Mesh network: function, advantages, and configuration

If you are using your small apartment Wi-Fi router in your new big house, you may be experiencing connectivity issues that leave you frustrated. However, this needn’t be the case. You can quickly solve these issues by getting a Mesh Wi-Fi router system that creates a seamless Wi-Fi network to provide an efficient net connection at any location in the house. Before we look at the advantages of a Mesh network and how you can configure it in your home, let’s first find out what it is and why you need it.

What is a Mesh Network?

A Mesh network is a Wi-Fi router system that joins two or more Wi-Fi access points. It creates a single, seamless Wi-Fi network that can be set up in large homes or monumental buildings. A Mesh Wi-Fi router system enables you to overcome the Wi-Fi dead zone challenge in your organization or your big house, especially if the building has unusual layouts, several stories or numerous interior brick walls.  

What is the Function of a Mesh Network?

 Mesh Network or Wi-Fi system gives you a simple solution for the dead spots and net connection gaps in your work building or home Wi-Fi coverage. This system enables you to have a strong internet connection in all areas of your home, including the garage and backyard. While the traditional home Wi-Fi routers give internet access to limited spaces, a mesh network creates a connection of several networks called nodes. One of the access points acts as the base station or the router connecting to DSL and gives internet access to the other access points, which act as satellites that broadcast the connection to nearby devices.

What are the Advantages of Mesh Network?

Streamlined Connections

One of the main advantages of a Mesh network over the traditional router devices, commonly known as range extenders, is that it enables multiple access points to share data using a single SSID and network password. The range extenders often repeat the signal to help customers access Wi-Fi from long distances. So if you are using a Wi-Fi range extender, you need to switch Wi-Fi connections manually when they move around the house. But with the Mesh Network, you do not need to switch to a new net connection every time you change your location. Your phone picks up the network connection immediately.

Easy Network Management

Mesh Network provides you with easy network access. It is fully automated, thus allowing you to easily manage your network from your phone even when you are far away from the building where the network is configured. Setting up a mesh system is also more straightforward than setting up the traditional routers because you can do it using a mobile app. Moreover, many Mesh-router apps let you quickly scan their speeds and cut off Wi-Fi access to specific unrecognized networks. They also enable you to create guest networks and test the quality of the connection between different access points. Mesh network also connects to all the smart devices and home equipment that use the internet in your home.

Tighter Security

In addition to easy network management, you can get a Mesh Wi-Fi system kit with good security support. Thanks to easy network management, you do not need much effort to keep intruders from your network when using the Mesh Wi-Fi system. The Mesh network automatically checks for and installs malware updates and ensures that your dedicated IP is protected by a VPN to keep your devices safe from cybercriminals. So contrary to the belief of most first-time users, Mesh Wi-Fi systems are the most secure internet connections in the world today. No users can gain access to the network without permission.

How to Configure a Mesh Network

Before you set up a Mesh Network, you need to download an app and get connected to an internet connection for the setup. Then you need to create an account and create an administrator password. It would be best if you also unplug the routers or modems that you want to connect to the Mesh system to allow it to reset itself and get a new valid IP address to the Mesh network.

Once you download the app, follow the steps below to set up the connection,

  1. Open the app and follow the steps for connecting the Mesh router to your primary router node and adding other nodes.
  2. Once connected, give your network a recognition name and choose a password.
  3. Position all the nodes in your house strategically to cover all Wi-Fi dead zones. (The nodes should be placed in an open place within reach.  
  4. Place the primary router node close to your existing router or modem because they will be connected using a LAN cable.

Once you have set up your Mesh Network, it is good to check notifications on new clients joining the connection to block access to intruders immediately. It would be best if you also quarantined any of your devices that the system flags off as infected.

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