Nap Draws Market this weekend

Week 32 Nap Pools Draws Market 2023: Buy and Sell Games Here

Week 32 Nap Market 2023: This forum has been set up to help those who normally advertise in the Pool Banker room to present their fixed draws for this week to our numerous customers and more importantly our valued visitors.

If you are a pool forecaster with a real game for sale, this platform is your unique opportunity to showcase your fixed draws to the world and earn in return if your games deliver. Selling your games here requires you to be transparent and honor the terms you promised when you placed your ad. Your game must be delivered before your gameplay is deposited into your account by the Administrator.

Pool Games Week 32 Pool Games for Saturday 11th February 2023 – UK 2022/2023

To view this week’s posts, navigate our site using these quick links:

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Bank Room – Click Here

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Pool Nap Market – Click Here

For game sellers/advertisers

You post your comment here and it will be made available for buyers to view and subscribe to each week that you choose to sell or promote your fixed draws.

However, the administrator account is used for this transaction.

Your number should not be published here in this forum, you send it privately to the admin if deliver games you can then get your proceeds from the admin.


The admin has no control over who posts an ad for a game for sale in a week.

You pay directly to the admin account. “Anyone who pays directly to the advertiser here on this platform is to blame if the games are not delivered in the event of a refund.” The admin only reimburses those who pay through him in the event of an error. If the games are delivered as promised by the advertiser, the admin forwards the subscription fee to the advertiser (game seller).

How the transaction is carried out here

All payment transactions are made through the admin account, paid money is forwarded to the advertiser when games are delivered. With every game failure, the money is transferred back to the subscriber.

A fixed amount of ₦1000 will be deducted from the total when the money is returned to the subscriber if an error is registered.

If the games are delivered, the advertiser will be billed a fixed sum of 10% of the total revenue of the paid subscription before the total sum is remitted to the advertiser.

refund policy

The refund will be made on Monday night if the games fail. Just send your bank account details to the admin and your money will be refunded to you instantly. Please note that there are no refunds if a game plays a payline of 3/5 or 4/6, regardless of the number of draws on the coupon.

Happy buying and selling!!

Pool Banker This Week 32 Banker Room for Sat 11 February 2023 – UK 2022/2023 Nap Draws Market this weekend


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