Mass Effect Mod Allows You To Use Sorry “We Were On A Break”

Kaiden made some baseless accusations of cheating. This mod will turn him off.


Relationships are hard to come by. But they get tougher when you’re part of a multi-species crew on a suicide mission to save the galaxy from a seemingly indestructible enemy. Temperament tends to flare up, communication is difficult, and sometimes harsh accusations are made. So, what can you say when Kaidan calls you a cheat in Mass Effect 3? The No one cheats mods got the perfect answer.

“It seems pretty illogical and a bit sad to call femShep a scammer when you’re trying to rekindle your romance with her after you threw her ass in Horizon, Kaidan,” said the SpaceD0lphin creator. “It seems a bit callous. It seems a bit rude not to allow femShep to defend herself against the accusation when manShep can tell Ashley what will happen if she pulls that on him. So, you know… it would be better if femShep could tell him what’s up again.”

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Building on your actions in previous games, Mass Effect 3 sees Kaiden accusing femShep of cheating while trying to rekindle a romantic relationship. It’s unclear if there’s a ski drive here or Kaidan is just a cheater, but he broke up with you on Horizon – it’s not cheating, basically. The mod introduces new voice options that remind Kaidan that seeing someone else during a breakup is not considered cheating. Perhaps Normandy’s entertaining deck doesn’t have all 10 seasons of Friends, so these new lines mean something to him as he makes these baseless accusations.

While Kaidan sat and thought about what he said, there was a small chance that we could see Dwayne Johnson take on the role of Shepard in a Mass Effects movie. He doesn’t exclusively come out and say so, but that’s what we’re betting on. “I can’t tell you what specific games we’re playing, but there will be an announcement this year,” he said in an interview. “We’re bringing one of the biggest, worst games to the screen — one that I’ve been playing for years. I’m really excited to bring it to fans around the world. All We’re going to get it right by our gamer friends, of course — but really we’re going to make a great movie.”

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