MeesterKeem tries to flirt in Twitch stream, doesn’t recognize father of girl next to her

Twitch streamer MeesterKeem (real name unknown) got himself into a rather nasty situation after trying to flirt with a girl while streaming, the results weren’t what he expected.

He approached her and asked her Instagram, when the man beside her spoke up. It turned out that the man was none other than her father. To make matters worse, the girl’s mother and brother were also present at the scene.

MeesterKeem apologizes to a girl’s mother, father and brother for flirting with him

In recent times Twitch Streams His friend MeesterKeem, also known as Kim, was out on the street with his friend TG in a densely populated area, looking for a girl’s Instagram username.

The two then spotted a girl taking pictures and approached her, by which time they were all down the hill. MeesterKeem starts the conversation:

“I have a quick question. So I’m a streamer and I can’t (no) notice how beautiful you are when you’re taking pictures. How beautiful you are. “

She immediately started giggling and thanking them both for their compliments. MeesterKeem pointed to his friend and continued,

“Uhm, question. This is my TG guy, today we are trying to access someone’s Instagram. Would you like to connect him to your Instagram?”

Kim just finished speaking when the elderly man standing next to the girl spoke up, saying 3 words that made the streamer worried:

“I’m her father.”

MeesterKeem repeats dadThese words took the form of a question and began to utter words of astonishment while the girl he was trying to pick up laughed loudly in the background. The father waves to the camera while saying “goodbye”, showing that he doesn’t have any of that.

Kim apologized profusely to both the father and the girl, punching them in the face with her fists to show her sincerity. Then he saw another man standing near the girl, who looked the same age as her, who turned out to be her brother. Kim also apologized to him.

However, the matter did not stop there. MeesterKeem then notices that there is an elderly woman near the father, who reveals herself to be the girl’s mother. The streamer directed his apology towards her and attempted to punch her, which unsurprisingly failed.

Before anything else could happen, he began to speed walk away from the entire scene with his friend TG, who hadn’t said a word the entire time.

MeesterKeem often encounters ridiculously funny situations in the process IRL live stream.

Later in the same stream, he encountered a large group of tourists who started cheering him on, shouting “China” in their native language.

However, it is worth noting that Kim is Korean and he tried to correct them but was not heard through the volume of the songs. A man overheard him and corrected the crowd, then they started shouting “Korea” in a cheery tone. MeesterKeem tries to flirt in Twitch stream, doesn’t recognize father of girl next to her

Aila Slisco

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