Napa’s Kings Compendium: Season 1, Episode 5 – Three Seductions?!?

What pairs well with whiplash? Because that’s what we got – in the best way possible – from the third episode of OWN’s Kings of Napa. In the span of an hour, family ties are strengthened, broken, and re-established, not one, not two, but father (!) discount. Who was startled by it – or about to do? Continue reading…

‘WHAT YOU HAVE HERE IS HUGE SOURCES’ | Early on in “How Stella Got Her Pinot Back,” Grace reported to August that Christian ignoring the vine cost the winery half a million in sales. “You need to make a boss move,” Grace tells…well, her boss. “Bring back the Brigette. She is the key to your success”. So August came up with the idea to Vanessa, who had cooled off since learning about Reggie’s affair with Melanie, offering not only her niece’s return to her old job, but a real place in the family. . Vanessa, who when she changed lanes, went all even invited Bridgette to accompany her to a wine conference in New York. Upon hearing that Vanessa is on a tour for forgiveness, Yvette hopes that she will be allowed to return to the mansion. As if, Vanessa scoffed. But if Yvette can land Jason Collins Winery as distributor for its prized dessert wine, she’ll reconsider.

Summary of The Kings of Napa season 1 episode 5 graceful kisses of the brideElsewhere in the estate, Rose reached out to Dana to convince him to go with her to a fertility clinic (where his selfie material turned out to be – ha – a financial journal) . However, something is worrying him – something he only confided to blabbermouth Yvette. Rose was eager to bring another Dana into the world, he explained, but Dana himself… er… He knew there was a 50% chance he could transgenic dwarfism and “I don’t know if I can dice can be turned. “Of course he can, Yvette reassured him. He and Rose will raise that baby in love – and either way, maybe never is another Dana! Meanwhile, Christian filled out August about evidence he found that suggested Bridgette had poisoned Sean & Sean’s vines. “I think our new sister might be the blackmailer,” he concluded. Damn, “she could be a crime boss.” Well, there’s nothing they can do right away, August said. They need Otis to wake up and clear his name, or they need to gather more evidence. She couldn’t be wrong again.

Summary of The Kings of Napa season 1 episode 5 graceful kisses of the bride‘ALL OUTDOOR HOUSES, NO PLAYING MAKES A Daughter NEED A MAN’ | Just in time, Otis wakes up and reveals that he stole grapes to bottle his own wine. But blackmail Reggie? Is not. Not him. Returning to Quincy, August and Christian are informed that all calls from the blackmailer have pinged to a cell tower near Bridgette’s house. His suggestion for the next step: put the camera in her place. As reluctant as August was, she agreed. However, she then returns to a random moment long ago when Bridgette revealed her vengeful side and had a full-blown panic attack. After Christian calmed her down, the two of them sped up Dana, and the three shared what was sure to be a rare group hug. At the same time, Melanie is seeing her doctor about the kind of weird rash that could mean she won’t live through the season. Boy, does Bridgette feel disgusted for kicking her out. Or maybe she won’t. At the wine conference, Vanessa acts like her new friend – and even takes her to see her mentally ill grandmother, only to drive home when Melanie was once a feral child. wild and still a venomous snake.

Summary of The Kings of Napa season 1 episode 5 graceful kisses of the brideAfter finding the camera pointing in hers Like Bridgette’s, August confronts Quincy, then Dana. However, he had no intention of apologizing. Thanks to those cameras, he knew she was looking to replace him as chief financial officer. Yes, she answered – to advertise he! Needless to say, he could forget about it now. Upon returning from New York, Bridgette receives a call from a henchman who is surprised that she has abandoned Sean & Sean. “Things have changed,” she said. All is under control. While selling Jason on House of Kings, Yvette also sold him to her – to the point that when Vanessa stumbles across them almost naked and all but bright, she deduces in a split second that “Obviously you’ve closed the deal.” In that case, Yvette could come back. That night, as August and Kelvin reminisce in the stands of their old high school football field, she reveals that underneath her jacket, she’s wearing a cheerleader uniform. Needless to say, a rookie happened then.

the-king-of-napa-recap-season-1-Episode-5-Bridgette-Kiss-GraceWhen Bridgette and Rose finally return to their ex’s home, the winemaker confesses that she’s fed up with keeping secrets and says she’s known Reggie as her father for years. Rose said: “I think you found out when you read the will. And near the middle of the sentence, they started kissing. “You don’t need that family,” Bridgette said. “I am your way out.” Rose said she shouldn’t, she couldn’t, she wouldn’t… but then, with all the kiss, she did. And all the while, Dana watched on the hidden camera Quincy had installed. So, what do you think of the episode’s hooks and smackdowns? Are you convinced that Bridgette is the blackmailer or do you suspect another big turn is imminent? Hit the comments below with your theory.

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