Mother-in-law furious after she hit family dog ​​and called 10-year-old granddaughter ‘selfish’ at Christmas

A UPSET woman shared that her mother-in-law hit their family dog ​​and insulted her 10-year-old daughter over Christmas.

The woman explained that she was close to banning her husband’s mother from the house after her bad behavior over Christmas.

Woman gets angry at her mother-in-law after she hurt their dog and insulted her daughter


Woman gets angry at her mother-in-law after she hurt their dog and insulted her daughterCredit: Getty

She said it’s not the first time she’s hurt one of the pets after she swatted their cat off the table “as if it were a loaf of bread”.

Taken to Mumsnet, the annoyed woman said: “We have a medium sized dog one year old.

“He doesn’t behave badly and doesn’t usually jump up. When [my mother-in-law] When he arrived at Christmas, he was a little excited – but to be honest, nothing hyperactive.

“He was jumping around when [my mother-in-law] was holding my daughter and I told him to come down.

“I turned my back and he definitely did it again because all of a sudden he sneezed and shook his head.

“This is what he does when he knocks his nose on something like a coffee table. The kids have told me that [my mother-in-law] beat him.

“I didn’t know what to do and spent the rest of my life keeping him away from her – although honestly he did it on his own.

“She was horrible with our pets in the past – once shoved our three-month-old kitten off the table like it was a loaf of bread.

“[My husband] just grew up her spine and talked to her about another matter – she told our 10-year-old daughter that she was ‘selfish and didn’t think about others’ because she didn’t want to wear the shirt the Christmas jumpsuit he bought for her. .

“This was said privately, but [my daughter] Luckily, she told me because she was so upset about it.

“Am I unreasonable to tell her she’ll never come back if she gets aggressive with our pets again or speaks ill of our children?”

Mumsnet users were quick to react to their comments on the situation.


One said: “Your mother-in-law sounds like the bossy type who thinks she’s ‘ridiculous, old-fashioned’ giving her the right to break other people’s boundaries and impose her own values ​​on her own. others.

“I’m going to ask her to come home, personally. Animal cruelty is not a border issue, she needs to know it can’t happen.”

Another said: “Not just one episode, she was rough with a kitten and children.

“If people don’t like dogs jumping, the thing to do is turn away from the animal, not pat the really sensitive area of ​​its body (think of it like someone making you bite your tongue really hard).”

While a third said: “Hitting my pet and insulting my child would be a surefire way to show the way out.”

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