Mario Party Superstars: Every Playable Character, Ranked

Mario Party Superstars give Nintendo Switch many start the game content to experience, including ten characters that you can use to make your way through each board and battle enemies in mini-games. Each character in Mario Party Superstars is unique in their own way, but some are more popular than others.

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There aren’t any bad characters in Mario Party Superstars; However, every fan loves these amazing characters. Below are every character from Mario Party Superstars, ranked by their popularity and unique themes.


mario_party_superstars_daisy_ standing_animation

Daisy is a cool character; however, she doesn’t stand out much from characters like Rosalina or Donkey Kong.

While Daisy isn’t a particularly interesting character, she has her place if you like her style, which includes a pretty blonde dress and brown hair. Daisy also has good voice acting and animation, so there’s still a lot of great things about this character.


mario_party_superstars_mario_posing_ after_winning_a_minigame

Mario is the main character in Mario Party Superstars, and he even has his name in the title. However, Mario’s familiarity is what makes him such a boring character in Mario Party Superstars. When you have characters like Donkey Kong or Waluigi to choose from, it’s hard to choose the franchise mascot you’ve played like in every other Super Mario video game.

Mario is a solid character overall, but there are just too many unique characters to choose from in Mario Party Superstars, so he feels a bit generic.


mario_party_superstars_luigi_posing_ after_winning_a_minigame

Similar to Mario, Luigi is one of the most frequently encountered characters in the Super Mario game. You may have a special place in your heart for Luigi because he is such a funny character; however, he is simply not very interesting as Luigi doesn’t have anything new in Mario Party Superstars.

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While Luigi isn’t the most unique character in the game, his animations are just as good as in any other Mario game, such as Luigi’s Mansion. If you want to play a memorable character, then Luigi is a great choice as he is not as popular as Mario but he is still a fan favorite character.

peach princess


Peach is the princess Mario has to save in most of the Super Mario games, and she’s really popular among fans. Peach lacks the originality of the previous three characters; however, you may want to play her as she is usually not a playable character in Super Mario games.

Princess Peach features unique animations in the mini-games and on the casual board, so she won’t disappoint as a character. However, there are other characters in Mario Party Superstars that are even better than Peach.


mario_party_superstars_birdo_posing_ after_winning_a_minigame

Birdo is no more popular than Princess Peach in the Super Mario series, so you can enjoy the chance to play her in the Mario Party Superstars match. Birdo has some of the coolest animations in the game, which is why you should play her at least once, even if you don’t like her design.

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The reason that Birdo isn’t higher in the rankings is because many fans don’t like her design, while others love her look. All in all, Birdo is an exceptional character and although some Super Mario fans don’t like her, many others are happy to have the chance to play their favorite character, Birdo.



Wario is a fan-favorite villain that you can encounter in many Super Mario games; However, many fans consider him a little-used character in the franchise, which is why you can play as Wario in Mario Party Superstars.

Wario is one of Mario’s main enemies, so it’s only fitting that he can challenge Mario and the rest of the core team to a battle in a Mario Party match. Wario has funny animations and dialogue, so you should play Wario if you like funny characters.


mario_party_superstars_rosalina_ standing_animation

Rosalina is one of the most popular characters in the Super Mario franchise, and this has been her status since Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina has appeared in many Nintendo games over the course of the past decade, so watching her battle the rest of the Super Mario lineup is a lot of fun.

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Rosalina wears a blue dress and has platinum blonde hair, which is a great combination. If you like playing female characters in video games, then Rosalina is a great choice in Mario Party Superstars because her high-quality animation and design stand out in the character roster.



Waluigi told Wario what Luigi was to Mario, so he developed a fan base in the Super Mario community. Waluigi is tall and thin, contrasting Wario’s design. Waluigi is also a villain, so he’s much more evil than most other Mario Party characters.

Waluigi wears a purple outfit and has a fun set of animations, especially when he loses a mini-game. Like every other character in Mario Party Superstars, you can play as Waluigi as soon as you enter a match, so he’s the perfect character if you’re into playing a villain.


mario_party_superstars_yoshi_posing_ after_winning_a_minigame

Yoshi is one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters ever, especially in the Super Mario franchise. You may love Yoshi for his adorable looks or dinosaur theme, but regardless of why you love him, Yoshi is a character that has stolen the hearts of many players.

Yoshi is one of the best characters in Mario Party Superstars because he’s a recognizable character, but he also can’t play as often as Mario or Luigi. Yoshi’s animations are hilarious in an endearing way, which is another perk of playing this green dinosaur.

Donkey Kong

mario_party_superstars_donkey_kong_ standing_animation

Donkey Kong is a great character in every video game he’s in; however, he’s especially fun using Mario Party Superstars because he does great animations during a match, especially when he wins a minigame. Everyone loves Donkey Kong, and while he’s not featured in most of the main Super Mario games, he’s popular enough to have side-platform games revolving around his character.

Donkey Kong is one of the only character choices if you don’t want to act like a human character, this is one of the core attributes that sets him apart from other characters in Mario Party Superstars.

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