Mitchell Marsh shows Australia’s wait could still be worth it

On 27 January 2010, the Australia U19 team found themselves bowing to their Sri Lankan opponents. Although the Australians capped the Islanders at 205, they slipped to 38/3 and then 93/5 in their run.

Alarm bells began to ring in the Australian dressing room. The group of young players is starting to feel pinched and Sri Lanka, despite its lack of runners across the board, is starting to dream of a World Cup final.

In the midst of all the shards, a rough and strong hitter tries to impose himself on the game. He was the captain of the Australia U-19 team and has quietly become their most trusted player. Now, however, he has to do something he hasn’t done so far at the tournament.

Not only did he have to drag Australia to victory, he also had to do so hitting the ball with a lower average order. There was a bit of indecisiveness towards his batting at first. Even so, as the process passed, exploration gave way to amazing composure.

Remember, this boy is still in his teens. He’s still trying to show the rest of Australia what the hype around him is. He also had to shoulder the burden of beating Australia in the semi-finals – a match that many assumed belonged to Sri Lanka.

Fast-forward a few hours and the entire Australian cricket community is muttering in whispers – “Have you heard of this bustling guy named Mitchell Marsh? He’s single-handedly withstood adversity and won us over in a cricket match, man! ”

Another fan rings – “Yeah, heard he’s Shaun Marsh’s younger brother and Geoff Marsh’s son. Then you have to be a pretty good cricketer, huh?! ”

Cuts through 2021.

Australia is caught up in another horrifying clash with New Zealand. This time, with the T20 World Cup championship at stake. Australia has never won this title. In fact, it’s the only white-ball title to elude them so far. They’ve seen Kane Williamson make an absolute class and are weighing whether running across the board is a better option.

In Power Play, they had a safe start and then lost Aaron Finch. David Warner isn’t in his best form either. Surely Australia can’t rely on Marcus Stoinis and Matthew Wade to produce goods again?

When Finch turned a long way back, a muscular right-handed player strode to center. He was barely keeping an eye on his journey to the middle and was practicing the type of hit that only a handful of people can dream of playing in a professional cricket match, let alone the T20 World Cup final. .

He takes precautions and hurls his ax-like weapon to the ground – almost telling the archer he’ll plunder making him submit. The first ball is thrown to a length on the pad. And, Mitchell Marsh bumped it into the upper deck on a deep square leg.

The first ball of the T20 World Cup final, nothing more, nothing less. It was, in fact, so bad of the stroke that Mitchell Marsh might have questioned what all that fuss was about.

Almost an hour and a half after the bruised cricket match, Mitchell Marsh knows what all the fuss is about because, well, his Australian teammates are swarming him. After all, he won Australia the world title they coveted. And, he’s done it just as he led Australia’s Under-19s almost 11 years ago.

From that perspective, this is Mitchell Marsh Australia signed up back in 2010. However, the circumnavigation’s journey has been nothing but simple. So much so that such effortless fights were the exception to the norm.

Australia has not been able to reach the full potential of Mitchell Marsh

Somewhere in the world, his talent has also been lost a bit in the Australian ticketing scene. Not only because he is entering a huge and already established family shadow but also because his talent is, quite amazingly, not often appreciated.

A big part of the reason has to be trauma – an unfortunate factor that has lost the limelight in Mitchell Marsh’s career. Whenever he took a step forward, it was usually followed by several steps in the other direction.

However, he has participated in tournaments where Australia has been very successful. A perfect case might be the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup – the event that Australia eventually won.

Marsh was thwarted by some wounds
Marsh was thwarted by some wounds

Before that competition, there was a lot of debate around who the Australian finisher would be. They tried to mold Shane Watson into that role, put their eggs in a Glenn Maxwell-shaped basket and even resorted to James Faulkner to bounce the style from time to time.

The biggest relief, however, came when Mitchell Marsh went on a tour of Zimbabwe himself – a tour that included South Africa. Throughout that series, Mitchell Marsh was serious and seemingly the beater who created hype as a teenager. He took down the likes of Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel, out of kindness.

However, there was always a feeling that Mitchell Marsh was going to hit an obstacle somewhere below the line. And, unfortunately for Mitchell Marsh, it came after the game against Afghanistan in Perth. In the process, Australia, who feel that the Mitchell Marsh era is finally upon them, have to wait more – just as they have had to do for the past five years.

A few years later, with Australia still healing the wounds of their previous defeat to the Ashes (in 2015 in England), they must face Mitchell Marsh as their intermediary enforcer. Again, he didn’t do the entire series but in doing so he made sure he did all that Australia asked of him.

As you might have guessed by now, that prolific period was succeeded by another spell on the sidelines. And, it was not until Australia touring the Caribbean in 2021 that Mitchell Marsh began to find his feet. – in 3rd place – the position he called home all these years ago at the Under-19 level.

It doesn’t matter what Mitchell Marsh brings to the disc because, well, it’s a conversation that’s been heated in the Australian box office for the past decade.

#Australia too strong. What kind of player Mitch Marsh became. Hopefully his body will become his partner in the future as he is too good to be played as he is. Brilliant today

Almost every cricket enthusiast in Australia knows that Mitchell Marsh is capable of it. The problem, however, is that no one knows when it will actually materialize long enough to become a stereotype.

For any other cricketer, aberrations such as against New Zealand, or against England in the ashes, or against South Africa in Zimbabwe would be good enough to define an entire career.

For Mitchell Marsh, however, that wasn’t enough. Not because of what other members of his family did but because he always seemed to be capable of more. By the way, that is not a trait that the general population is endowed with. So, in a way, all the rings are pretty special.

It is worrying, at least for now, how long the Aussie faithful have had to wait to see the full-fledged Mitchell Marsh. A T20 World Cup win and a potential impact on a later dynasty, it seems well worth it.

What’s more, it looks like Australia has finally cracked the Mitchell Marsh code – an achievement that somehow, seems even bigger than their T20 World Cup triumph.

“Have you heard of the bustling guy named Mitchell Marsh, who stands firm in the face of adversity?” Yes, the whole world has, now!

Edited by Habil Ahmed Sherule | Mitchell Marsh shows Australia’s wait could still be worth it

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