My husband of 8 years and I live in separate apartments – people think we’re on the verge of a divorce but we’re happy

Most married couples can’t live without their other half, but this couple decided it was best to live on different streets for their relationship to last.

One woman has revealed on social media that seeing her partner only three or four times a week has made her happier than if she was living with him full time.

A woman defends her life with her husband


A woman defends her life with her husbandCredit: TikTok / sanaakhand
Both are happier living apart


Both are happier living apartCredit: TikTok / sanaakhand

Now happy wife, Sana Akhand, shares her story for the first time in a TikTok clips that encourage others to do what’s best for them and their partner.

“Hi, I’m a married 32-year-old New Yorker living alone because the apartments in New York City are too small to allow us to feel independent,” she said.

“We lived together for 6.5 years before deciding to make our own rules and do what was in the best interest of us and our love story.”

After suddenly receiving a huge amount of support from her followers, she decided to do it videotapes and explain a little more about her situation.

She started by thanking everyone who has supported her new life arrangement with her partner.

“To those who have supported me in the comments, you have given me faith in humanity,” she said.

But along with her supporters, who judged her.

“And to those of you who have judged me and been rude, I wish you well too. But maybe for a little while longer.

“You don’t deserve it right away,” she said.

Sana then explained that she and her lover had been living together since she was 24 and he was 29.

Due to their ethnic background, when they revealed how serious they were to each other to their parents, they expected them to get married before living together.

But because they were eager to live together, they jumped on the train and considered marriage as “a piece of paper”.

Before getting married, Sana never had a place for herself. She went from her childhood home to live with her husband.

At one point she explained that she started to feel a loss of her sense of independence and felt more pressure from society.

After traveling for a while, they returned to the reality of working from home in a small apartment.

Having worked together for more than three years, space was not an issue for her.

Her problem is the lack of emotional and mental space because her past has a lot to heal.

“I come from a very toxic family. I have serious abandonment problems,” she claimed.

Once she realized what needed to be done, she felt she had to do it herself.

“We love each other so much. We miss living together so much and we will definitely live together again someday.

“But right now it works,” she reassured.

Supporters from her first clip moved on to her second post and defended her new way of life.

One said: “There are a lot of people who live separately from their spouses – military couples who work in different places.

“You just follow the choices.”

Others were astounded by the fact that living apart means paying more rent in such an expensive city.

“This is something you fix before you get married. And living apart means double the rent in NYC? Sheesh!! You just need to get a bigger place,” one person wrote.

And while this couple is taking time apart to heal, another couple Couples find they are more attracted to each other because they don’t sleep in the same bed.

The very satisfied wife said: “They think we are arguing or breaking up.

“But they couldn’t be more wrong. Our arrangement made me want my husband even more. It’s the key to a lasting marriage and even better sex.”

And her supportive husband couldn’t be happier with their sleeping arrangement.

“Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to share a bed,” he said. Respecting your husband or wife’s space and sleeping habits is paramount. “

She also encourages others to do what's best for their relationship, regardless of what society thinks


She also encourages others to do what’s best for their relationship, regardless of what society thinksCredit: TikTok / sanaakhand

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