New York City was built on the efforts of immigrants… but is now reeling from a $10 billion migrant crisis

LIFE can sometimes come at you terribly quickly.

In America this week, people learned about a far-left politician who until recently had advocated for the “dismantling” of police departments across America.

New York City is facing a refugee crisis


New York City is facing a refugee crisisPhoto credit: Getty
New York City Mayor Eric Adams has long been a proponent of New York City's status as a


New York City Mayor Eric Adams has long been a proponent of New York City’s status as a “sanctuary city.”Photo credit: Rex

Sadly, this week Shivanthi Sathanandan was the victim of a violent carjacking in which she was beaten and covered in blood in front of her two young children.

That’s why she called on the police to stop these violent criminals and thanked her local emergency services for their help.

But while that may seem like a change in sentiment, it’s not nearly as significant as the change in New York City.

For years, Democratic (left-wing) politicians there have grandly claimed that New York is a “refuge city” for immigrants.

After all, it is a city built on the efforts of immigrants.

Between 1892 and 1954, nearly 12 million people arrived at Ellis Island, directly across from the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

Like left-wing politicians across the United States, New Yorkers have said they are not like the “racist” states that try to enforce the law.

They’re not like those horrible hillbillies in Arizona and Texas who let illegal immigrants flood into the country by the thousands every day and don’t like it.

No, these left-wing politicians in the north like to show that they are better.

At the same time, they hope that they will never have to suffer the consequences of illegal immigration.

They are like the politicians in the London Borough of Islington who have no sympathy for the people of Dover and other communities where illegal immigrants are pouring into this country.

And so the leftists founded “sanctuary cities” like New York, where they would supposedly welcome and house all immigrants.

Of course, this also includes those who go through the official process.

But this also includes migrants who have broken the law to come to America illegally.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has long been a proponent of sanctuary cities.

When he ran for mayor less than two years ago, he promised that New York should “protect our immigrants – period” and that under his administration New York would “remain a sanctuary city.”

He has long advocated for non-citizens to have the right to vote in elections in New York.

And in June 2021, he released a plan arguing that the New York Police Department should “severely limit” contact with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to protect immigrants.

What a difference a few years make.

Because last year, Republican governors in the border states decided to take people like Mayor Adams at their word.

Instead of taking in millions of people each year and dealing with them on their own, southern governors began busing the illegals north.

Loose immigration policies have cost the city a staggering $10 billion this year


Loose immigration policies have cost the city a staggering $10 billion this yearPhoto credit: The Mega Agency

Especially to places like New York, which had bragged about always accepting illegal immigrants.

When the first buses arrived, there was outrage and cheering.

As the hundreds turned into thousands, the city began to struggle.

When the number reached about 5,000, the city ran out of homeless shelters and began housing migrants in luxury hotels.

Such a hotel had a rooftop pool and would be out of the average New Yorker’s price range.

But the illegal immigrants were housed there and in other hotels until the city also ran out of hotels.

For a city with more than eight million residents, one might have thought that these numbers would be insignificant.

But they aren’t.

More than 112,000 migrants have now been sent to the city and it is collapsing under the strain.

The cost of migrants arriving so far this year is expected to be about $10 billion this year.

That includes $4.65 billion in education costs for migrants who brought children and $3.5 billion for health and human services.

All for people who broke into the country and paid nothing into the system at all.

The true cost of this has finally become clear.

This week, Mayor Adams said at a town hall meeting: “I don’t see an end to this. This problem will destroy New York City. Destroy New York City.

“We receive 10,000 migrants every month. . . Now people from all over the world are coming together who have decided to come to New York City via the southern part of the border.”

Well, I hate to crow, but all many of us can say to Mayor Adams is, “We told you so.”

What is it about some politicians that they don’t see that?

That crime will increase if you reduce the number of police officers.

If you stop enforcing your boundaries, the cost will one day fall on everyone.

If New York is now facing the wall, Mayor Adams can congratulate himself for helping to achieve the goal.

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Ideas and arrogance have consequences.

Who could have guessed?

NYC has a long history of immigration


NYC has a long history of immigrationCredit: Alamy
Between 1892 and 1954, nearly 12 million people arrived at Ellis Island, New York


Between 1892 and 1954, nearly 12 million people arrived at Ellis Island, New YorkCredit: Alamy
The Statue of Liberty has welcomed crowds for 150 years


The Statue of Liberty has welcomed crowds for 150 yearsPhoto credit: Getty


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