Metroid Dread: Abilities Explained

Metroid Dread sees Samus’ triumphant return as a bounty hunter attempting to eradicate the X Parasite once and for all. In her mission, Samus will face off against some familiar foes, obtain unique abilities, and traverse through the deadly planet of ZDR to uncover the mystery that shrouds it.

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As expected from a Metroid title, Dread offers the fundamental Metroidvania trappings, having Samus discover new abilities that allow her to bypass barriers that were previously in her way that can lead to new areas, bosses, or even new upgrades. Planet ZDR is crawling with formidable foes, making every ability you uncover feel essential and valuable as you move forward.


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Metroid Dread has nine areas for you to explore, all of which have their fair share of abilities to unlock and bosses to face against, with Artaria being the game’s starting location. There are a total of six abilities for you to find in Artaria, ranging from suits, grappling hooks, and beams.

Below is every obtainable ability in Artaria in Metroid Dread. Some are accessible from the jump, while others will be obtainable a bit later in your journey. We will point out which ones are available later, their requirements, and how to get them.

Charge Beam

The location of the Charge Beam in Metroid Dread

You will find the Charge Beam on the southwest side of Artaria. Once you’re in the room pictured above, there will be hidden blocks on the bottom of the wall, and shoot them to reveal a small gap. From there, slide underneath the new opening to obtain the Charge Beam.

The Charge Beam will allow Samus to draw energy into her Arm Cannon to create a giant ball of power, enabling her to shoot open dark orange doors or deal excessive damage to enemies. The Charge Beam is obtainable from the start of the game and doesn’t require any other ability to get.

Spider Magnet

The location of the Spider Magnet in Metroid Dread

The Spider Magnet gets rewarded to you after successfully taking down the first E.M.M.I. you encounter in Metroid Dread. To achieve this, you must work your way through the E.M.M.I. Zone until you reach the Central Unit, pictured above. Defeating the Central Unit will give you a temporary upgrade that allows you to kill the E.M.M.I.

With the Spider Magnet, Samus can climb blue, magnetic surfaces scattered around ZDR, allowing her to access new areas, secrets, and more. The only requirement needed to obtain the Spider Magnet is to reach the E.M.M.I. Zone, which is a natural part of the game’s story and happens early on.

Phantom Cloak

The location of the Phantom Cloak in Metroid Dread

The Phantom Cloak can be had after defeating Metroid Dread’s first boss, Corpius. You will find Corpius near the southeast end of Artaria in a large room between a few save stations. If you need help taking down this boss, follow our guide on how to defeat Corpius here!

Having the Phantom Cloak will allow Samus to bypass motion-activated doors and hide from E.M.M.I.s, allowing her to slip into new areas, undetected. Since Corpius is the first boss of Metroid Dread, you can fight it without needing a specific ability.

Varia Suit

The location of the Varia Suit in Metroid Dread

To reach the Varia Suit, you must first get to Metroid Dread’s second area Cataris, obtain the Morph Ball, and access the Red Teleportal that leads back to Artaria. Once you’ve done that, head left past the save station, you will see a pathway that leads upward. Follow it up until you reach a thermal device. Activate the device, traverse upward once more, evading rising lava, until you reach the top of the room. Use rockets to open the door on the right, which leads directly to the Varia Suit.

The Varia Suit will allow you to enter scorching hot areas, allowing you to access rooms you otherwise couldn’t earlier. However, you will not be able to make direct contact with lava with this suit (that comes a bit later), but the Varia Suit will allow you to access new locations, obtain upgrades, and much more.

Grapple Beam

The location of the Grapple Beam in Metroid Dread

To obtain the Grapple Beam, head to the save station on the northeast side of Artaria. From there, head out the right exit and drop to the bottom of the next room. On the right, you will see a Power Beam Door, shoot it open, and proceed into the next room. Once there, you will see a Rocket Door on the right. Blast it open with a Rocket to obtain the Grapple Beam!

The Grapple Beam allows Samus to attach to specific surfaces with a rope-like energy beam, allowing her to pull down particular objects to create an opening, swing off platforms, and much more. The Grapple Beam is one of the more valuable abilities in Metroid Dread and will come in handy even during some boss fights.

Screw Attack

The location of the Screw Attack in Metroid Dread

The Screw Attack is the last ability you will obtain in Artaria and will come towards the end of Metroid Dread. You will need the Grapple Beam from earlier and the Plasma Beam found in the seventh location of the game, Elun. Once you have those, head to Cataris and use the Blue Teleportal on the eastern side of the map.

From there, use the Grapple Beam to remove a block on the left, then proceed into the next area. Shoot the Plasma Door open with your Plasma Beam and continue to the left. You will see a small opening. Use your Morph Ball to enter the gap and follow the path down to the Screw Attack ability!

The Screw Attack will allow Samus to shatter specific platforms and deal damage to enemies when Space Jumping. This ability will help access new areas and fight some enemies. As mentioned above, you will have to at least access the seventh location of the game before obtaining the Screw Attack.


Drogyga boss in Metroid Dread

Burenia is the fourth location in Metroid Dread and only has two available abilities for Samus. Burenia poses many significant threats and challenges, making obtaining the new upgrades complicated for some.

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You can find all three of Burenia’s abilities below, along with what they do, their location, and when they become available to you. If any of them require a specific set of tasks to complete before acquiring them, we will provide the necessary steps you need to take to obtain them.

Flash Shift

The location of the Flash Shift in Metroid Dread

To access the Flash Shift, head to the large flooded area on the southwest side of Burenia. Once there, dive into the water and sink to the bottom of the room. You will see a spot on the right with many narrow passageways, and use your Morph Ball to navigate up through it. After that, open the Charge Beam Door, then the Rocket Door in the next room. The Flash Shift ability will be in the space behind the Rocket Door.

The Flash Shift ability allows you to bypass pressure plates, dash over large gaps, and evade incoming enemy attacks. Once you obtain the Flash Shift, you will use it over most other abilities in Metroid due to how much you travel through the world of ZDR. You can immediately access the Flash Shift ability when you reach Burenia for the first time.

Gravity Suit

The location of the Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread

Before obtaining the Gravity Suit, you first need the Grapple Beam from Artaria and the Space Jump from Ferenia. Once you have those, head back above the flooded area from earlier in the southwest end of Burenia. However, before diving in, you will see a doorway on the upper left side of the chasm.

Using your Space Jump, make your way over to the doorway and head into the next room. Follow the pathway until you eventually reach a Grapple Beam platform and pull it down onto the bridge below you to reveal a new area. Jump down into the now exposed bridge and use Rockets on the Rocket Door to the left to find the Gravity Suit in the next room.

The Gravity Suit gives Samus higher defense and allows her to resist the cold and lava. The Gravity Suit is the last suit upgrade you will receive in Metroid Dread and enables you to access every elemental area in the game.


Kraid boss in Metroid Dread

The second location you will have access to in Metroid Dread is Cataris, a large area filled with lava and hellish enemies. However, despite Cataris’ massive size, only two obtainable abilities are located within it, which is quite surprising.

Below are the two abilities you can obtain within Cataris. You will also find information on their use, location, and when they become available to you. If you cannot access the ability until you beat a specific boss, access a portal, etc., it will also get included.

Morph Ball

The location of the Morph Ball in Metroid Dread

The Morph Ball gets rewarded to Samus after taking down the Yellow E.M.M.I. in Cataris. To do that, you will need to make your way to the Central Unit in the top-left of the E.M.M.I. Zone in the middle of Cataris. Once you defeat the Central Unit, you will obtain a weapon for a limited time that allows you to kill the E.M.M.I., as you did in Artaria.

With the Morph Ball, Samus can squeeze into tight spaces and traverse through narrow pathways. The Morph Ball is excellent for accessing secrets, new areas, and even more abilities. You will be able to obtain the Morph Ball whenever you first arrive in Cataris.

Diffusion Beam

The location of the Diffusion Beam in Metroid Dread

Before grabbing the Diffusion Beam, you will first need the Morph Ball from above, as well as the Spider Magnet from Artaria. Next, whenever you have both of those, head to the southwest region of Cataris. Find and defeat Kraid, then look for a blue magnetic wall to your right. Follow it up until you reach a narrow passageway and use your Morph Ball to traverse through it. There will be a Missile Door on the other side, and blow it up to reveal the Diffusion Beam in the next room.

The Diffusion Beam allows you to shoot objects through walls via Samus’ Charge Beam, emitting purple ignition when making contact with solid surfaces. The Diffusion Beam will enable Samus to access new areas and damage enemies through the ground and some walls.


E.M.M.I. 04SB in Metroid Dread

With Dairon being the third accessible location in Metroid Dread, you might assume it would obtain more than three abilities to find, but that isn’t the case here. Furthermore, Dairon is also significant in size, making things a bit complex and challenging to find.

Fortunately, we have both available abilities you can find on Dairon below, along with their location, what they do, and when you can access them. If you cannot obtain a specific ability until you beat a boss or activate a shortcut, we’ll include the steps you need to get the ability.

Wide Beam

The location of the Wide Beam in Metroid Dread

To receive the Wide Beam ability, head to the center section of Dairon and go into the left area that leads into a dark room. Continue left until you encounter enemies, quickly disperse them, then shoot the bottom of the wall on the left side of the room, revealing a hidden pathway for you to slide underneath. Activate the generator on the other side of the gap, then jump into the upper right of the room where a Power Beam Door is. Continue heading right until you reach a Missile Door. Open that door to reveal the Wide Beam ability!

With the Wide Beam ability, Samus will fire three projectile simultaneously, moving specific obstacles and hitting multiple enemies at once. The Wide Beam is also accessible when you reach Dairon for the first time.


The location of the Bomb in Metroid Dread

You will see a pathway to the right in the northmost portion of Dairon, where the generator is. Head to the right of the generator and battle your way through the enemies in the next room. After that, you will see a Missile Door on the right, shoot it open with a Missile to reveal the Bomb ability.

Bombs will allow Samus to destroy specific objects and walls, allowing her to access new areas and even damage some enemies. The Bomb ability is accessible after grabbing the Wide Beam and enabling the generators in Dairon.

Speed Booster/Shinespark

The location of the Speed Booster/Shinespark in Metroid Dread

The Speed Booster/Shinespark abilities get rewarded to Samus after successfully defeating the E.M.M.I. in Dairon. To do that, head to the middle of the southern region in the E.M.M.I. Zone to find the Central Unit pictured above. From there, defeat the Central Unit and defeat the E.M.M.I. as you did the previous two times.

With the Speed Booster/Shinespark abilities, Samus will build up energy as she sprints, allowing her to store it after traversing a certain distance. Samus can then smash through some surfaces and obstacles with her stored energy, allowing her to access new areas and secrets. The Speed Booster/Shinespark is obtainable whenever you reach Dairon for the first time.


Samus triggering Elun's security systems

Elun is one of the smallest locations in Metroid Dread, so, naturally, it only has one ability for you to obtain. Fortunately, it won’t take much time or effort to gain access to the seventh area of the game or its upgrades. You can find everything you need to know about getting Elun’s lone ability below, including what it does, its location, and when it becomes available to you.

Plasma Beam

The location of the Plasma Beam in Metroid Dread

When you first reach Elun, you will eventually see a mandatory cutscene that reveals X-Parasites. Following that, head left, use bombs to access the bottom half of the room, and head through the Power Beam Door on the right. Next, drop down until you see another X-Parasite. Defeat the X-Parasite, then shoot the upper right corner of the wall to the right to reveal a narrow passageway. Use your Morph Ball to traverse through the secret pathway, then use Rockets to open the Rocket Door in the following area to get the Plasma Beam.

The Plasma Beam will enhance Samus’ Wide Beam ability, allowing her to pierce through multiple objects and enemies, as well as open Plasma Doors. Due to Elun’s small size, you can obtain this ability when you first access the area.


Escue Boss in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread’s fifth area, Ferenia, is home to three abilities for Samus to discover. Ferenia is one of the biggest locations in the game, making it somewhat relieving there are only three upgrades for you to find.

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You can find all additional info on Ferenia’s three abilities below, including what they do, their location, and when they will become available to you. As with all the others, we will include any information on potential obstructions you need to bypass before accessing them.

Storm Missile

The location of the Storm Missile in Metroid Dread

The Storm Missile is a reward for defeating Escue, Ferenia’s boss enemy, located in the eastern part of the map. Since Ferenia is the boss, you will have everything you need to battle it whenever you first arrive on Ferenia. Additionally, if you need help fighting Escue, you can follow our guide on defeating it here!

With the Storm Missile ability, Samus can lock onto five targets simultaneously and unleash a devastating barrage of missiles that target each of them. The Storm Missiles will allow Samus to open gates, kill multiple enemies at once, and deal significant damage to bosses. Furthermore, you can fight Escue whenever you first reach Ferenia.

Space Jump

The location of the Space Jump in Metroid Dread

After acquiring the Storm Missile ability above, head to the northwestern side of Ferenia, just before the exit to Ghavoran. You will see a Missile Door with another large metal door in front of it that has lights on it. Using your Storm Missile, open the Storm Missile Gate by locking onto five targets before the gate. Hitting every target will allow you to blow open the Missile Door and access the Space Jump.

During her spin jumps, Samus can repeatedly jump when she reaches the apex of the previous jump, allowing her to stay in the air indefinitely. The Space Jump will grant you access to higher areas and previously unreachable areas of each location in Metroid Dread. This ability is obtainable after getting the Storm Missile ability.

Wave Beam

The location of the Wave Beam in Metroid Dread

The Wave Beam gets rewarded to Samus after successfully defeating the Purple E.M.M.I. in Ferenia. To do this, head to the northeast corner of the area to access the Central Unit. As you did in the previous regions, defeat the Central Unit, then use your upgraded weaponry to take down the E.M.M.I. and receive your Wave Beam!

Samus’ shots will pass through solid surfaces and dissolve Wave Beam Covers blocking doorways with the Wave Beam. This ability will allow Samus to open doors through other objects to access new areas and solve complex puzzles. The Wave Beam is accessible when you first arrive in Ferenia.


Golzuna boss in Metroid Dread

Ghavoran is another sprawling area in Metroid Dread and, as a result, has five abilities for you to obtain. Navigating Ghavoran can be tricky, making things complicated and challenging, so it’s not impossible to miss an essential upgrade and get lost or stuck.

Below is every ability found in Metroid Dread’s sixth region, Ghavoran, along with their location, availability, and their uses. Furthermore, if you need to carry out specific tasks before accessing them, they will also be included in the table presented.

Super Missile

The location of the Super Missile in Metroid Dread

To reach the Super Missile ability, take the elevator from Dairon to Ghavoran, then head left until you get to the area marked above. Use your bombs to break hidden blocks, and use your Morph Ball to reach the room below. Defeat the enemy, then open the Missile Door to reveal the Super Missile on the other side.

Super Missiles upgrade Samus’ current Missiles, allowing her to deal more damage on enemies and bosses and open Yellow Super Missile doors. You can obtain the Super Missiles whenever you first arrive on Ghavoran.

Spin Boost

The location of the Spin Boost in Metroid Dread

Head to the center region of Ghavoran and into the room with the Spider Magnet on the left wall. Drop into the water below the Spider Magnet and look for a narrow entrance on the right you can take with your Morph Ball. Using the Morph Ball launcher will lead you directly to the Spin Boost.

The Spin Boost upgrade allows Samus to perform a double jump and is the predecessor to the Space Jump found in Ferenia. This ability will enable you to reach new areas and uncover secrets. You can obtain the Spin Boost whenever you first arrive on Ghavoran.

Pulse Radar

The location of the Pulse Radar in Metroid Dread

To get the Pulse Radar, you will need to take the Orange Teleportal from Cataris to Ghavoran. From there, open the Charge Beam Door and head into the next room. You will see a narrow pathway, traverse through it until you obtain a Missile Tank, then grab the ledge on the left instead of falling to the area below you. Continue rolling until you fall through hidden breakaway blocks, then slide under the small gap to obtain the Pulse Radar.

Samus will scan the area around her with the Pulse Radar, revealing hidden blocks, items, and pathways. This ability helps discover new locations if you’re looking for every upgrade and ability. You will need to access the Orange Teleportal in Cataris before you can reach the Pulse Radar.

Ice Missile

The location of the Ice Missile in Metroid Dread

The Ice Missile gets rewarded to Samus after defeating the Blue E.M.M.I. in Ghavoran. To do this, head to the northwest section of the E.M.M.I. Zone and enter the room where the Central Unit is. Then, follow the same steps you did in the previous regions. Destroy the Central Unit, then kill the E.M.M.I. to receive the Ice Missile.

Samus can freeze enemies with the Ice Missile, create platforms, and access new areas by suppressing fire. The Ice Missile is accessible whenever you first arrive in Ghavoran and will unlock more places in the region.

Cross Bomb

The location of the Cross Bomb in Metroid Dread

The Cross Bomb is a reward for defeating Golzuna, Ghavoran’s boss enemy in Metroid Dread. You can find Golzuna in the top right corner of the map. You will need to bomb hidden blocks just before the upper exit to Dairon, which will lead you down into the boss’ lair. If you need help conquering Golzuna, follow our guide here!

The Cross Bomb will send an explosion out in a cross, covering four directions. This ability is crucial for solving some Shinespark Puzzles or accessing some areas while in your Morph Ball. You can fight Golzuna when you first arrive in Ghavoran.


Raven Beak boss in Metroid Dread

Hanubia is the last location you will discover in Metroid Dread, and one of the smallest as well, containing only one ability. While some significant threats inhabit Hanubia, you should be able to access its upgrades relatively painlessly. Below is the location, uses, and availability of the lone ability found on Hanubia in Metroid Dread.

Power Bomb

The location of the Power Bomb in Metroid Dread

The Power Bomb upgrade gets rewarded to Samus after defeating both the Red E.M.M.I. and the Red Chozo Soldier in Hanubia. To do that, head to the southeast section of the E.M.M.I. Zone, and take care of the E.M.M.I. as you usually would. However, this time, right after defeating the E.M.M.I., the Red Chozo Soldier will appear, take that down as well to receive the Power Bomb.

The Power Bomb allows Samus to plant a charged bomb that releases a devastating blast, wiping out everyone and everything in its radius. The Power Bomb is handy for discovering hidden blocks and erasing annoying enemies in an area. You can access the Power Bomb when you first reach Hanubia.

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