Memo to Left: Britain is not an embarrassing political and economic failure

Barely a month in office and Liz Truss is already achieving the impossible.

No, I don’t mean throwing their government into civil war and presenting victory on a platter to Sir Keir Starmer – although that could still happen.

Memo to Left: Britain is not an embarrassing political and economic failure


Memo to Left: Britain is not an embarrassing political and economic failure

This is news that France could finally sink the hated people smugglers across the Channel and stem the tide of illegal migration, a pipe dream until just a few weeks ago.

Gendarmes will stop waving dinghies bon voyage and will now start properly patrolling the French coast for the first time in years.

Why did they take so long?

Nothing infuriates voters more than television images of squirming rubber dinghies being whipped by Turkish and Albanian crime gangs, decanting daily onto British beaches.

As a bonus, Brussels and Dublin will also lift the trade bloc known as the Northern Ireland Protocol, which has poisoned UK-EU relations since Brexit.

This stunning breakthrough, unveiled in Prague on Thursday, went almost unnoticed as throat-slitting, underhanded Tories turned Westminster into a crime scene.

These measures, if followed, could open the door to improved relationships and mutual prosperity.

For starters, they would put an end to silly fish wars, sausage skewers and the petty spite that has cast doubt on French goodwill since Emmanuel Macron took office.

At other times, they might even begin to heal the leave-remain divide that has turned the Tories into two hostile camps.

way there.

And that’s not a free pass. UK to pay £50m for increased police patrols

But that’s chicken feed compared to the £1.5 billion a year it spends processing and housing the illegal migrants.

Russian ankle boots

Both sides apologize for the war of words since the divorce three years ago.

True, the groundwork for all of this was done by Boris Johnson before Truss took over.

But timing is everything – and it’s not a one-way street.

Europe has much to gain from the UK, whose unrivaled military, security and intelligence capabilities are held in high esteem in this tense new era of global insecurity.

Britain is not the embarrassing political and economic failure portrayed by its Labor Party and BBC critics.

That might have been sellable propaganda in the now-forgotten age of peace and stability – last February.

Boris has since proven that this country really is going above and beyond, a message vividly illustrated by the Queen’s funeral last month.

In terms of both soft diplomatic might and hard military might, the UK has led the entire European response to mad Vlad Putin’s brutal invasion.

The powerful US is our only rival in providing lethal military equipment and intelligence to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

In fact, France is the only other western country with an operational armed forces, global intelligence networks, historical alliances and – in the extreme – a viable nuclear deterrent.

Truss could finally sink the hated people smugglers across the English Channel and stem the tide of illegal migration


Truss could finally sink the hated people smugglers across the English Channel and stem the tide of illegal migrationPhoto credit: Reuters
What does the so-called


What does the so-called “hyena” Michael Gove expect to achieve when he overthrows another elected leader?Photo credit: AFP

And Macron did nothing to stop Putin from invading, aside from urging Ukraine to surrender until Putin started losing.

So it is largely thanks to Britain and America that Ukraine today is not under the Russian boot while China prepares to ‘annex’ the island of Taiwan.

But for the UK-US alliance by now, the world might have been dragged into a horrific Third World War.

Beastly Brexiteers have become the ally everyone wants on their side.
This remarkable transition shows how much is at stake in the pathetic Tory tax wars.

What do the so-called “hyenas” – Michael Gove and Grant “Spreadsheet” Shapps – expect to achieve when they overthrow another elected leader?

Saber-rattling China

Do you seriously want a Boris and Rishi Panto for Christmas? Or are they paving the way for Keir Starmer and his no-hopers?

More importantly, in the context of Ukraine, can anyone envision a starmer socialist regime offering arms and missiles to any country that could seriously shake its beloved Russia?

Or risk offending saber-rattling communist China?

This is no longer an abstract debate on Labor defense policy. Or an obscure Tory dispute over taxes and spending.

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It’s about life and death decisions that this country and the whole world are facing.

Decisions that we should not leave in the hands of the historically pro-Russia and pro-Chinese Labor Party.


LAB lunatics have escalated their ‘never kiss a Tory’ policy to ‘never resuscitate a Conservative’.

If you’re a registered nurse, like Miranda Hughes, and you’re on duty when someone is having a heart attack or stroke, just cross your arms and watch them die.

“I’m sorry but if you voted Conservative then you don’t deserve to be revived by the NHS,” Miranda said last week.

The Tories are in a league of their own as The Stupid Party. But here’s compelling evidence that Labor is the really, really bad party. Memo to Left: Britain is not an embarrassing political and economic failure


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