My daughter, 10, will be placed in foster care if the council doesn’t help her get into special school…they broke their word

A MOTHER fears her daughter will be placed in foster care if council doesn’t help put her in a special school.

Liz Lindenbauer says she may need to turn to foster care if her autistic daughter Eva, 10, doesn’t go to a specialized boarding school.

Liz Lindenbauer fears that her daughter Eva, 10, needs foster care


Liz Lindenbauer fears that her daughter Eva, 10, needs foster careCredit: Liz Lindenbauer
Eva has an autism spectrum disorder


Eva has an autism spectrum disorderCredit: Liz Lindenbauer

The 34-year-old said she was desperate for Kent County Council (KCC) to help them after lockdown “ruined our family”.

Liz’ daughter Eva has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which means she has a strong disregard for her own safety or that of other people.

“Unfortunately, lockdown has ruined our family,” Liz told KentOnline.

“We had stable relationships for a long time, and during this time I managed to stimulate Eva every day.

“But over the past 10 months it has become clear that it would not be possible for her to simply return as if lockdown had never happened.

“As things returned to normal, Eva’s behavior increased and became much worse than four years ago when she was originally diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and sensory disorders.”

Eva can also experience violent outbursts and panic attacks that lead to profuse vomiting.

The young girl even attacked her mother – and in December last year, Liz had to call social services after Eva tried to push her down a main road in the dark.

Eva can also go long periods without sleep, lacks emotional control, and can be hyperactive.

And because of Eva’s daily struggles, Liz has tried to arrange a specialized ASD boarding school through the local council.

The full-time carer said her daughter is currently attending another school in the area that helps children with complex learning disabilities – but the severity of Eva’s ASD means it’s no longer right for her.

The family decided that boarding school would suit Eva best and the routine would also mean that Liz could go back to work.

They found New Barn School in West Sussex and believe they have found the perfect cast for Eva – but Liz, who costs tens of thousands of pounds a year, needs the council’s support.

mom’s torment

Liz said: “We spoke to the school about Eva attending the facility for 38 weeks, which means she would come home at weekends and during half-term.

“That way, the community would only have to pay for their housing and transportation to and from school twice a week.”

Eva tried the school where staff effectively helped her with panic attacks.

The worried mother said when she went to pick up Eva after her trial, she didn’t recognize her.

Liz said her daughter’s body language has changed, her speech is clearer and she is much more confident.

“It’s not about sending her away, it’s about giving her her independence, giving her a chance,” Liz added.

Liz thought the transition would go smoothly, but Kent County Council has since said they didn’t give Eva the green light to participate.

She said: “I have an email and a paper trail with a signed testimony that basically proves her new school place was approved.

“But it appears that the final meeting minutes of our last video call with the council have been erased.”

She feels the district council turned around at the last minute and “went back on their word.”

Eva’s place in New Barn is only on hold until early October, and Liz has a feeling the Council is on their heels.

She fears that not being able to attend will only worsen Eva’s behavior and leave her family in a situation they cannot handle.

KCC declined to go into the details of what had been agreed by the various parties.

A spokesman said: “We fully understand Ms Lindenbauer and her situation and are currently conducting a further assessment to see how the Council can support her and her family.” My daughter, 10, will be placed in foster care if the council doesn’t help her get into special school…they broke their word


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