Media Gets Biggest Buff in New Pokemon Unite Update

There have been a lot of rumors about being big Charizard and Garchomp buffs, but the real winner of Pokemon Unite Patch is the Quick Chat menu. It doesn’t matter how strong your fireball is or how many points you can score if you can’t work with your team, and the new Quick Chat options have the potential to dramatically improve teamwork and your in-game communications – if they are used correctly.

Before the update, you could only say a few things to your teammates during the game. You can tell them which lane you’re on, ask them to back up, tell them to regroup, tell them to back off, and tell them to keep applying pressure. Those commands are essential tools for coordinating with your team, especially when it’s time to team up and execute on goals, but they’re extremely limited in the context of a game as complex as Unite.

For example, you want to lure the opponent to fall on your side so you can use Unite Move. You might want to start attacking Dreadnaw to get their attention. That way you can Unite when they arrive and your team can come in from behind to clean them up. The problem is that there’s no way to tell your party the plan, so as soon as you start attacking Dreadnaw, a good teammate will come to your aid. This increases the chances of the enemy team stealing the Dreadnaw, as its health is now lower than you expected and you’ve lost the chance to ambush.

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This is just one of countless examples of specific turns that the Quick Chat system isn’t equipped to handle. Telling them to back off will only confuse them, and telling them to keep pressing or grouping up will ruin your plans. Fortunately, Patch brings a bunch of new, customizable Quick Chat commands that can dramatically improve the coordination potential of any team.

Open settings and navigate to Quick Chat Settings and you’ll find 19 new commands to choose from to replace your lane designations (“Go to X Road”) and “I need backup” . Among these messages were calls for defense such as “Let’s defend our targets”, “Wait for our allies” and “Beware of surprise attacks”; derogatory calls such as “Let’s set up an ambush”, “Let’s attack the wild Pokemon” and “Now is our chance to score”; and location-focused communication such as “Focus in the center” and “Retreat”.

pokemon unite communication

These commands can improve teamwork greatly. In the example mentioned above, you simply tell your team “Wait a minute” or “Let’s set up an ambush” and they will know to back off as you move towards the Dreadnaw. There are lots of great ways to use these notifications to help your team avoid some of the most common mistakes in the game.

I used to spam “retreat” with my team every time they broke the tier one goal and failed to hit the tier two goal, but what I really wanted to say to them was “Let’s attack the wild Pokemon” so they know that we should keep farming. Before, it was not possible to tell my team that I would like to rally for a goal if I had not already achieved it, but now I can say “Let’s rally at the top” no matter where I am. and everyone will know me. want to cooperate to fight for Rotom. One of my favorite commands is “Please let me level up first”, which is very useful for Pokemon like Cinderace and Machamp that have a weak early game and need to level up quickly. These commands will solve a lot of communication problems and help everyone play better.

Going forward, the challenge will determine how to assign your four Quick Chat moments. There’s no way to say everything you need with just four commands, so choosing the most important ones can be difficult. Regular junglers should probably still stick to the initial three messages “Go for path X” as it gives the laner important information, but that only leaves you with one vacancy. I would like to see the “gather here” and “I am here” commands turned into a permanent button so everyone has access to them without resorting to these important Quick Chat moments, because they are just that important.

There are also some messages on the list that I know for a fact will only be used to cause harm. Commands like “You can do it” and “Thank you” do not serve any strategic purpose and will only be used by BM and BM teammates. This is not an opinion; you can look at just about any other competitive game that exists, from League of Legends to Hearthstone, and find that commands like “Thank you” are always used to annoy and annoy other players. I’d like to see these commands removed in exchange for more useful ones.

There are a few more messages that Unite really needs. Often, players with too little Aeos Energy will score against a player with more holdings and break the goal, ruining the chances of scoring excessively. “Let me take the lead” may make them back down, but what we really need is a “Let me score first” message. “Guard the goal” is a great way to tell your teammates not to let the opponent score for free, but I’d also like to see a saying “Don’t break the opponent’s goal”, because it’s usually good than leaving a weakened target and saving it for a big one later than breaking it early and giving the enemy a ton of experience to roll back.

Ultimately, I think a command like “Save your Unite Move” will help teams win more Zapdos battles. Often players will explode their Unite Move just before the two-minute mark in a non-critical skirmish, then rush into Zapdos’ final battle at a huge disadvantage. It would be great if we could remind players not to use their Fusion Moves right before Zapdos spawns so we have a chance to win the final teamfight.

Bad matchmaking and expensive cosmetics can sometimes make me feel like the developers don’t really care about the quality of the matches, but this improvement to the Quick Chat system shows that the developers are working to make the game more competitive and fun to play. If you use these notifications correctly and pay attention when your teammates text, you are practically guaranteed to improve your win rate. Healing, CC, and targeting are all important, but good communication will always be the best way to support your team.

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