‘Man Utd have their own Gerard Houllier at Ralf Rangnick – but he faces similar problems’ – Robbie Fowler


One thought has been floating around in my head since Ralf Rangnick joined Manchester United, which has never gone away.

Then, as I watched his first press conference closely, it came to me. He resembles Gerard Houllier when he came to Liverpool in the late 90s. Same manners, same studious aura about him.

Ralf even looks a bit like him. And I don’t think that’s where the similarities end, because when it comes to me, I realize that Manchester United is VERY similar to our Liverpool team when Houllier arrived.

They have some excellent players, and on their day they can beat anyone. They’ve been in the top four pretty consistently, but never really challenged. They have a good defensive record, but can be exposed at the back.

Sound familiar? Yes, that’s just the description of our Liverpool team in the 90s.

What will Rangnick be in the hot seat of Man Utd? Let us know in the comments section.

Ralf Rangnick still has a lot of work to do at Man Utd


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I will say although – and I really believe this – we were better then United than we are now, but we also had similar weaknesses.

I looked back at our record where we were always in that position, just behind United and Arsenal, and we always finished in the top four, but never came close to a real challenge.

I’m also surprised to see that we’re generally in the top three when it comes to defensive record, often conceding fewer goals than United, even when they’re winning the damn thing.

We also had an attack, which can destroy any team. So why didn’t we win anything? I’d say it’s come to balance…or lack of it. We couldn’t find a compromise between attack and defence.

I think United have the same problem, and I think they reacted like Liverpool did in the 90s when they brought in Gerard Houllier.

I don’t like Roy Evans at all, because he was, and is, my favorite manager. He has done great things for my career, and I have had perhaps the best years under him.

But there’s always the stigma – unfairly – that he’s somehow ‘too good’. I don’t even know what that means, but you get the impression that the United board feels the same way about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Again, I don’t know if that’s accurate, but I think you can see that like my Liverpool team, there’s no consistency, or direction, or balance. They don’t get it right in all areas at once.

Liverpool responded by bringing in Houllier. He came up with an overall school approach, which was said to be more challenging and more disciplined. Rules, fines, b ****** ings. Capital has always been a part of football, but not necessarily effective now, in the 21st century.

I fell in love with him, but not for that – purely because I wanted to play more than I did. I can never get my head around crashing. When!

You get the impression Rangnick does too, and yes, it could work. But I believe that to be successful in management these days you have to collaborate more, understand your players better.



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Maybe that’s why Mourinho isn’t working at Old Trafford, maybe it’s why they’ve gone down Solskjaer’s path. Now it seems they thought he was too soft. I guess the hope is that Rangnick is somewhere in between.

There seems to be an emphasis on younger players, but I think what will help Rangnick is come up with a clear identity and a clear plan that players can buy in.

I look at managers who have lost their jobs recently, and the questions that are often asked about their identities. My first question is always: ‘do their players believe the manager covered things up?’

That’s the key to getting players to follow you and your philosophy. They want certainty, they want to know preparedness. They want to trust their boss as someone who has everything under control.

We were taught the old Liverpool philosophy of ‘don’t worry about your opponents, let them worry about you’, but that’s history now. You have to know the opposite, be prepared for anything they can bring.

Rangnick looks set to be that manager, but to get the job long, he has to solve a problem not even Gerard Houllier, despite the trophies he has won at Liverpool. Find a consistent balance within the group.

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Steven Gerrard returned to Anfield on Saturday against his former club


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It’s nice to see Steven Gerrard back at Anfield. I was there as a TV analyst, and it was great to see him as a full-fledged manager… even as he was plotting against our dear Liverpool.. !

I said in my main post this weekend that the key to winning over players is to give them the feeling that everything is covered up.

In that respect, I don’t think Steven Gerrard will have a hard time. In fact, I think he got off to a good start in his managerial career, because I know him so well and as a player who has had EVERYTHING.

He’s not a worrier, but a reflective person who won’t be afraid to analyze and self-criticize as he has always had an incredible desire to be the best he can be. In fact, to improve, even if he is one of the best in the world.

Who is the player of the match Liverpool vs Aston Villa? Have your comments below.

He’s not arrogant about it. He can relate to people of all levels, as well as being able to listen and give advice on board, because he always wants to improve.

So you can be sure this season, whether Aston Villa are good enough to chase a European place or not, they will at least be extremely well prepared, will have everything. before entering the game.

It is too early to talk about one day he will succeed Jurgen Klopp. For starters, I believe Jurgen really loves managing this amazing club and he clearly loves managing his incredible pool of players.

So I can easily see him signing a new contract after 2024. I don’t think Steven is thinking about the job, because he will be completely immersed and committed to making Villa the best. maybe.

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