Netflix Echoes ending explained: who killed? [SPOILER]?

The latest exciting thriller series from Netflix echoes will definitely keep you guessing from the opening episode to the final seconds of the finale.

Spoilers ahead for echoes

Since echoes is a series revolving around identical twin sisters Leni and Gina McCleary (both played by Michelle Monaghan), things can quickly become very confusing. What starts out as a seemingly conventional mystery in which a twin disappears is quickly turned on its head when we discover that twins Leni and Gina occasionally enjoy swapping lives.

It quickly becomes very confusing and complicated to keep track of who’s who, and that’s by design. At the end of the show there are many mysteries to be uncovered and questions raised, some answered and some not. Below we’ll break down the biggest mysteries of the season.


echoes. (L to R) Michael O’Neill as Victor, Michelle Monaghan as Gina McCleary, Matt Bomer as Jack on episode 101 of Echoes. Kr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2022

Echoes Ending: Who Killed Dylan James?

Leni killed Dylan. When Gina found him, he was already stabbed and bleeding to death. Gina tried to save Dylan by taking him to the hospital, but they didn’t make it in time and Dylan wanted Gina to leave town and Leni to escape forever.

Echoes Ende: Who Set the Church Fire?

Leni started the church fire. She snuck in while Gina and Dylan were having sex and dropped the lion charm her mother gave her as a child. The fire resulted in the death of a man trapped inside the church. Afterwards, Leni convinced Gina to swap clothes with her and she made it look like Dylan was responsible for the fire, forcing him to leave town and break him up with Gina.

Echoes End: Who Drowned in the Bathtub?

When Leni and Gina were children, their father Victor drowned their mother Maria in the bathtub. Leni saw it when they were kids and because Gina was the “bad Gina” Victor always assumed it was she who snuck out of bed and witnessed it.

But before he died, Victor tried to tell Gina that he and Maria planned it. She was sick and dying and wanted some control over how she died. So there were apple blossoms in the water, just like Mary wanted. All these years, Leni thought she had seen her father do something terrible and she wanted to hide it from Gina.

Echoes end: What happened to Claudia? Who pushed her?

As you may have already noticed the trend, Leni Claudia pushed. When they were children, Leni and Gina fought over a doll on some old tower and Claudia tried to end the argument. Leni pushed her off and she fell, so Claudia is now in a wheelchair.

At the time, Leni was pretending to be Gina, so Claudia thought Gina was pushing her. They didn’t want anyone to know they switched, so they kept the lie going all these years, driving the wedge between Gina and Claudia deeper.

End of Echoes: What Happens to Gina’s Baby?

Unfortunately, Gina loses her and Dylan’s baby. She previously miscarried and then after Dylan was stabbed and they took the truck to the accident, the stress caused Gina to miscarry again. The nurse at the hospital confirms this when we see things from Gina’s perspective in the sixth episode.

Echoes Ending: What’s Happening to the Flash Drive?

Do you remember how Gina and Leni communicated via this online journal? In the third episode, Gina threatened to use a USB stick with everything from the blog to destroy Leni, but then we don’t hear about it until the end of the season. Gina or someone else sends this USB stick to Floss, so we can assume she’ll take a look at it and uncover many more secrets about the twins.

Echoes end: What happens to Gina and Leni at the end?

In which echoes In the season finale, Gina escapes from her father’s house after it catches fire. Leni chases them into the woods and they have a final showdown in the river leading to a huge waterfall. There, Leni and Gina argue about what happened to her mother, and Leni tries to convince Gina to come back to her and be her sister again.

But Gina finally has had enough of Leni and lets herself fall backwards into the waterfall, apparently killing herself. The police never find her body. Paula and Floss hatch a plan to find evidence officially linking Leni to the church fire. Leni manages to escape and goes to the airport with Gina’s fake passport, which she originally stole from Dylan earlier in the season.

While at the airport to catch a flight to Australia and flee from the police, the clerk mentions that another woman who looks just like her recently went through and got on a plane to Kansas. Does that mean Gina is still alive?

Then we jump to a book reading in Los Angeles. Charlie published a best-selling book about the twins, appropriately titled Leni and Gina. A woman in the audience stands up and asks Charlie if they ever found a body. Charlie says no, that was Gina, his wife, and the cops never found a body. That night, Charlie is greeted by one of the twins.

He asks her to come to his reading disguised in a hat, wig and glasses. She claims she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Charlie says, “I’ll find out who you are.” And she replies, “Maybe. Maybe even I don’t know anymore.”

So, Charlie is with Gina now or Leni, we don’t know which one, and one came to his reading, again we don’t know which one. They could both have been Leni or maybe Gina is really alive and she’s with her husband again… or she went to the reading and Leni is now with Charlie. It’s a mystery!

But now that Leni-or-Gina is back in Los Angeles, Charlie asks why she came back. “So many scores to settle, Charlie.” And we stop there! What’s your theory on this ending?

Does Echoes have a post-credits scene?

Unfortunately no, there is no post-credits scene at the end echoes but the song “Sisters” by Peggy Lee plays over the credits and it’s a pretty fitting farewell I think.

echoes now streaming on Netflix.

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