Michael C. Hall’s Final Performance of ‘Dexter: New Blood’

PERFORMERS | Michael C. Hall

PROGRAMME | Dexter: New Blood

THE EPISODE |Father’s Sin(January 9, 2022)

EFFICIENCY | In the finale of Dexter: New Blood, viewers finally had to say a proper goodbye to the brutal but still beloved serial killer, and (MAJOR DOCTORS!) the character’s swan song was made possible only by Hall’s master performance class.

The period of frenzy gave Hall the freedom to adjust to both ends of his character spectrum, from “Jim Lindsay’s” pretend shock to Angela’s ace police, to his most evil tendencies. Dexter shows up after he’s arrested for murder. Once the reality of his disqualification as the Butcher of the Harbor sank in, he was forced to rely on his most cunning talents, which unfortunately resulted in Sgt’s tragic but necessary death. Logan.

Hall possesses every iota of Dexter’s monstrous nature, including his ability to easily bypass broken code. After playing the tortured killer for nine seasons, Hall has perfected the art of rapidly changing attitudes. His angry flaming eyes speak volumes, as does his presence and towering body language. And when it came time to pack an emotional punch, the actor was up to the challenge, with his prison break serving as an appetizer for the episode’s main course: his final confrontation with Harrison’s son.

After the teen tells Dexter that he ditched the code and sent Logan off to escape, father and son going into the sunset is no longer an option. In the complex and heavy shot, Hall juggles his character’s emotions of panic, determination, fear and, most surprisingly, love. Harrison saw his father for the real monster, and just seconds before the boy shot him dead, the bad guy told us over the dub: “I never really felt in love. True love… until now. While his end was inevitable, the acceptance that was evident on Hall’s face was a heartbreaking, yes, but also beautiful thing to witness.

Are we happy to see the evil killer finally taken down, or do we feel nostalgic for the passing of one of Peak TV’s most engaging and prolific anti-heroes? Maybe it’s a bit of both. But thanks to Hall’s great return, we won’t soon forget Dexter’s brazen blaze of glory. It’s the ending we – and he – really deserve.

pepi-sonuga-queens-season-1-performanceMEANING OF HONOR | As Queens‘drunk-whatever Lauren, aka Lil Muffins, Pepi Sonuga often provide the comic relief of musical drama. But this week’s episode, in which Lauren admitted she was the victim of an assault by a male music producer years ago, found Sonuga on a new platform with the character – and we loved what we saw. Sonuga showed her scope when Lauren, in turn, resigned, outraged, embarrassed, and traumatized by the way industry experts had taken advantage of her. The hardest hit part? As Sonuga tells Lauren through bitter tears that the most difficult aspect of her ordeal is reconciling her inclination to defend her attacker. It’s a tough scene, extremely well acted.

Films by Kerris Dorsey Ray DonovanMEANING OF HONOR | Bridget Donovan’s tragedy is Kerris Dorseyvictory in Ray Donovan: The Movie. After the murder of her husband Smitty in Season 7, Bridget drew a long overdue line in the sand with her criminally inclined father and his complicit brothers, giving Dorsey the introduction. Her strongest to date. With the actress’ teary eyes conveying a mixture of grief and fatigue, Bridget interrupted their drunken revelry with a simple question: “Why are you so forgetful? ” When she accuses them of seeing her unimaginable loss as a mistake, they may simply “drink it out as if someone’s life was just another bull.” — no story to tell” Dorsey’s face was full of anger. In the end, Bridget ended her family’s endless cycle of callousness by killing the madman in the middle of it all, her grandfather Mickey. “It has to stop,” she cried, Dorsey slamming each word with the conviction of a performer twice her age. “It has to end.”

Women of the Movement, Glynn TurmanMEANING OF HONOR | Glynn TurmanThe resemblance to Mose Wright, Emmett Till’s uncle, is uncanny. However, the excellent actor does not disappoint his lovable person in ABC’s limited series Women of the Movement, which deciphers how Till’s brutal and senseless 1955 actions gave rise to the Civil Rights movement. Turman convinces us that he’s a man of over 60 years of racial oppression leaning on his hunched shoulders the way he looks at his character, mumbling and completely compressing himself with reverence. important for white people of all ages to survive. Wright’s self-defense backed off when he became the first black man in Mississippi to testify against white men. His role brought this uncompromising act of bravery to life with a slightly shaky but ever-steady index finger and enough volcanic disdain to slap an eyewitness in the act. disappointed. With these gestures, Turman powerfully personifies how the well-intentioned eldest brother couldn’t save Till’s life, but he was willing to risk his life to get justice.

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