Multibrand vs. Monobrand Hemp Store

There used to be very few options when looking to purchase hemp supplements. Increased interest in hemp plants as a supplement has changed the industry and made finding high-quality hemp products for sale much easier.

The recent changes within the hemp industry have meant that customers have more choices than ever before, allowing for more freedom and the ability to find the hemp shop that offers the best in both quality and value.

When choosing where to shop for hemp products, there are several key factors to consider: whether to opt for a multi-brand or mono-brand hemp store.

But, what exactly are multi-brand and mono-brand hemp stores, and what are the differences between the two?

What Are Multi-Brand Hemp Stores?

Multi-brand hemp stores are either physical stores or online retailers that sell hemp products from multiple brands. Multi-brand hemp stores are also sometimes referred to as third-party retailers.

How most multi-brand hemp stores work is that they purchase stock or have contracts with various hemp brands. It is for the hemp store to focus on marketing, customer service, and delivering the products.

While the hemp brands put their effort into sourcing hemp plants, designing products, and manufacturing.

The main benefit of multi-brand hemp stores is that it creates a separation between product creation and product selling.

A hemp brand might have expert product designers but lack when it comes to marketing skills. Equally, a store might excel at selling and customer relations but know little about making hemp products.

What Are Mono-Brand Hemp Stores?


Mono-brand hemp stores can be physical retail locations or an online store. The main difference between a mono-brand and a multi-brand store is that the former only sell products from one hemp brand.

Mono-brand hemp stores can take two forms. Firstly, there are stores that the hemp manufacturer runs themselves. This means that products are being designed, made, and sold all within the same company.

The second type of mono-brand store is run more like a multi-brand store, but rather than selling products from many different brands, they stock products from just one brand. These stores offer many of the same benefits as multi-brand stores.

Benefits of Shopping with a Multi-Brand Store

The benefits of multi-brand stores are not solely limited to those who run the stores or work within them. Customers can benefit from choosing multi-brand hemp stores because they offer a different shopping experience.

The main advantage is that multi-brand stores provide access to a wide range of hemp products across several different brands. This might seem like an obvious benefit, but a surprising number of people underestimate just how useful it can be to have various brands to choose from while shopping.

Certain hemp brands excel in different ways. For example, one brand might offer effective pain relief products while another might be better for hemp dietary supplements. Having different brands in one store makes it much easier to make these comparisons.

Multi-brand stores are also a much better option when looking to try new products. It is always helpful when looking for something new to be able to compare as many different options as possible. In a multi-brand store, the options are much more varied, making it much easier to see the existing options without visiting several different stores.

Benefits of Shopping with a Mono-Brand Store


Mono-brand stores offer customers a slightly different shopping experience and are best for those who already know which hemp brands they enjoy using.

The main advantage of a mono-brand hemp store is that they will typically stock all, or a more significant number, of the products they create compared to a multi-brand store. This makes it much easier for customers to view a brand’s entire range and choose the right products from that brand.

Another benefit of shopping with a mono-brand store is that there tends to be greater accountability for the quality and usability of the products being sold. Often, stores are run by the brand themselves, which removes an added layer of complication when dealing with customer service and can make dealing with issues much simpler.

Which One Is better, Multi-Brand or Mono-Brand?

Both multi-brands and mono-brands offer advantages both to store owners and to customers. There is no correct answer as to which one is better.

As a customer, it depends whether or not there is a sense of brand loyalty. For example, for a customer who enjoys products from a particular brand, a mono-brand store will probably be the best option.

However, for those shopping for hemp products for the first time, the more varied range of brands and products available from a multi-brand store makes them a much better option.

Huynh Nguyen

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