Mangroves and coral reefs – protection from floods?

Several factors remain to be considered when protecting the environment against floods. Companies set up a kasyno online pl policy to save cost; mangroves and coral reefs provide a similar advantage against flooding. In many regions of the world, there has been a depletion in the biomass of mangroves and coral reefs. However, the importance of these organisms has been brought under examination.

Lots of research have been conducted in the hope of validating the effectiveness of these two. Their importance to one another is also considered.

Mangroves are found in the coastal intertidal zone and have over 80 known species. Biologically, they are trees and shrubs that grow in environments with slow-moving water and low-oxygen oils. Four species have been identified in the group they are buttonwood, red, black, and white mangrove. Therefore, they are found in swampy areas and are distinctly identified by their tangled roots growing above ground.

A coral reef is found as a part of the underwater ecosystem, which is mostly built from stony corals. Reefs are held together by calcium carbonates in their colonies consisting of coral polyps. Most of these polyps are found in groups as clusters, and they are protected by their exoskeleton. Coral reefs have existed for millions of years, and they are an ancient part of the ecosystem.

Mangrove and Coral reefs against flood

Based on research, it has been identified that mangroves do not only serve as a protective habitat for some fishes. Following the dramatic climate changes, it is noticed that these trees also tend to reduce the effects of these changes. As coastal vegetation, mangroves have roots that help to reduce the effect of erosion and hold sediments.

As stated in research by UCSC, the reduction in the number of mangrove and coral reefs in the ecosystem has been disruptive. Subsequently, the effect of mangroves and coral reefs is experienced in their ability to act as natural buffers and protectors.

Most environmental and research institutes have been vying for funding to increase the population of these natural barriers. If you live in an environment with closeness to rivers or dams, this is a good option to consider. In controlling erosion and storms, which have become the most terrific natural occurrences, this is a considerable good step.

Inter-relationship between Mangroves and Coral reefs.

A relationship has been established between the activities of mangroves and coral reefs. A mutualistic association has been observed between species of this plant and polyps. 

Aside from the effectiveness of mangroves and coral reefs in reducing storms and stopping erosions, they exercise certain relations.

Mangroves provide shade from solar radiation for reefs, thereby protecting them from direct sunlight. Additionally, they trap sediments that otherwise may affect the coral reefs. Coral reefs, in turn, provide their share by ensuring that mangroves are not affected by waves, wind, or storms.

Studies into their effectiveness have shown that this combination can reduce flooding along shorelines. Hence, they provide protection from floods and can be described as a cost-effective method.

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