Netflix’s Serves Gay Gay Christmas Romance In ‘Single All The Way’

LGBTQ audiences can now enjoy their own cheesy Christmas movie, just like regular movies have been for decades. Ah, progress.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that a gay man who owns a television in December must be wanting to watch a classic Christmas movie. Whether a movie buff, a theater lover, or a “Drag Race” connoisseur, everyone loves something silly half-watching while wrapping presents – and no gay person can resist that divine decadence Jennifer Coolidge. Into the “Single all the way“, A new luxury holiday rom-com comes out in Netflix. While the title might be the most obvious thing about this cookie-cutter romance, it’s always fun to watch a gay family movie that doesn’t use the characters’ sexuality to dramatic conflict. Homosexuality is not something that needs to be hidden, disturbed or made fun of here, it is merely part of certain circumstances. Nor are gay window costumes, clichés, or milkshakes for comedy. As a gay Christmas movie is not entirely possible, unfortunately “Single All the Way” leaves no room for many other works.

Led by twinkling-eyed “Ugly Betty” star Michael Urie, “Single All the Way” follows a permanently single man, Peter, who brings his best friend Nick (Philomen Chambers) ) go home for the holidays. The plan is to tell Peter’s family that longtime friends and roommates have finally acknowledged their love for each other, which of course would be a huge lie and completely impossible. out (you can see this happening). When they arrive in snowy New Hampshire from their busy LA lives, the game starts before it even begins because Peter’s mother (Kathy Najimy) offers Peter a blind date with a hot camera instructor lead James (“Brothers and Sisters” star Luke Macfarlane).

Single All The Way Gay Netflix Christmas Movies

Michael Urie and Jennifer Coolidge in “Single All The Way”

Philippe Bosse / Netflix

As Peter and James begin a promising courtship, Nick happily introduces the family, designs an elaborate Christmas light show, and spends more quality time with his nieces and nephews. than Peter. As it turns out, Christmas Carol (mother’s favorite name for all of December) isn’t the only yenta in this burgher family, and soon the whole family is conspiring to make Peter and Nick see that they’re destined. together. The nieces (too many to count or indistinguishable from each other) decide to entice the boys to help eccentric Aunt Sandy (Jennifer Coolidge) in a Christmas pageant, which is rapidly wobbling under the weight. of Aunt Sandy’s unfulfilled ambitions.

Although the dialogue is surprisingly low compared to actual jokes, Coolidge still delivers one of her funniest performances. She seems to have completely let go of all inhibitions, if she ever had, of deciding to squeeze all joy out of low matter. Explaining the exercise herself in a zigzag way, she enjoys delving into her midgut voice – a far cry from the normal breathing of her middle age. The funniest scene in the movie involves her playing every part of the competition as a performance for some deranged woman.

The closest comparison for “Single All the Way” is Hulu’s “Happiest Season,” last year’s holiday family drama that received terrible reviews despite rave reviews from the amazing actor and director. strange Clea Duvall. Despite their criticism, or possibly opposition to them, “The Happiest Season” is still garnering a lot of views, though many will be on track to see Kristen Stewart play a gay role in any film. . Netflix smartly noticed Hulu aligning the clocks and sparking online chatter, though the overall reaction to the movie was one of generality (at least from anyone other than girls of the same age). teen). With such a low to pass, Netflix smartly bet on “Single All The Way” and didn’t even pay movie stars. Netflix gets its views, LGBTQ audiences get comfortable holiday fare, and the world gets more Jennifer Coolidge. Ah, progress.

Rank: C +

“Single All The Way” premieres December 2 on Netflix.

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https://www.indiewire.com/2021/12/netflix-gay-christmas-rom-com-single-all-the-way-1234683026/ Netflix’s Serves Gay Gay Christmas Romance In ‘Single All The Way’

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