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Re-released supernatural teen drama first kill is a highly anticipated show created by VE Schwab and based on one of her short stories of the same name. The soundtrack is fantastic and many fans will definitely want to add these tunes to their playlist.

That first kill The soundtrack contains a lot of great music that complements a TV show about teenage vampires and supernatural hunters perfectly. If you are interested in the music of the show, you can find out all the songs listed below.

What is the name of the First Kill theme song?

The title track is “The Zombie Song” by Stephanie Mabey.

First Kill Season 1 Soundtrack: Music by Episode

We have listed all available songs played in each episode of first kill below, plus a brief description of where in the episode you can hear the song to support those who are looking for something specific!

First kill songs from episode 1

  • “Hoprock” by Madlib – Opening montage
  • “Insane” by Kinney – Juliettes is getting ready for school
  • “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood – Juliette and Ben sing along to the radio on the way to school
  • Panty Drop by Zoro – Ben and Juliette are discussing Noah’s party
  • “Curious” by Shameka Dwight – Juliette longs for Cal
  • “Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know” by Grace VanderWaal – Juliette is looking for her blood capsules at home
  • “Lil’ Drop” by MASA & J.Kelr – Juliette fantasizes about Cal before the party
  • “Slumber Party” by Ashnikko Feat. Princess Nokia – At the party
  • “Sneak Dissin'” by SuNWhoa Love – Cal, Theo and Apollo drive to the cemetery
  • I Still Taste Fire by Stephanie Mabey – Cal, Theo and Apollo hunt ghouls
  • “Soldier Of Love” by Sade – Cal trains and shares how he realizes that Juliette is a monster

First Kill episode 2 songs

  • “I Believe You’re the Devil” by Ellee Duke – opening scene
  • “Love Love” by The Mighty Tears Of Joy – Just before Elinor goes to the morgue
  • “Temporal Anomaly” by TK Rhodes Feat. Evil Owl – While Elinor feeds on the guy at the bar
  • “The Tower” by Merry Ellen Kirk – At the funeral service
  • “Tug O’ War” by Shameka Dwight – Cal chases Juliette onto the roof

First kill episode 3 songs

  • “The Thrill Chase” by Leslie Mendelson – Cal’s opening dream
  • “Effortlessly” from FVB – Juliette tries on dresses for the ceremony
  • “Send Me To Hell” by The Barrows – Ben listens to it in his car
  • “Big Stepper” by D’Anna Stewart Feat. SuNWhoa love – Talia and Jack watch Cal train
  • “Wolves” by Timothy Oliver & Natalie Barowitz – Elinor is trying to get Juliette to do her first kill
  • “Money Spell” by Govales – The hunters are preparing to kill the ancient vampires

First Kill episode 4 songs

  • “Suddenly” by Larisa Gosla – opening scene
  • TBA – Juliette kills Cook
  • TBA – Margot feeds Sebastian her blood
  • “Live It Up” by Dario Comuzzi & Michelle L. Ojeda – At the campfire
  • “Alive” by The Spades feat. Evil Owl – Juliette and Cal meet in the woods
  • “Portland” by King Cassius & Zmny – Sebastian arrives at the campfire
  • Until You Say So by Stephanie Mabey – The ending when Juliette and Cal decide to keep walking

First Kill episode 5 songs

  • “Jailbird” by Tiffany Lee – Cal and Juliette run to school
  • “Sweet Talk” by Tyra Chantey – Students come to work on the playsets
  • “The Zombie Song” by Stephanie Mabey – The zombie attacks Noah

First Kill episode 6 songs

  • TBA – Cal and Apollo talk about the breakup
  • “Mad Gaal” by BEAM – Elinor and Juliette go dancing
  • Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish – Elinor and Juliette empty Mark
  • “Dark Side” by JOLENE – Juliette watches Elinor in her storage room
  • “Always” by Shameka Dwight – Ben and Juliette cuddle
  • Call on the Moon by D’Anna Stewart – Juliette looks around Cal’s room
  • “Little Moon” by Gone Gone Beyond & The Human Experience – Cal and Juliette cuddle

First Kill episode 7 songs

  • “Murder Me” by Leslie Mendelson – opening scene
  • “Breakout Season” by SuNWhoa Love – Theo and Apollo begin their investigation
  • “In Too Deep” by Gone Gone Beyond & The Human Experience Feat. cat factor – Cal and Juliette in Cal’s bedroom after Cal’s parents left
  • “Man! I feel like a woman!” by Shania Twain – Bunny makes bets
  • “My Sweet Demise” by Sunny War & Particle Kid – Oliver and Carmen make out
  • “Lonely Fool” by 5 Alarm Feat. Scarlett Burke – Elinor and Apollo meet at the bar

First Kill Episode 8 Songs

  • “Snowflakes” by Christoffer Franzen – opening scene
  • “Hush” by The Marias – Juliette tidies up the bathroom
  • “The Devil’s Bride” by Jay Price – Elinor returns home
  • “The Monster” by Heather Evans – Juliette brings Elinor’s safekeeping key to Oliver/Elinor is arrested
  • “Love Affair” by Shameka Dwight – Cal and Juliette struggle with their breakup/Cal realizes Talia kidnapped Theo
  • “16 Shots” by Stefflon Don – The ending revealed where Oliver introduces Theo to his monsters

first kill now streaming on Netflix. Music by episode (all songs included)

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