Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4K Will Cost $1 Million To Make, Partially Crowded

Earlier this week, we reported that a A fan-made remake of the original Mortal Kombat trilogy is in development. Now, the project lead sheds light on what the game’s production will entail, including how funding for a remake is often requested.

Joe Tresca, CEO of developer Eyeballistic, told TheGamer that the team has a roadmap on how to make Mortal Kombat 4K a reality. This involves getting enough fan support to get Warner Bros’. and also called in several sources within the NetherRealm who were supposed to exclusively support the fan remake.

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Tresca says development has been going on for a number of years and was first noticed by NetherRealm in 2016.

“Shaun (Himmerick, head of studio) was the one who contacted me in 2016 wanting to talk after seeing some of the work we were doing back then on Mortal Kombat HD,” Tresca explained. However, the project didn’t last long,” WB told our team that they thought the project would cost $3.2 million to produce and only 100,000 people would buy the game even for 19. $.99 when we introduce the MK1 remake”.

Since then, Eyeballistic has gone from a bunch of Mortal Kombat fans to a full-fledged developer. It has been working on other games since 2016, which Tresca believes will improve their chances this time around. The team developed their own costs, and their estimates — for the entire trilogy instead of just the first game — are vastly different from what Warner Bros. show.


“We need about $1-1.5 million dollars. My plan is to convince the World Bank executives to let me do a crowdsourcing campaign. We’ll try to get it done. A healthy community resource goal is $200,000 to $300,000,” Tresca said. “If enough fans put their money where it is, we should hit that target and it will automatically prompt the WB to fund the rest of the project’s costs for marketing and development.”

No one at NetherRealm has yet publicly commented on the remake, but Tresca isn’t surprised. “I don’t think Ed [Boon] will publicly support this project until/unless the World Bank allows him to proceed. Personally, I know he supports my team as well as Shaun.”

Interestingly, Tresca increases the likelihood that the trilogy will play for free. He feels Warner Bros. might find this pattern intriguing, which would make sense give its direction with MultiVersus.

Whatever happens with this project, it looks like Mortal Kombat fans are up for it. anything else to get excited about this month. Senior Production Manager at NetherRealm Studio has recently hinted that a new game announcement is coming, sparking speculation about a new Mortal Kombat to be revealed at The Game Awards. Of course, that could also be Injustice 3, as the series hasn’t had a sequel since 2017.

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