Manage Rangers and Patrols in Jurassic World Evolution 2

In Jurassic World Evolution 2 One of the biggest changes is the addition of patrol system. This new feature allows you to better monitor the health of your dinosaurs and spot any problems quickly. It also helps you keep feeding them without having to constantly check and manually replenish any feeders.

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Establishing and managing well patrols and rangers is key to running a successful park, so make sure to follow these simple steps to get your patrols up and running.

How and Where to Build a Response Base

Jurassic World Response Facility

The first thing you need is Response facility. In most game modes, this is one of the earliest structures you’ll be asked to build. Usually it’s unlocked but in odd cases you’ll need to research it. This is yours Dinosaur care center, along with the Palaeo Medical Facility, so make sure you put it well. Here are some quick tips to Optimal placement of your Feedback Base

  • Set Response Base near your area, because Rangers will need to reach across the land.

  • Install it a bit behind or to one side of the main road with front decorations or amenities can help increase the all-around appeal.

  • You will need more than one as soon as you have multiple enclosures, so don’t try and keep everything in range.

After the base is built, you can Click it to see your teams. By default you will have two jeep-based Rangers who will take over up to five missions scheduled or specified manually. The Feedback Base also includes a Helicopter-based arresting team – formerly known as ACU – is again capable of five missions. Both teams can be assigned to patrol.


Possibly more Rangers per base, larger quest lists, and other improvements research. However, these are only really necessary if you have a very large park.

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The Role of Rangers and Arresting Teams


Jeep-based Rangers and Helicopter-based Arresting Teams now work from the same building. Both can be assigned to the Ranger but Everyone has different roles. Here’s what they do:

Rangers jobs

  • Check the comfort and health of the dinosaur.

  • Fill the food dispenser.

  • Repair buildings.

Embrace group work

Both are useful in different ways and they are designed to mutual support. You will need to use both when setting up effective patrols.

How and where to build a ranger station

JWE2 ranger post in menu

Once you have a Response Facility, the next step is Build a Ranger Station in your enclosure. Ranger test Unlocked when the Response Facility is built and appeared in Cover Tab.

You will want Place the Ranger Station in the center of your encirclement. This is because any Rangers assigned to patrol will check for any dinosaur within the post’s circle radius.

When you order Ranger Post you will see range is marked with a fading blue circle as shown below.

patrol range marked in a siege

Most enclosures will only require a BDQ. However, you can order as much as you want in the same enclosure.

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Assign a patrol Jeep to a ranger station


Once a Ranger Station has been built, you will need back to your Feedback Base to set up patrols. Simple choose a Ranger team based on Jeep and you will see any Unassigned Ranger posts are marked with a red icon as shown below.

JWE2 Patrol not selected in siege

If you want to simply assign a Ranger to a post click on Ranger Test when vehicle is selected and patrol missions will be permanently added to that team’s roster.

You can add other missions for the Rangers, maximum of five. Not at all Temporary quests will be prioritized but the Rangers will back on their patrol once they are completed.

Rangers will sweep dinosaurs and flag any issues with their comfort or health. They will also complement any carnivore or carnivore in the siege. Herbivores now forage from the environment, as long as they have access to right foliage. All dinosaurs will need water to drink so The tank must always have a source of water.

Designate a capture team for a ranger station

JW taking a photo of a helicopter

You can also Designate an Arresting Team for the Ranger Station. Again, a red marker will appear if the post has not been assigned and you just click it with the Capture Group selected

NS Capture Team supports both the Medical Team and the Ranger Team On the ground. For any enclosure they are assigned, they will calm down any dino that is getting worse so Rangers or Medics can operate safely. They can also help Keep the dinosaur contained if the fence is broken.

You will have less team grasp but they are not required for all enclosures. Just assign them to Carnivores and any other dinosaurs rampage towards your Rangers.

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Designate a ranger team to an airfield or lagoon

JWE2 mosasaurus eats sharks

Lagoon and aviary work in a slightly different way but the principle is the same. The main difference is you No need to set up a Ranger Station. This is because the function of Ranger Post is Built in Farm.

When you have researched and build a lagoon or aviary you will have to Set up a suitable hatchery. This will show same icon as an ordinary BDQ.

JWE2 birdhouse with forest registration symbol

Now you can select this icon with a marked Ranger Đội to assign them to patrol. For the aviary, you should also add Capture team, as they can help any unfortunate escape.

When dealing with aquatic and flying dinosaurs, make sure you’ve set up your enclosing zones correctly. Especially flying dinosaurs will escape if they are uncomfortable.

Tips for Effective Patrol

JWE2 JP jeep chaos

Patrols will help keep your dinosaurs safe and happy by replenishing food and addressing any issues. They can also help reduce chaos if a dinosaur escapes. These tricks will help you run them with maximum efficiency.

  • Never assign a Ranger to more than three siege zones – You’ll want to keep some free space for one-off jobs like repairs. Teams with more than three surrounds will also have a hard time checking the dinosaurs before the status check expires.
  • More Squads are better, more missions – Dispersion of the load is key to maintaining the dinosaur test, especially if there are multiple enclosures that need aerial support.
  • Keep an eye on your Rangers in bad weather – Storms can prevent cars from operating so sometimes it’s better to temporarily stop ground missions and use helicopters to assist in an emergency.

Follow this advice and you’ll have a well-managed park in no time.

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