Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Best DLC, Rated

Of the many RPGs that exist in the game, Bioware’s Block effect the trio is respected. Sure, it has a lot of doubts along the way. But even with all that, people still can’t forget the journeys they’ve had with all the unforgettable companions.

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The release of Legendary Edition reminded everyone of their love for the series and finally having all the DLC in one place for seamless enjoyment. So, what better time to really rate all of these DLCs than now? They come in a lot of different categories, some about flashbacks, some setting new adventures and everything in between.

Bring down the sky

batch effect batarians

The original Mass Effect was a major breakthrough for Bioware. This is their first major sci-fi title, and one with a larger combat focus than previous games. And truth be told, it’s a somewhat confusing game, especially by today’s standards. Hence why it has the biggest change in Legendary Edition. But of course, that doesn’t stop it from getting its own DLC in Bring Down The Sky.

Bring Down The Sky introduced the Batarian race, which unfortunately portrayed them as a race of, um, terrorists. That said, Bring Down The Sky is a relatively straightforward DLC. You travel to an asteroid to save the humans there, while stopping the threat. It features a lot of Mako’s exploration and combat, and the character Balak could actually appear in Mass Effect 3, if he survives.

Zaeed – The price of revenge

zaeed mass effect

Mass Effect 2 originally came with a rather odd Cerberus Pass system. Owners of a fresh copy of the game will receive certain DLC for free and additional in-game updates. Zaeed’s DLC, The Price Of Revenge, is one of them. A brand new teammate is a real job and his own faithful mission.

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Zaeed is a terrible person, no doubt. He was willing to let a factory full of people die just to kill one person. It’s morally right to go against him, and frankly it’s not even a bad thing to let him die. But Zaeed is delightful at being who he is steadfastly, refusing to be swayed by anything Shepard says, and his mission is to prove it.

Kasumi – Memory Stolen

Mass Effect 2 Squad Member 3 kasumi goto

Similar to Zaeed, Kasumi’s Stolen Memory DLC is a new friend and personal quest. Kasumi is a much more agreeable person, and her personality quest is like a spy mission mixed with a heist. You attend a fancy prom, you sneak away to commit some theft, things don’t go as planned.

Kasumi has a similar problem with Zaeed although while on board the Normandy she doesn’t really interact, aside from some objects in the room and doesn’t have the same in-depth conversations as the others. This means that every part of her must shine in her own mission.


Screenshot of Mass Effect 2 about Project Overlord

Overlord is a fascinating DLC ​​and certainly a polarizing one. Its tone is completely different from the rest of the series, and build a poor premise to start with. Shepard is tasked with traveling to a dead old research facility, discovering that a Human and Virtual Intelligence hybrid has taken control of the planet.

You move between facilities on the Hammerhead, an alternative to Mako. But the whole thing creates an unsettling, almost horror vibe. This poor man was tortured and lost control of himself. He’s not a villain, just another victim. The DLC has a distinctly separate feel from everything, making it almost a bad dream.


Mass Effect 2 to End DLC

The Mass Effect trilogy was a big deal during its initial run, with the second game’s end no doubt setting up a sequel. But Mass Effect 3 was so anticipated that they decided to make a small DLC to set it up properly. Join Shepard in a literal race against time to prevent the early arrival of the Reapers to Earth.

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After saving a scientist, you’ll be taken to a space station where a real-time countdown begins. It starts in 48 hours and can really pass completely. It eventually skips an hour 30 minutes, and then only 30. Shepard succeeds, of course, and controls a Reaper hologram or Harbinger himself if you’ve completed the game, with the promise of defeating them. .

From ashes

At the heart of the deeper lore of the Mass Effect are the Protheans. They built Mass Effect relays and figured out how to defeat the Reapers before being assimilated as Collectors. They were quite necessary and all were dead. Except for one thing. Javik was introduced in the Day-One DLC, From Ashes, which was not well received.

That said, Javik is an incredible companion who truly feels as detailed as the others and the quest to recruit him even takes you back to where the entire franchise began. . It’s a love letter to the past as well as an explainer of lore and a thoroughly enjoyable companion, and the final Javik in the game is by default, just as he wants it to be.


Screenshot of Mass Effect 3 on Leviathan

It is revealed in Mass Effect 2 that the Reapers don’t in fact destroy the races that exist, they actually assimilate them, those races then becoming a nexus to the Reapers’ greater instincts. The Protheans became the collectors, and in Mass Effect 3 you can see the various current races being transformed into assimilated creatures.

But what were the original Reapers? Leviathan answers this very directly. The DLC is akin to Arrival in a way, being a more or less simple journey with curated experience, albeit a final descent to meet the last remaining Leviathans under the sea where none can. hearing or seeing you, is an amazing, creepy experience.


The Omega Space Station is one of the iconic locations of the series. A lawless station with drugs, sex and whatever else the rest of the galaxy considers unprofitable. And it’s all played by the ambitious, confident Aria T’Loak, voiced by Carrie-Anne Moss. She is Omega, and leaves a strong impression, making Omega’s return just like hers.

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The Omega DLC has you push Cerberus out of the Space Station and bring Aria back to power. It’s fan fare for character and location, and you have influence over Aria’s behavior, rather than making your own direct choices. Oh, and it’s also one of those rare cases where being an Engineer really matters.

Lair Of The Shadow Broker

Screenshot Mass Effect 2 Lair Of The Shadow Broker Liara Shepard Garrus

Basically every Bioware game is a companion. A good character can make you enjoy something no matter how dire if you want to see more of the character. So when the fan-favorite Liara doesn’t return in Mass Effect 2 where Garrus and Tali did, it can leave a little bit of a wanting feeling, especially if they’re already romantically involved with her.

Lair of the Shadow Broker fixes this. Liara brings you directly into the fight once again, including the brutality that comes with it. She also shows how much she’s grown compared to the original, Again, it’s all a flashback to your love for the character. But the area of ​​the DLC, a mysterious station in the middle of a storm, is amazing and matches the power of this new Liara.


Commercial CAT6 in Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC

Mass Effect 3 has its ending, and then the extended ending, and then the Citadel. And while the Citadel isn’t the actual end of the series, in spirit it is. That’s the moment the main game just doesn’t give you. An ultimate journey where everyone comes back, where every choice you make comes to say hello, and the relationships you’ve built give them time to reflect.

It’s a lighthearted adventure, just a time to hang out with friends and have a good time at the end, not to celebrate the end of a story, but the journey that has created. so it. It has so much depth, so many variations to celebrate relationships your Shepard performed and was a love letter to the series.

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