Montez Ford on a potential run with the WWE Championship

WWE RAW Superstar Montez Ford opened up about the possibility of his transformation into a singles superstar and his dream of becoming a world champion.

He is currently a member of a tagging group called Street Profits along with his partner Angelo Dawkins. They held the RAW, SmackDown, and NXT Tag Team Championships during their time in WWE.

In his recent appearance on Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcastMontez Ford says he’s always wanted to be a WWE Champion.

“But I would say, on the other hand, [being WWE Champion] I used to be a dream when I was a kid,” Ford said. My mom still sends me pictures of me holding my own WWE championship all the time and even holding my hand out in front of my face. My little dream. But the dream of being a world champion has always been a dream and I don’t think that will ever go away. ” (H / TILLION Fight)

The superstar says winning is the goal of all dressing room performers:

” I feel like all the men and everyone here, if you’re not trying to be a guy – obviously you want to make money, that’s the main thing, but you also always want to be a guy. grandfather. “(H / TILLION Fight)

Montez Ford in a potential singles match at WWE

Many believe that Montez Ford will do very well as a singles competitor, and he could be a breakout star. However, for that to happen, Street profit will have to part.

Ford claims he’s heard people talk about it, but he’s still focused on being one of the greatest tagging teams in the world.

“I hear a certain amount of chatter, and I really haven’t really bought too much, because I feel like my job and mission is to be the greatest tagging team right now,” says Ford. now, in this modern day,” here. I’m very focused on that in this hand, as you said, until it happens and when it happens”

He continued by expressing that he has a commitment to Angelo Dawkins and that he wants to focus on their running together:

”But right now, I have to take care of my brother, you know? It is like that. That’s the way since I’m in the fleet. I took care of the guy right next to me and completed the task at hand. “

The Street Profits competed in the annual Men’s Royal Rumble last week, but neither Ford nor Dawkins were able to win the highly competitive match.

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