, they’re all around, especially on a day like this.”

It was around 55 degrees and sunny, in stark contrast to the dark times on weekends when two homeless men were shot from 4:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

One victim was shot in the arm but survived; the second victim woke up, was shot once in the head and neck and died.

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The suspect is said to be a Serial killer targeting the homeless in Washington DC and New York CityThe NYPD and Washington Metro Police said in joint statements.

Between March 3 and 9, police say it was the man who allegedly shot three homeless men in DC. One in three died.

“I really don’t know why,” DeMaria said when asked why he thought homeless people would be targets of violence.

“I talked to my friend at one of the shelters nearby, and he was scared. Homeless people have so much anxiety and fear. They don’t know where to go or what to do,” he said. .

“I spoke to a man this morning who might lose his status in his shelter, and he was really upset, and now he’s afraid to go out on the streets with a homeless killer.”

John, who is homeless and lives in a shelter, told The Sun in a separate interview that the homeless community in downtown Manhattan is fearing for their lives.

“There’s always been violence against us because we’re not supposed to be human,” says John.

“I slept on the street for years,” he said. “There is always a fear of being attacked. Most nights are difficult to sleep.

“And now every single one of my homeless peeps sleeping on the street near the shooting site, especially those who are elderly or mentally ill, are in danger.”


The NYPD released a statement saying it was devoting resources to finding the suspected serial killer.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell tweeted, “NYPD officers are working tirelessly to bring to justice the person responsible for the shootings of two of our most vulnerable New Yorkers.

“They are connecting with people who need the service, searching block by block and contacting @DCPoliceDept partners. We will find him. “

A $10,000 aggregate reward is being offered for information that captures a suspect.


Since the pandemic began, many of the Big Apple’s homeless have had to move from shelters to hotels to return to shelters.

But much New York CityDeMaria said the shelters have poor living conditions.

Instead of living in shelters, says DeMaria, some homeless people pitch tents in small camps on the street or in the subway or choose to sleep on couches.

“If you can even find a bed in a shelter, a lot of facilities are going to be very dangerous,” says DeMaria.

“Every hour at the hour, they wake everyone up for a checkup so they can’t sleep. Some have mental problems and don’t get help, so there’s crying, mumbling, suffering and frenzy. chaos.

“And that’s from one of my friends in one of the best shelters. How can you survive any existence like that?”


Some try to escape shelter life by living in tents.

He said there were about six to eight tents south of Tompkins Park before police demolished it during a raid in November.

In late February, the NYPD demolished dozens of plantations throughout the subway system.

Violence on the subways is a hot issue in New York City, with crime soaring about 200% in February as more people returned to work while the number of Covid cases dropped.

During a police raid outside Tompkins Park in November, DeMaria helped move property into storage but was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property.

According to DeMaria attorney Paul Mills, the case has finally been settled and the district attorney is reviewing the actions of the arresting officer.

Some have mental problems and do not get help, so there may be crying, mumbling, grief, and hysteria.

Derrick DeMaria

He said he doesn’t know what happens to everyone after police break the prisons.

And now if they sleep outside, they have to worry about being shot down, he said.

“There is no safe place for the homeless,” says DeMaria.

“I hope the city can allocate more resources and allocate more funds to help the homeless instead of shame and blame them.

“A lot of people have jobs but they don’t make enough money or they get caught and can’t break the cycle. They can’t reintegrate back into society.”

DeMaria said the Tompkins Park homeless camp is a “loving, caring and vibrant” community that looks out for each other.

As the city continues to shuffle the homeless around and a suspected serial killer lurking around, he says it’s the best defense.

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“Communities expect each other, but mayors and cities divide communities and divide people,” DeMaria said.

“Community is key to protecting the homeless, but the city is boycotting the homeless. No one wants to be homeless and they don’t get help either.”

The mayors of NYC and DC urged homeless people in two cities to seek shelter

“We will not rest until we find the individual responsible for this horrible act of taking the life of an innocent person while they slept on the street,” Adams said. “We are appealing to the public to help us deal with this case.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers. There is a $10,000 reward for information lead to an arrest.

Adams said a task force of officers and a homeless outreach team is focused on finding homeless people in the subways to urge them to go to shelters run by the city. owned.

Adams has also run an active campaign to clear the subways of homeless people due to the increase in crime.

In the first week, 143 people were arrested and the city’s metro had 455 people removed from trains and stations.

The image of the suspect was shared by the DC Police Department on social networks


The image of the suspect was shared by the DC Police Department on social networksCredit: Metropolitan Police Department
The NYPD is also working on the case


The NYPD is also working on the caseCredit: NYPD

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